Author's note: Finally new chapter posted! Haven't had a lot of time. Since Mark of Athena has came out, I'm continuing this Truth or Dare after the book so if you haven't read MoA yet, Spoiler Alert! Oh and I want to include the usual disclaimer these characters don't belong to me stuff. Enjoy! :D

"Gods, that's it. I cannot just stand here and watch you guys mope around. Percy left us a mission, and we're not going to let him fight his but off in Tartarus while we just don nothing feel sorry for ourselves," Leo announces as he polishes his Archimedes sphere.

"Then what do you expect us to do?" Frank replies with the usual contempt in his voice.

"Well, as much as I hate the game, I hear normal teenagers these days are entertained by a particular game called Truth or Dare."

"What's that?" Hazel asks innocently.

"No," Jason and Piper simultaneously declare.

"Yes, remember how well it worked out back at camp? You guys wouldn't have been together if not for it," Leo says, it was actually a little weird convincing others to play a game he himself despised, but anything would work if it could help take their minds off everything.

Jason and Piper seemed to think about it and their facial expressions after expressed their defeat.

"Someone care to explain what we're talking about?" Hazel asks in irritation.

Nico finally talks after his long silence that had been going on since Percy and Annabeth's departure, "Basically, people make fools of themselves when one asks someone to pick truth or dare. If you pick truth, you must answer a question with complete truth, if you pick dare, well, you'll have to do whatever someone tells you to do."

"I think I've played a version of that before," Hazel says thoughtfully.

"Perfect, I'll start," Leo says, a gleam in his eyes. He never got a chance to have his turn the last time they played at camp. They had been interrupted by Buford who reported a spontaneous combustion of Bunker 9. He eyes his victim, "Hazel, truth or dare?"

"Dare?" Hazel says, her statement more of a question.

"I dare you to hug any one of the guys in this room."

Hazel's face looked scandalous.

"I'm always available," Leo winks at her. He never truly understood his feelings for her, were they platonic? Were they romantic? Or was he really just the seventh wheel like Nemesis said?

Hazel's mind buzzes. Her first thought is obviously to hug Frank. True, they had drifted apart during this quest, but they technically were boyfriend and girlfriend, since they never really "broke up." Or she could just hug Nico, her brother, but he looked so bony and fragile at that moment, deep hollows under his eyes, that she was scared of crushing him. And then there was Leo. Witty, annoying, egotistical Leo. Did Hazel really like him, or is it just because of his resemblance to Sammy?

Subconsciously, Hazel moves toward Jason. He was the one boy in the room that she could hug without arousing any worry. Their relationship was purely platonic, right? But Hazel couldn't be so sure about anything at this point, her love life was a mess. She hoped Piper would understand and not slap her for hugging her boyfriend.

As Hazel embraces Jason, lightly, she could feel Frank's hurt permeating through the room. But she hoped it was better than if she hugged Leo. After just playing it once, she already hated this game. When she finished, she immediately turned to Piper and was glad to see her understanding expression. Jason looked indifferent, as boys do, often completely oblivious and ignorant to girls' complicated feelings.


For once, Leo was speechless. He did not know what to say, and what her hug meant. Did she hate both Frank and Leo? He understands her not hugging Nico, the poor guy looks only fifty pounds, but why not hug him? And most importantly, why not Frank? Leo looks at Frank through the corner of his eye and he knew he wasn't the only confused one.

"Okay then," Leo finally says, breaking the silence, "Hazel, it's your turn."

"Truth or dare?"