Confessions of an Undead Simian







Valeena laughed at the Monkey team.

"Crap…" SPRX groaned, "This Team really falls apart without one of us, doesn't it?"

Otto chuckled, "We'll have to work on that."

Nova smiled, "You'd think we would've done that after our first encounter with Scrapperton."

"Monkey Mind Scream!"

"Whirling Destructo Saws!"

"Lady Tomahawk!"

"Magna Bolt Laser!"

"Chiro Spearo!"

Valeena easily avoided the attacks, escaping through the opening left by Gibson's absence. Antauri leapt after her, but she grabbed him by his face and threw him as hard as he could.

"Pathetic simians!" She laughed, "You cannot defeat me!"

"Spin Shocker."

She yelped as a beam of blue energy caught her shoulder.


The blue monkey lowered his drill and ran over to Antauri.

"Are you okay?"

"You… you're back to normal." Antauri smiled.

Gibson hesitated, "Mostly."

"Ew, Gibby's covered in vampire blood! It's so gross looking!" Otto laughed.

"Looks like Formless goo." Nova smirked, "Hey, Gibson, care to join us?"


"Too late."

The witch held Mandarin in her arms, the orange simian having fallen once again to the pull Skeleton King had on him… as Valeena was given part of his power.

"I'm… so sorry…" Mandarin whispered.

"Claw Disruptor!"

"Laser Criss Cross!"

Mandarin took the brunt of these attacks. He winced and smiled at the pair.

"Nice…" he chuckled, "Monkey Mind Scream!"

The pair was thrown back. Valeena let the orange monkey back onto her shoulder and they retreated, off to find the remnants of Skeleton King.

"Mandarin!" Otto shouted. He watched as the pair disappeared, "I… I was sure he was back…"

Gibson clung to Antauri, "I feel sleepy…"

"Sleep, my love, I will carry you."

Gibson closed his eyes and collapsed into the silver monkey's arms.


Antauri smiled, watching as Gibson slept.

"You don't think Antauri will do what Gibson did, do you?" Otto asked.

SPRX shrugged, "Antauri is hard to read sometimes. But I have a hunch he's going to make sure Gibson knows."

Nova smiled, "Hey, Antauri, mind helping me check these?" She asked, looking at the screens.

"Okay." He grinned and walked over to her.

Chiro leaned on the doorway of the Medical bay, SPPRX and Otto in front of him.

"I agree with SPRX." Chiro chuckled, "He's not going to let this pass."

Antauri hummed as he scanned over the data he was getting.

"Hm?" he paused at one screen, "What in the world?"

Nova looked over at it, "Why does that say penguins?"

"Because I've worked with these machines for so long, I think I know how to manipulate them."

"Hal!" Antauri grinned.

"Oh, my head hurts so much…" Gibson groaned, slowly pulling himself into a sitting position.

"Do you remember anything?" Nova asked.

"I… I remember…" he strained, closing his eyes, "Um… a fight… I think…"

"With?" Otto asked.

Gibson blinked, "Dominic. What happened?"

Antauri smiled, "He turned you into a vampire and you violently murdered him in a tightly locked cell!"

Everyone stared at the silver monkey.

"Wow." Chiro paused, "Just throw it at him, why don't you?"

"I did what?" Gibson asked, "B-but… I'm not a murderer!"

"Well, he technically killed you, so you had every right." Antauri smiled, "I guess you could call it self-defense."

SPRX laughed, "Not to mention you finally confessed to Antauri."

Gibson blushed.

Antauri grinned. "And I love you, too, Hal!"

The blue monkey fell back, "That's it I'm still dreaming. Where are the frogs? Last time there were dancing frogs."

"I could call Suppa if you want…" Otto told him.

"Or will this turn into one of those weird dreams where Chiro loses his head and tries to give it to me as a birthday present? That one was weird."

"I do what now?" Chiro asked.

Antauri smiled and jumped onto the medical bed, pulling Gibson up and kissing him.

"Oh… it's one of those dreams." He smiled, "I like these dreams."

"It's not a dream, Hal."

Gibson crossed his arms, "That's what you said last time, but I woke up." A paused, "Of course, in that one you were wearing a Pikachu costume…"

Now the room got quiet.

Otto looked at SPRX, "Should I go get my Pikachu costume?"

Nova laughed at this. Otto grinned and pretended to be Pikachu to try and get some more laughter going.

"Pikachu!" He grinned, pushing two fingers to his cheeks with glee, "Pika Pika!"

SPRX and Chiro laughed.

"Maybe I'm not dreaming…" Gibson mumbled, "But… if I'm not, then…" he froze, his face turning bright red. He hid his face in his hands, "I just admitted to Antauri that I dream about him!"

Antauri smiled, nuzzling the blue monkey.

"Wait a minute… you kissed me!" Gibson paused, "Oh…"


"Eat, Mandarin." Valeena told him, "If you do not, you'll be too weak to survive a fight with the Monkey Team."

Mandarin stared at the food the witch had come up with. He'd had the same thing before, and it didn't taste bad…

"I can't."

She blinked, "Why not?"

He set the food down, "I don't know…"

She set her own food down and grabbed him, holding him up, "I don't see anything wrong with you, and you're not dying any more than usual…"

He sighed, used to being held up and thrown around by the witch, "I just feel… strange…" He put his good hand on his stomach, "I can't describe it…"

"Try to eat." She told him, setting him back down, "I can't have my only ally dying on me."

Mandarin sighed and took his food once again, biting into it and slowly chewing.

"See?" She smiled, "You're probably just hungry."



SPRX and Otto grinned at each other.

"No more secrets." Otto sighed in relief.

"No more hiding." SPRX nodded.

The brothers let out a collective sigh and grinned at each other.

"Wanna go bug Gibson in his lab?" Otto asked.

"And insult him by not?" SPRX laughed.

The pair quickly made their way to Gibson's lab.


"Yo, Brainstain!"

The pair froze at the door.

"You know, SPRX, I think I liked the secrets a bit better now."

"I must agree."

Otto smiled, "Shall we run screaming?"

"Yes, let's."

The pair screamed and ran, yelling about their eyes being burned and needing brain bleach.

Antauri stared at the door.

"I think you had visitors."

Gibson smirked, "More like pests."

"Well, they're gone now…' Antauri smiled, "More kisses?"

"Of course."


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