Folie à Deux
By Sychron

First: It's been years, but I finally got around to writing a little again and I finally thought of a way to wrap this up. Nowadays, I am more into Harry Potter fandom, certain Chinese drama series and I hope to write my own original fiction one day!

Dear Light Yagami,

Do you remember?

There was never another way to end it.

You, Kira, who killed thousands in your grandiose move to cleanse the world. In the name of the most convoluted sense of justice. I couldn't save you when you went insane but I couldn't let you go.

You touched the Death Note and tried to reclaim your memory.

You were the original Kira, but Kira has long left your broken mind.

I waited four years for you to become Kira again.

I realized you will never become Kira again.

So I orchestrated the perfect crimes in CNL.

I rearranged the asylum so it could become your mental hospital.

I allowed you to 'kill' Detective L so you were able to fully delve into your fantasies.

Your guilt drove to save me and become Dr. Yagami.

I allowed myself to become your impossible patient, patient L. Lawliet.

In the first four years, I tried to save you.

In the next four years, you tried to save me.

I never saved you and you never saved me.

But our realities can co-exist independently and in peace now.

Your patient L. Lawliet is dead, but you will try to save others.

Others that I, Detective L will send your way, to your very own mental hospital.