Chapter 1: Lucy

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100 Years Later:

I sat there, still, you probably couldn't see me, except for the light fog coming from my breath. I could hear the Daughter of Eve coming through the door. She walked along oblivious for a few minutes until she came to the lamppost trying to hold onto the snowflakes. She looked at it trying to figure why a lamppost was in the middle of a wood I guess. Tumnus was walking along, oblivious, captured in his own thoughts. I glared at him and whistled the call of a robin to make him look around. He saw her and tried to run away and hide but Lucy looked around frightened. I watched silently hoping that one or the other would spot each other. I could tell that she saw him; her eyes followed him as he tried to scuttle around trees and bushes. Then she lost track and she kept looking at the exact opposite side he was on. All of a sudden he burst out of the brush, startling her. They both screamed, and while Tumnus dropped his packages and hid around a tree, she just tried to hide behind the lamppost. This was a sorry excuse for a hiding spot if you asked me. She kept peeking at him while he continued to try and hide. After looking around the pole for a few more seconds she stepped out, hesitantly, and walked slowly over to where the fawn was hiding. Tumnus looked at her, unsure, while she stooped down and slowly picked up his fallen parcels. "Ag!" He stuttered, looking at the box she had in her hands. He came out of hiding, still stuttering nonsense. They walked up to each other, and Lucy held out the package to him, staring at his cloven hooves. "Were you hiding from me?" she asked him. He took the package and looked at her. "No.. Ah well I just I," he kept stuttering as he picked up the rest of the fallen packages. "I just, I was just, I didn't was to scare you. So..." He looked down, embarrassed. Lucy chuckled, obviously thinking that this, fawn, was funny. I just sat, a stony expression plastered on my face, nonmoving.

"If you don't mind my asking..." she paused looking him up and down," what are you?" He looked at her, scared still, "Well I'm a fawn! And what about you, you must be some kind of beardless dwarf?" I smiled at the exchange.. They were both so clueless! "I'm not a dwarf!" Lucy exclaimed, "I'm a girl!" Tumnus looked at her taken aback. "And actually I'm the tallest in my class!" she gave him the rest of the packages back, and smiled at him. I shook my head, "Such a naive girl" I thought. "You mean to say you're a Daughter of Eve?" "Well my mum's name is Helen..." "Yes, but you are in fact human!" he looked hopeful, and that was what worried me, although I knew this had to happen for the siblings to rule. "Yes of course" she replied. She gave him a quizzical look, a wondering look if you see what I mean. He looked around, I quickly hid, making sure he didn't see me. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "Well, I was hiding in the wardrobe in the spare room, and…" Spare Oom? Is that in Narnia?" "Narnia, what's that?" she smiled again, hopeful. "Well my dear girl you're in it! Its everything from the lamppost, to castle Cair Perivale (sorry if I spelt that wrong!) on the eastern ocean. Every stick every stone is Narnia!" they both looked around, "It's all in the wardrobe," Lucy muttered. "Wardrobe? Excuse me allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tumnus!" "Pleased to meet you ! I'm Lucy Pevensie!" She held out her hand, I frowned unable to decipher what the gesture meant, and apparently, so was Tumnus. She seemed to catch on and so she smiled then said," oh you shake it!" "Why?" Tumnus scoffed. Now it was Lucy's chance to stutter, "I… I don't know!" she looked taken back like someone had just told her there was another world inside her wardrobe, oh wait we already did that! "People do it when they meet each other!" Tumnus laughed, then grabbed her hand and shook it. "Well then Lucy Pevensie from the shining city of Wardrobe, in the magical land of Spare Oom, how would it be… if you came and had tea with me!" he pushed up his parasol and held out his arm. Lucy smiled at him, "Thank you very much, but I… I probably should be getting back…" "Oh but it's only just around the corner! And there will be a glorious fire and, and toast, and tea, and cakes!" Lucy smiled, and I shook my head sadly, how easily children could be persuaded these days. "And," he looked around here," we might even break into the sardines!" I wrinkled up my nose, fish, disgusting! Lucy smiled, yet again, "Oh I don't know..." "Oh come on!" Tumnus pleaded. "It's not every day you get to make a new friend…" Lucy smiled then walked up to his side, "Oh I suppose I could come for a little while… if you have sardines!" Tumnus smiled at her, "By the bucket load!" they both walked along, Tumnus in the lead and Lucy beside him, there footfalls making it easy for me to keep track of him and the girl.

When they finally reached his house I had to stay outside because he couldn't tell the Witch I existed. That would come at a later time. I had to watch as they closed the door on me. I glared at the barred door in frustration as I was made to sit outside a murky window and watch as everything played out. After a few minutes of small talk the fawn asked if she would like to hear some music, I remembered the effects of a fawns lullaby on lesser beings and bared my teeth at him as I knew what he was doing. She accepted and he smiled at her, trying to make her feel safe, not like she was being kidnapped. It took all my will power not to break through the window when he started to play. She looked at the fire as it was enchanted into dancing around. There were the fawns dancing with the dryads, and my people, the Elves, enchanting flowers into singing for us. I smiled as the memories played out in my head of old times. But I quickly had to get rid of them. Soon her head began to drop until she was sound asleep and her cup fell to the floor and broke. But it was when Tumnus looked into the fire that Aslan appeared! He roared waking Lucy and sending Tumnus onto the floor, and turning off all the candles. When Lucy awoke ten minutes later Tumnus was still on the floor, weeping. "I have to go!" she whispered into the darkness. "It's too late for that… I am such a terrible fawn." I nodded in agreement, he was right about that. "Oh no…" Lucy whispered as she slowly walked over to him, "You are the nicest fawn I have ever met!" I scoffed. Please it was the first fawn she had ever met, and Pelap was way nicer than Tumnus. Then I'm afraid you have had a very poor sampling." Lucy took out a square piece of cloth, a handkerchief I think, and passed it to him. "I'm sure you haven't done anything that bad." He sobbed for a moment before saying, "It's not something I did, it's something I'm doing!" he looked up to her for a moment before whispering, "I'm kidnapping you!"

She gasped and backed up, afraid. I stood now outside the window, snarling as she kept shaking her head not believing. "For the White Witch, she's the one who keeps it always winter, always cold. She gave orders that if anyone was to find a human wandering in the woods; we were supposed to turn it over to her!" Lucy looked hurt and untrusting, which was good, it meant that she didn't trust the Witch. "Oh but Tumnus you wouldn't…" when he didn't say anything back she started to lightly cry, "Oh but Tumnus I thought you were my friend..." at those words he looked up at her with a determined look and I slowly started to smile as I darted back up to the trees as they burst out of the house." Now, she may already know you're here; the woods are full of her spies." They kept running along as I jumped from tree to tree, keeping an eye on her. "Even some of the trees are on her side." I glanced at the tree I had just jumped to and snarled. "Can you find your way back from here?" he asked. "I… I think so!" she stuttered. "All right" he replied, but he kept glancing around nervously. "Will you be alright?" She asked. He gave her a nervous laugh but was soon somber. That was when he started crying again. She started whispering to him, trying to comfort him. "I'm sorry," he said," I'm so sorry." He looked at her for a moment, "Here" he whispered, and he passed her the handkerchief. "Keep it, you need it more than I do…" she gave it back to him and smiled. "No matter what happens Lucy Pevensie, I am glad to have met you. You have made me feel warmer than I have ever felt in more than 100 years! Now go on! Go!" Lucy turned and fled back to the wardrobe. Tumnus took off still in fear of the Witch. I shook my head sadly, I was scared of her, of course, everyone was. Well everyone except for Aslan, and I am no Aslan. I am just an Elleth.

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