"She loves me brother," Elijah practically growled. Klaus glared and slammed his brother against the cave wall, his sword unsheathed and ready to stab him. "She loves me," he growled childishly.

They had been involved in this continuous war between one another. All over Tatia Petrova. She was an angel and Klaus' soulmate. He knew from the moment he looked her in the eye.

But Elijah, his brother was getting in the way. There was a feminine gasp that snapped them both out of their revery. They turned to see it was Tatia. She was staring at them in horror.

"What are you doing?" she asked incredulous, breathing out in shock, keeping her eyes mainly on Klaus. Since he was the one with the sword in his hand. "Fighting for a love ladie's hand," Elijah smirked charmingly, coming closer to the brunette. Klaus sneered and rolled his eyes.

He thought no one was looking, but saw Tatia had saw the little gesture. "Elijah it is no time for your antics, Leave Nik and I alone to talk," she huffed out dismissively. Elijah turned to look at his brother.

Niklaus smirked and nodded his brother off, feeling victorious. The moment Elijah was out of earshot, Tatia came close to Nik. "Oh Nik," she caressed his cheek with her knuckles affectionately. He smiled warmly down to the girl. She grinned back in return. "I know, you've been more angry lately. But just because your brother is messing with your head, making you think such obscene lies. You do not take it out on him and flash your sword, ready to kill him," she chastised.

He frowned. "I'm sorry, being in love with you makes me do crazy things."

She turned to him, her eyes gleaming affectionately up to him, her lips curling into a soft smile. "As I love you Nik," she whispered, coming closer.

She leant up on the balls of her feet, which were bare, to kiss him affectionately. He felt happy in her arms and kissed her back softly.


Klaus thought about the distant memory. Remembering the warming love of Tatia. He desperately wished she was here with him now, to look at how much he's accomplished.

But he knew he'd never see her lovely face again. He would only be reminded of her by the vaccant faces of Katherine and Elena both. He didn't even care about them, all he ever cared about was his family and Tatia.

Simple as that.

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