Welcome one and all to the very first 'hero' story that I have written for AATC. I honestly hope that you like this for I will continue if given enough reviews, so without delay, I bring you the new story: Fallen hero.

Rushing to get out of the door, Theodore yelled back to his male human black haired, pale skinned with brown eyes guardian Dave Seville "See you after school" before shutting the front door behind him and shifting his green colored miniature backpack on his right shoulder running after his older brother Alvin who wore a red sweater with a big yellow letter a on it and a red baseball cap who had amber eyes and a red backpack on his left shoulder and his other older brother Simon who wore a blue sweater with black rimmed glasses which held ocean blue eyes behind them holding a blue backpack on his right shoulder looking behind him as the green sweater wearing with green eyes chipmunk caught up with the two and, being a bit on the heavy side huffed as he glared at the two who could only smile sheepishly before turning to Alvin who was speaking but Theodore had tuned him out, wondering if he complete led his English homework last night or not.

Meanwhile Alvin was bragging to Simon about how he scored the final basket two nights ago in basketball and even now could not stop talking about it making Simon roll his eyes. "All I'm saying is that only an animal like me could have so much talent, I mean come on…I'm a rock star!" Alvin yelled throwing his left paw into the air in excitement as Simon sighed getting annoyed.

"Alvin, you would not even be a 'rock star' without our help. We are a team after all. And this so called 'talent' you claim to have is just because you train and work hard which is how you get better at the sports you do" Simon snapped making Alvin waved a paw replying with only

"Uh huh" causing Simon to grit his teeth in anger.

This behavior was completely normal for the two animals as Theodore chuckled noticing that the two were auguring yet again, sometimes he wondered if they were secretly married. Theodore laughed out loud hard as that thought came to his mind, causing the two older brothers to stare at him with confusion. "What are you laughing about, Theo?" Alvin growled lightly with his eyes narrowed making Theodore only shake his head with a chuckle and leaving the two brothers confused even more about what was so flat out funny.

After fifth teen minutes, the three animals with human clothes had arrived at a small white colored townhome which belonged to Claire Wilson and the chipettes who had moved in with her due to the fact that Dave did not want six sixteen year old animals under the same roof, which did make sense according to Theodore.

Before any of the males could knock on the door, three female chipmunks stepped out, each with very small backpacks that they held around their shoulders. The first was a blue eyed and wearing a pink skirt with a black shirt over her torso and a pink colored backpack along with a pink purse with yellow flowers on her left arm known as Brittany Wilson as the second female wore a light blue sweater and a darker colored blue skirt with blue eyes that looked at Simon with love and joy and had a bight blue backpack who was known as Jeanette Wilson.

The third female was a bit shorter as well as a bit on the heavier side then Jeanette and wore a light green dress as she had green eyes and held a black backpack over her right shoulder, her tailed wagged happily behind her looking at Theodore before it quickly shifted over then Alvin then back again as she was known as Eleanor Wilson.

The three females stare at their three males counterparts for a few moments making Brittany tap her left rear paw on the concrete before she held her front paws out and stared at the three males in annoyance "Well? Are you three dumbasses just going to stand there and stare or walk us to school?" she yelled making the males as well as her sisters wince at the tone in her voice before Alvin quickly recovered, used to her tone as he smirked and spoke with smugness.

"I think we will stare" he laughed causing Brittany to roll her eyes and Jeanette to sigh and shake her head before Eleanor giggled.

Being the gentleman that he was, Simon stepped in front of Jeanette and offered his arm as she blushed before wrapping her paw around it and leaning into his shoulder as the two walked forward leaving the four animals behind them to smile.

Not wanting to be outclassed, Alvin stepped in front of Brittany and offered his own arm as she scoffed and ignored his arm before walking past him and kissing Theodore on the right cheek allowing Theodore to offer his left arm to her as she slid her own into his and walked with him to follow their siblings, leaving the two remaining chipmunks alone.

Alvin turned around to see Eleanor with her arms crossed over her chest and eyes narrowed in anger before Alvin quickly offered his arm as his brothers had done ahead of him but Eleanor ignored his arm and walked past him, not looking back to him as he ran after her. "Ellie, I was only kidding! Come on, don't be angry with me, beautiful" he spoke causing Eleanor to roll her eyes and huff in anger walking faster to catch up to the others.

As she caught up the four she heard bits of the conversation that Simon and Jeanette were having about reading class but tuned it out to see that Theodore and Brittany were arguing quietly, which in itself was not normal as Brittany hissed "No, for the last time, I have plans tonight, Teddy. I'm sorry that I can't work with you on this English paper but I have practice after school as well , you know that" before Eleanor quickly dropped back a few paces, not wanting to get involved in a private talk that the couple were having.

With a sigh of anger Eleanor saw that Alvin had caught up to her and was trying to speak to her and hold her paw but she slapped his away in anger causing the male chipmunk to sigh sadly before he paused looking above him at the telephone wires and seeing one dangerously swinging back in forth looking as if it was about to fall as he yelled.

"Hey um….guys?" he cried out making the five turn around and look at him to where he pointed above him to the electric wire, making the two girls ahead of him try to huddle closer with the males as only Alvin paused not wanted to move in case the wire dropped onto the ground.

Snapping out of his worried daze as his body started to be dragged across the cement by Eleanor who looked up and saw the others already near the next line. Running now to get away from the fatal wire, Eleanor and Alvin tripped as the wire suddenly snapped and swung down straight towards them.

The two chipmunks gasped knowing that their life was about to end and saw it flashed before their eyes before a furry body came out of nowhere and stood in front of them.

With two paws the animal grabbed the falling wire making the two stare in horror as Theodore screamed in unbearable pain as the currents went through his entire body before the power of the telephone wire suddenly snap completely and went out, dropping to the ground near the animals after five seconds which felt like hours to the two chipmunks seeing the green eyed, brown furred male fall to the ground, his sweater charred black as his body and ears was oozing blood and even his fur was beginning to catch on fire. Faster then the lighting that went through Theodore's body, Brittany dialed the number to 911 allowing Eleanor and the others to look at the body of their companion.

"THEODORE!" all but Brittany screamed at the heavily injured chipmunk, they had to hurry, for if they did not then the young chipmunk's life would be forever lost.