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Theodore was filled with nothing short of sorrow, he had cried all the tears his body could produce, he had allowed all the rage that had built in his mind since meeting Demonic Theodore to be released and the only emotion he had left for striking his mate in the face…..was sadness.

His heart felt like it was being ripped out of his chest by all his enemies including his brothers when they were villains known as Ghost and Storm.

His mind was blank of all thought save for why he had even dared to attack his mate in such anguish, his right cheek painfully stinging from when Eleanor had stormed into his house and without a word slapped him as hard as her left arm had the strength to muster, screaming that he had no right to injure her sister like that.

And if he even dared to come near Brittany Wilson then she would beat the living shit out of him, he did not have the courage to say that he could handle the beating of a mere mortal chipmunk, fearing that she would rip him in half.

He was beat without mercy by Alvin, would had to be held back by Dave holding his tail in order to not break his already bleeding nose, his mind and face showing no emotion to any creature, even himself.

Despise having his heart ripped out, releasing his greatest enemy, and none of his family having his back anymore, Theodore still had to attend school. In which the Chipettes would hang out with Alvin and Simon but act as if Theodore had truly died and they were finally moving out which depressed him in ways they would never know.

"Yo, Ellie. Are you going to eat that banana?" Alvin asked before Eleanor rolled her eyes, and with swiftness that only Ghost could have, even though his dark powers were faint, Alvin turned his mate's face towards him and kissed her lips before he quickly stole her banana making her sigh in content before she looked for her fruit that just seemed to disappear and glared in Theodore's direction who was two tables away, by himself as he ignored his former best friend's glare and kept eating his chicken sandwich with grape fruit.

Theodore had been alone from everyone except Dave for almost a week now, none of his brother's even Simon seem to acknowledge him for what he had done and Alvin hated him, shoving him in the shoulder harshly as he walked from room to room or floor.

Theodore felt like he had lost everything he loved because of his crime, something that could never be forgotten.

Suddenly he felt a weigh come from the table across him as he looked into the green eyes of a female fox, her fur was the color of strawberries and his eyes the color of the forest, which caused a uncomfortable squeeze when he thought of all those he slaughtered, more sins to stain his fur it seems.

"Hi, I'm Foxanna, I'm new here…your….your Theodore Seville from Alvin and the chipmunks, right?" she asked shyly, her voice as clear as a bell and as beautiful as if an angel spoke it causing him to become more depressed because of how he thought of Brittany to be that angel.

With an embarrassing nod Theodore slowly smiled, not wanting to seem rude and truly wanting to talk to someone who would not hate him, even if it was this beautiful but strange fox who was stuffing her face with some French fries.

After lunch in which Brittany could not eat for her heart broke even looking at food as it made her think of her mate, her love….her shattered heart.

"Hey, it's going to be ok, Britt….you'll be able to get over him soon enough, I promise…Theodore does not deserve you after what he did." Jeanette spoke slowly putting her left paw on her older sister who wanted to burst into tears and did nothing but nod as she was cut from her emotional heartache by Alvin who was growling looking towards his younger brother who was speaking to a red furred female fox with green eyes, she was beautiful even to Brittany herself.

"Who the fuck is that bitch talking to Theodore?" Eleanor whispered to Alvin who shrugged and continued to glare at his little brother who was laughing with the fox and jumped as Brittany suddenly stood up in rage as they saw the fox put a paw on Theodore's right shoulder.

"Oh HELL NO!" Brittany screeched which oddly enough was not noticed by the fox but by Theodore who shifted his eyes towards his former mate over his shoulder before they were brought back to the fox.

"That bastard, how dare he just talk to her like they are best friends, when they just met, none of us know her. Does he have no respect for his former love or any female's feelings?" Jeanette growled with her fangs bared and enraged before the sliver lunch bell rung, signaling the end of lunch period.

The five chipmunks growled as the two creatures walked passed them, seeming to be deep in conversation, none not even Theodore himself noticed the green current of electricity that went from his body into Foxanna's left paw as she smirked when the male looked away, phase one of her plan with the other villains was complete, as Demon had promise.