"Come on Noah! You always blush when people bring up the Awake-A-Thon accident. And you two would be so cute together! Like little love nerds!" Izzy droned on to Noah about why he should go out with Cody.

"Shut up Izzy! This entire argument is completely invalid."

"Awww look, you're blushing again!"


When Noah and Cody first started going out, Noah wasn't the most romantic boy in the world. Cody would always be trying those romantic things that they did in movies and novels. Noah was quiet surprised to find the scrawny teen staring at him intently when he woke up.

"Uh Cody? What are you doing?"

"I'm watching you while you sleep."

"Well can you stop, it's starting to creep me out."


"Look at you little love birds. E-Scope knew you two were perfect for each other." Cody scratched behind his head slightly embarrassed by Izzy's remarks and Noah simply rolled his eyes.

"Well thanks Izzy."

"You're welcome Cody. You know, I should really invite you to some sleepovers or something since you're so obviously the she in the relationship."


Everything in life has a sequence of events that led up to a certain point. For them it started with a kiss on the ear. From there their friendship started during the Aftermath episodes since neither of them would be competing in Total Drama Action. After that they kept their friendship over the next season and exchanged phone numbers after the show had ended. But some where along this line of events something stronger than friendship was blossoming. Neither boy would admit it though.


Noah felt indifferent to rain. He didn't like it, he didn't hate it. It was just another excuse for him not to go outside to get physical activity. Cody didn't really mind it either. He'd read poems about how symbolic and romantic the rain was. To him it was just one thing: wet. Being trapped inside the loser resort during the rain gave both Noah and Cody the incentive to talk to each other at least.


The last thing Cody had expected his parents to be was support full. He was an only child wish overprotective parents who wanted grand children. The day Cody came out of the closet to his parents was the worst day of his life. They screamed, yelled, and kicked him out all while saying he was damned to Hell. He walked to Noah's house. As soon as the door opened all eight of Noah's siblings and Noah himself came out to greet him and give him hugs after they heard what had happened. Seeing how much they cared for their brother and his boyfriend was all the support Cody needed.


"But Noah. Come on please?"

"For the last time Cody, no. You know I have life threatening allergies." The two were in their small apartment building arguing again. Cody wanted a pet. Noah said no even though he himself was a fan of dogs. They just didn't have enough room for a dog and Noah was highly allergic to most types of cats.

"I'll take good care of it. We could get a hairless one."

"How about I get you a Chia Pet?"


"Electronic dog?"


"A fish but that's as high as I'll go." Cody thought on Noah's offer for a moment before grinning and nodding his head.



It was just supposed to be a simple project for them. Just a small problem with the plumbing. Izzy and Eva insisted on coming over to help them though. After a bit, Noah went out to get food for them all. When he came back he came to find Cody hiding behind a blue and orange paint covered Izzy, a guilty looking Eva, and a gigantic whole in the wall.

"YOU IDIOTS! You divided by zero didn't you?"


"I'M GOING TO KILL HIM! LET ME AT HIM, LET ME AT HIM!" It took Eva and DJ to hold back the enraged Seirra. She had found out about the relationship…she didn't take it well.

"Seirra, please stop it." Cody begged the purple haired girl.

"No! That sarcastic, no good Know-It-All stole you away from me!" To this, Noah rolled his eyes, trying hard not to punch the girl across the face.

"Honey, please. I was here two seasons before you came along, attaching yourself at his hip in season three. Technically, you stole him from me."


If there was one thing Noah valued it was sleep. Being as lazy as he was when he wasn't playing video games or reading, he was most likely sleeping. But when Cody moved in with him sleep became impossible. Not because they were always making out, but because Cody snored louder than anyone Noah had ever heard.

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