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Chapter Seven


Sam rose to her feet in shock as a million questions coursed through her mind like wildfire. How did that beast get here? What does he want this time?- other than Peter's head?

"Hello, Poppet," he said to Sam, approaching her slowly. She backed away, feeling herself teetering dangerously close to the edge of the lake.

"What do you want, Claw?" snarled Peter at the pirate before him, dark eyes ablaze with the lust for battle. Stepping between the man and Sam, Peter's fists were clenched and ready to kick some pirate butt.

"What I've always desired, boy," Claw spat. "Revenge for me hook!" He brandished said fearsome weapon with a flourish.

Sam had never noticed until now how sharp the item had been until now. She turned to call the Lost Boys to their aid, but then realized that Claw's crew had surrounded the group of boys and now had them pinned down. A few of the ugly scoundrels bared their teeth at her like vicious creatures, revealing black, rotten teeth, if they had any at all. Biting her lower lip, Sam suddenly grasped the gravity of the situation: they were trapped, like wild animals. Quite frankly, she barely even knew how to defend herself, except for the extremely basic techniques Peter had taught her weeks ago on their first attack on the Pirates.

In a flash, Peter pulled out a blade and struck out at Claw. "Catch me if you can!" he laughed, levitating into the air.

Claw cried out in outrage. "Blast you, Peter Pan! Flying away like the coward you have always been!"

Abruptly, Peter paused in midair, an expression of shock plastered on his face. "Me? Coward? Oh Claw, have you gotten your faces mixed up again, old man? I could fight you with my eyes closed!"

"Prove it, cocky youth." The faintest flicker of a smile crossed Claw's face as he drew his sword, rotating it so that the sharp steel glinted in the fading sunlight.

Sam shuddered as she saw the evil grin on his face, and felt her stomach drop to her toes. Oh crap. What does that mean?

"Peter!" she exclaimed as she leaped between the two foes. Peter had just lunged to attack, but was able to halt in time to miss Sam. They gazed at her, baffled by her sudden outburst.

"What do you think you're doing? Get out of my way!" Peter snapped, eager to fight his long-time foe. "

"I'm saving your scrawny neck, that's what," Sam muttered under her breath. "This monster is trying to-"

"Shut up and move!" Peter interrupted, pushing Sam out of the way forcefully.

The brown haired girl fell to the ground, appalled by Peter's actions. Pulling herself to her feet, Sam watched in utter horror as the battle unfolded. True to his word, Peter had his eyes squeezed shut, yet still easily dodged Claw's blows. The pirate seemed to have absolutely no grace, for he was continuously striking out at Peter to no avail.

"Stop!" Sam yelled loudly, but her cry went unnoticed. The two assailants were too blinded by their hatred to even notice her, and this fact truly frightened her more than anything else.

"Cut it out!" She screamed yet again, circling the two. "You won't solve anything by going at each other like this! It's savage!"

"Look around yerself, lass!" Claw cried at her suddenly, startling Sam. "You're in a savage place! Why do ya expect its inhabitants to be any different?"

Sam paused to ponder this. Does that mean I'm turning into a savage as well? The thought disgusted her, but at the same time, something in the back of her mind confirmed this to be true.

"Peter, open your eyes!" she cried. "It's a trap! He's trying to kill you!"

"Kill me? He can't do that!" Peter laughed and launched himself into the air, eyes still shut. "Villains never win as long as there's faith and trust!"

"And Pixie dust, I get that," Sam said impatiently. "But-"

She was cut off when Claw suddenly leaped over and clamped his hand over her mouth. Sam tried to cry out, but her scream was quenched by the filthy palm over her lips.

"Hey, where'd you go?" Peter exclaimed, slashing the air in front of him. Then, he appeared to notice the muffled screams to his right, and opened his eyes.

Claw cackled. "Foolish, impudent boy! Did you really think that I would kill you that easily?"

"Let her go!" Peter screamed in rage at the laughing pirate. "Let Sam go before I kill you!"

"Oh, and how would you do that?" Claw taunted. "I have fifty armed men at my command, and I hold the love of your life at the tip of my blade. So, it's your choice Pan: either I kill you without a fight, or I slip my blade between your girlfriend's ribs and kill her if you try to rescue her." As if to emphasize his point, Claw pressed the blade of his sword against Sam's throat, nearly puncturing her skin.

"Kill her, see if I care," Peter said, waving a hand.

Sam's brown eyes widened in shock and horror. How could he… there were no words to describe her enraged emotions. A wave of despair seemed to crash over her body, and her heart sank.

"Make your choice, Pan," Claw said impatiently. "Would you rather die as a hero or a coward?"

"Me? Coward?" Peter's eyes narrowed to slits. "No one calls Peter Pan a coward!" He dove towards Claw, ready to slash him to ribbons. Only problem was, Sam stood in his way. She struggled against Claw's grip, fighting hard not to let a single tear fall down her face. In a last attempt to free herself, Sam kicked her right leg backwards, hitting Claw right in the groin. The pirate doubled over in pain, and Sam squirmed out of his grip.

"Peter!" she cried. "Stop this right now! You're freaking me out, turning into some sort of rage monster that you aren't!"

"And why should I listen to you?" Peter asked from his perch in the air. "You're just a girl! Girls don't belong in Neverland, because they always leave! You should know that better than anyone! Your mother-"

"My what?" Sam cut him off. "News flash, Peter: I don't have a mother! She died in a car accident when I was a little kid!"

"You never told her?" Claw asked from his position on the ground. "You brought her here to the place of her ancestors, and never even gave her a hint of her heritage?"

Place of my ancestors? What the heck is he talking about? Does he mean… I'm Wendy Darling's descendent?

"Sam, I tried to tell you!" Peter quickly interjected. "That's just what I was about to say when the pirates ambushed us! So I couldn't tell you!"

Sam's face hardened as the truth sunk in. "So you've been keeping this information from me this entire time? Peter, the whole reason I came here was because you promised to tell me! Do you have any idea how many sleepless nights I've spent bawling because I didn't have a family of my own? How many hours I've searched all around, looking for the people who could have been my birth parents? And for what? Some boy to come take me to the place of my dreams by filling me with a false hope?"

"I'm- I'm sorry, Sam," Peter said quietly. "You've just been so happy lately, I couldn't bring myself to take that from you."

"That's still no reason to lie to me!" Sam cried. "I thought you were my friend, Peter! I-I thought I could have someone who could actually be honest to me for once in my life, and tell me what's going on."

"I'll tell you what's going on," Claw explained. "You are the great granddaughter of Wendy Darling, and the fifth of her line to come to this blasted place. Your mother was Margaret Darling, and was brought to Neverland because that boy," he gestured to Peter, "finally decided to get a heart for the needy. After getting fattened up here, she ran off back to earth with a Lost Boy named Curly. They had you, and died in a drunk driving accident. Now, Pan, why did you find it so hard so hard to tell her something as simple as that?"

Sam bit her lip as the information seeped in. So not only am I Wendy Darling's descendent, I'm the daughter of a Lost Boy too. And they died from something as common as alcohol? I could've dealt with that easier than anything.

"Peter, people on earth die from alcohol all the time. It's very common. You should have told me!"

Peter frowned. "But then, once I told you, you would leave to grow up and never come back! All the girls do."

Sam turned thoughtful. "And what makes you think I'd do that?"

Claw rose behind her. "This does," he said, and plunged his sword through her stomach.

"SAM!" Peter screamed, but his voice seemed far away, as if her were yelling at her from across a field. Sam crumpled her knees, clutching the wound in her stomach.

She felt Peter rush to her side, scooping her into his arms. Sam gently brushed her fingers against his cheek, the light fading from her eyes. Tears streamed down Peter's face, and he hugged Sam tighter.

"I… thought… you said… you… didn't care," she choked, spraying blood on his face. Peter felt his stomach tie into knots as he remembered his words.

"That was just an act, Sam,," he said. "I never meant for him to go this far."

Sam nodded slowly. "But he did, Peter. And… now… I'm dying. But I want you to promise me one thing."

"What's that?" Peter asked.

"I… want you to go back to my old house on earth. Leave a note there telling my family that I won't be coming back. Don't give them details… just say that I won't be seeing them again."

Peter nodded in understanding. "I will."


The last thing Sam saw was Peter's face above her before the whole world turned to pure white.