"Demon/Hollow talking"

'Demon/Hollow thinking'


Kido spells



Two boys charged at each other with the intent of killing the other or subduing him. The first boy's skin was dark-gray and his hair was dark blue and reached to his back. His eyes were dark gray. Additionally, he had webbed-claw-shaped wings from his back and a dark, star-shaped mark appeared across the bridge of his nose. Despite his current appearance, this was Sasuke Uchiha, an avenger.

The second boy had his slitted red pupils, longer and sharper nails and canine teeth along with longer and spikier blonde hair. The boy's whisker marks will also widen and thicken, adding to his feral appearance. There was also the menacing red chakra surround him in the form of a fox cloak. This was Naruto Uzumaki, the konoha's number one pariah.

Currently two boys were charging at each other with their strongest attacks in their arsenal. Sasuke after having his family killed by his older brother made it his life's goal to get his revenge. He would do anything for the power as long as it helped him in the end. Naturally when Orochimaru offered him powers, he took him up on the offer without missing a beat. Naruto on the other hand made a promise to the girl he loved dearly Sakura Haruno despite the fact that she did not feel the same about him that he would bring Sasuke back no matter what. He was always trying to cheer her up despite the harsh words said to him hoping that one day she would return her feelings to him and not the brooder.

The two attacks connect to each other resulting in a purple sphere surrounding them. It was this moment that time seemed to slow down for the two boys. They floated towards each other rearing up a final attack to end their prolonging match. Sasuke pierced Naruto in the chest scoring a hit that would kill him eventually. While Sasuke had his arm protruding through Naruto's chest and towards his back, Naruto looked at him in disbelieve. He viewed Sasuke as a brother figure and best friend but seeing what he just did to him shattered that image. Using the last of his energy, Naruto made a gash across Sasuke's headband severing all ties he once had with him and signifying Sasuke's new status as a missing Nin. Sasuke watched as Naruto's eyes became lifeless before pain erupted from his eyes. As the pain subdued, Sasuke moved to a river to find his tomoe in his eyes connect creating a three intersecting ellipses. He laughed at the fact that he was able to gain the ultimate eyes and that Itachi would be dead soon after his teachings from Orochimaru. He took off to where Orochimaru's men told him to go.

Naruto could only watch in horror at Sasuke's laugh and the hole in his former body's chest. Upon looking at his own body or what it looked like, he noticed that he did not have a hole there but rather a metal plate with a long chain hanging to it. The chain was not attached to anything making Naruto wonder what it was. He thought about pulling it away but decided against it after thinking how painful it might be. He just sat there and stared at his dead corpse not getting over the fact that he was dead. When the rain started to fall, this did not motivate him to move away. His emotions went from shocked to anger to what his so called best friend did.

Soon the sound of footsteps caught his attention and out came Kakashi. Kakashi looked at the prone from of Naruto before shaking his head in disappointment.

"I guess Tsunade placed too much praise in your abilities but what do you expect from a dead last. Oh well, at least I know you didn't kill my student demon." Naruto was shocked that his sensei hated him but then again, this explained why he never taught him anything more than tree climbing. His rage now branched onto Kakashi. That was two people he thought of as friends only to find out how they truly felt about him. Wanting to find out who his friends were truly and who wasn't, Naruto followed behind Kakashi as he carried his mutilated body with him back to konoha. Right as they entered the gate, the people upon seeing his body cheered at the now deceased 'demon' as he had been labeled for as long as he was born. Naruto's anger began to boil more as the people cheered his death. His anger temporarily subdued when he spotted a patch of pink running towards his direction or rather his body. She ran to Kakashi and surveyed the area around him.

"Where is Sasuke-kun sensei? That baka promised me he would bring him back." Kakashi looked down.

"The demon was unable to bring him back meaning Orochimaru has him now." Tears leaked out her eyes as they began to fill with sadness then unholy rage took over. She cocked her fist back and delivered a punch to the head of Naruto knocking it out of Kakashi's arms not that he had a grip on it to begin with. She delivered several blows to his body while cursing his existence. Kakashi shrugged and left as Sakura continued to pound away at his body.

"Damn you Demon, you broke my promise on purpose just so I would say yes to your dates but that will never happen. I've always hated you monster and you deserve to die. Mom was right about you after all." The crowd cheered her on as is she was doing something right until a voice boomed throughout the growing crowd.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Tsunade the Godaime Hokage pushed through the crowd only to find her new student on Naruto's body with blood on her fist. She ran and shoved her off to retrieve the body before taking off with his body. Her eyes had already started to tear up at the sight of his pale skin knowing what this meant but she couldn't believe it. She would have to see if she could do anything or not.

Naruto watched with his rage once again rising as his love attacked his once human body. She was just like them and it hurt so much. His anger rose to new levels and he didn't notice the chains seemingly grow teeth and eat itself away. He was fixated on the scene and couldn't help but wonders what Tsunade thought of him or what she would do with his body. His chain had stopped eating itself halfway to the chest as hope of someone who cared it dimly.

Naruto followed Tsunade as she took his body away to the hospital. On his way there, he looked over the people's reactions only to be sickening at the sight. They looked happy that he was dead and it added pain to him. He did not notice Tsunade seemingly try to heal him on his way there. Tsunade entered a room and cursed the demon that resides inside Naruto pissed that it did not save the boy.

"Damn you demon, I hope you're happy now. I hope you rot in hell where you belong you foul beast." She broke down and cried knowing she lost her bother figure. Naruto for his part finally lost it. The last of his precious person also considered him a demon. Now he knew that everyone in konoha hated him from the clam members who either hurt him or ignored him, the civilian population who tortured him and cheered for his death, his so called teammates along with their demon hating sensei, and finally the one he viewed as his precious person who he viewed as family. His anger resurfaced and unlike last time, his anger would grow without hinder. The chain once again ate itself and Naruto only noticed as the last chain ate itself away not giving him time to react. The medal cylinder in his chest disintegrated and Naruto felt more pain that he did in his entire life though he lived a short life. White clay-like substance pooled from his eyes, mouth, and ears. Kyuubi awoke to see the transformation and grew interested.

'Well since I won't be able to get a body and these people would no doubt try to extract my power from his body, why not give it to him? No doubt he will do great things in the future and I do suppose my time as a tailed beast is over besides, this will allow him to become stronger than certain level hollows despite his soon to be low level. It's the least I could do seeing as I am the reason he lost his childhood.' With that last though, Kyuubi poured all of his energy into the transformation as a way to make Naruto a strong hollow. Now red youki and white substances swirled together as Naruto underwent the transformation.

Kyuubi's power was felt through all of konoha causing a wide scale panic. The people who was there 13 years ago thought the Kyuubi was coming to have revenge for destroying his body twice while the younger people who didn't know about Kyuubi wasn't sure what was going on but panicked at the vile feeling they felt.

Tsunade and Shizune watched in horror as Kyuubi's chakra seeped from Naruto's body and vanish into thin air. The youki ripped itself from Naruto's body at a fast rate making her wonder what Kyuubi was doing. Ninjas jounin and higher swarmed the area surrounding the room. Danzo made his way to the source just as the last of it went away and the feeling that came with it went away. Upon seeing the boy's body, he moved to retrieve it only for it to crumble into dust. He cursed not being able to get a sample of Kyuubi's chakra. He left the room cursing his luck and anything he could blame. He headed over to rethink his years of planning knowing he lost his supposedly weapon.


In the distance, eight hologram figures stood on top of a large statue's hand as they waited for their last member to show up with something. The last member soon flicked into existence. The one with several concentrations of rings turned to the last one to show up.

"So tell me what you have on the nine tailed jinchuriki." Before he could receive his answer from the member, one of the nine statue's eyes broke completely and disintegrates leaving an empty socket indicating something only Pain and Madara knew what it meant. Unbinding rage erupted from the leader and sub leader as their years of planning went down the drain. "Who was it that killed the host Zetsu?"

"It was none other than Sasuke Uchiha Pain-Sama, Itachi's little brother. Apparently he was heading to Orochimaru for power when the Hokage sent out a retrieval team to get him. Orochimaru sent out some guards to fight them off leaving Sasuke and Naruto to fight. Naruto through the fight held back as a way to subdue him but in the end, he died." Itachi flinched knowing his little brother made an enemy even stronger than he was. Pain looked at Itachi's hologram with an impassive look while Madara stared at him with annoyance.

"Well Itachi what do you have to say for yourself? You clearly stated that he would not interfere with our plans and now this little brat has destroyed it." Itachi wanting his brother to stay alive and kill him so he could redeem himself directed the blame to another related source.

"But it was Orochimaru who actually destroyed our plan. He was the one that convinced Sasuke to come to him and he is a little convincing when he wants to be. Add that to the fact that my brother was a little emotionally unstable Pain-Sama."

"Very well I accept your excuses for now but I will have no choice but to find away to work without the Kyuubi. This will set us back a few years or longer which is when we will start capturing the others. In the meanwhile, someone find and kill Orochimaru." The nine figured flickered out of existence.

Naruto felt the pain subside from his body and opened his eyes after shutting them to ignore the pain he felt. He got up from off of the floor to find that he was in a seemingly never-ending white desert, with dunes like those of the Sahara. The desert is littered with what appear to be boulders and shriveled trees, but these are actually a form of quartz. The moon is on the opposite lunar phase of that in the Human World. The vast desert also seems to lack any bodies of water. The atmosphere was heavy for some reason but he was sure he would get use to it.

Naruto was a werefox with red nine tails behind him. There was also a seal for memo… on his stomach but he guessed the rest of the word was faded from view based on the appearance. He cursed Konoha for his appearance and in that moment, he wanted them to feel his pain. He would crush them with his clones and rasengan. It was then a thought occurred. If he died, then would he lose his chakra too? He tried channeling chakra but felt none flow through him at all confirming that his revenge would have to wait. He took two steps only for his ears picked up on several noises behind him so naturally he turned to see what it was. There behind him were several masked tentacle creature looking at him hungry.

This was an Adjuchas hollow that was on the verge of becoming a Gillian again. All he needed was a little more energy to prevent that from happening and was betting that this newly hollow would do so. If not then he was sure the many new hollows that came to the area would do so. Without wasting any time, he wrapped his tentacles around hollow and went to eat him.

Naruto upon seeing his intention to eat him grew pissed. He just died and now he was going to get eaten after getting a new life. There was no way he would allow that so acting on instinct, Naruto forced the tentacles from off of him and dodged the beast's mouth. He clawed at the beast getting some green goo on his finger tips. Out of curiosity, Naruto licked the green stuff and like ramen grew an instant liking to it. He looked over to see the green goo coming from his body and wondered if this was just a creature version of seafood. The thought of sea food attacking him made him laugh.

The creature turned to Naruto once again and attacked head on. Naruto was forced to dodge for his life until he found an opening. He tried using rasengan again through force but instead shot off a red powerful beam cutting off several tentacles from it. It roared in pain and trashed around in pain. It attacked Naruto once more growing desperate to evolve but Naruto dodged all of his attempts. Something pulsed on Naruto a few times. He looked to see a faded seal on his stomach completely go and information on Kyuubi destroying this beast came flooding in. There was also information on where they were, what they were, and techniques he would be able to use. This happened within the span of seconds giving the beast time to lash Naruto into the ground and once again try to eat him. The sound of low static booming made its way to the beast's ear. It felt no hollow in its mouth so it reared its head back only for it head to come off.

Green goo dripped from Naruto's tail as he used it as a sword to decapitate it. The beast fell down hard never to arise again. Naruto sighed in relief that he survived. He stood there for the next few hours going over techniques that he learned out of nowhere. Recognizing it as Kyuubi's memories, Naruto allowed his mind to search through them only to find that Kyuubi died upon giving him all of his powers during his hollow transformation thus explaining the fox tails and ears. He also learned that despite the fox's power, he was technically a basic hollow seeing as Kyuubi had youki and not reiatsu as the hollows did. He made a silent promise to get stronger as soon as he could then destroy konoha along with the people who caused him pain and suffering. After creating his goal, he devoured the hollow in front of him and allowed the power and knowledge to flow through him. This would be his first step into gaining power for revenge.

"You better watch out from now on Teme because I'm going to destroy your life and the little banshee's. I also hope you're ready to die konoha because I will show no mercy to you."

100 hollow years and 1 human year later

For some reason in Hueco Mundo, time moved faster than that of soul society and the human world. This didn't force them to physically age faster but mentally meaning Naruto had time to allow his skills to increase. This explained why hollows grew stronger quickly before stepping into the human world.

After devouring that hollow, Naruto used his newfound knowledge to find stronger enemies to devour. Naruto's rank rose quickly scaring many others of his growth. His reputation with his brutal fighting earned him the nickname Demonio Zorro. His reputation scared even Baraggan Luisenbarn, the king of Hueco Mundo. At first, Baraggan scoffed at his name and sent someone to kill him but sadly that attempt failed him. Naruto after finding out about Baraggan went to confront him. A fight broke out and before Naruto had a chance to finish him, he was attacked by thousands of hollows exhausting Naruto. Naruto had not achieved a release state at the time but he was sure he was stronger than him now. Naruto took off making Baraggan think of Naruto as another god like him. He made sure to tighten security around him not wanting to be destroyed by him knowing he would lose if they should fight again alone. It was there Baraggan stayed and recovered from the large injuries he suffered glaring at the thought of someone being stronger than him and would surely win if he should come back. He only hoped that the werefox did not indeed come back for him.

Naruto had kept his werefox appearance that he started off with only increasing slightly in size. The hole where his so called best friend created was still there as a constant reminder of his goal to kill him and make Konoha suffer.

Naruto smiled at his power knowing he would soon be able to destroy konoha but first he would spread fear into its people first and kill his first targets meaning Orochimaru then Sasuke. The way he would kill Sasuke would be one that all of Konoha would hear about. Sasuke's death should make Sakura depressed enough to kill herself and he would take her to Hueco Mundo where she would be eaten. The terror her eyes would show would make him happy after she had been the one to disrespect his body by hitting it like a punching doll. Yes he would make her suffer indeed. He opened a Garganta and went into it.

Naruto appeared at the final valley where he died and couldn't help but stare in awe at the damage done to the place. Using some youki, Naruto covered his reiatsu and took on the appearance of a young boy with brown hair before taking off in the direction Sasuke went to.

5 minutes later, 9 individuals showed up wearing black robes. The first 8 were regular Shinigami but the last one wasn't. She was a teen that looked to be 13 years old. She was a young girl with pink hair, dark pink eyes and a perpetual blush on her cheeks. This was Yachiru Kusajishi, lieutenant of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13 and adoptive daughter of Kenpachi.

As to why Shinigami showed up in the elemental nations, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Captain of the 12th Division in the Gotei 13 and 2nd president of the Shinigami Research Institute had picked up on a unique hollow signature entering the world of the living and had soul society send a team before they lost his trail. By entering the real world, a hollow would set off a silent alarm along with giving soul society their levels but for some reason, his readings overloaded the rating system. He thought of this as a fluke thus sending low level Shinigami to the area. The small group of Shinigami surveyed the area sensing the residue of the hollows reiatsu and went in the direction it went.

Naruto eager to mutilate the Uchiha knocked several trees down to get rid of some of his growing excitement. He felt all bubbly inside thinking about ways he would torture the soul. Extending his senses after 20 minutes of walking, Naruto felt several chakra sources underground. Aiming a finger toward the floor, he simple called out cero firing a large beam creating a large hole in the ground. He saw a passage leading to his soon to be victim and went through taking his way to his source; he had still yet to register the fact that the group of Shinigami was only 15 minutes away from him. Naruto moved until he found Sasuke practicing a jutsu he called chidori current unaware of the danger he was in until it was too late.

A force beyond a boss summon struck him into a wall. He got up only to look in horror at what appeared to be his body.

"Well Sasuke if you're wonder whether or not that's your body then it is." The familiar voice caught his attention and he looked up only to freeze in his spot. "What's the matter teme, didn't you hear of revenge from beyond the grave?" There was humor in his voice as he approached his body and severed the chain connecting to him and his body. "By severing this chain, I've just killed you Sasuke." Sasuke felt pressure hammer down and his breathing turned rigid. "How about I end the pain you're in." He aimed his palm at Sasuke's soul and muttered cero and just like that, a beam shot forward destroying him and a few wall. Naruto took the remains of Sasuke and ripped severed it into pieces such as decapitating him and separating his limbs. He carved the words 'believe it' on Sasuke's stomach. Right as he finished that, Orochimaru came running in along with his right hand man Kabuto. He paled when he saw his soon to be vessel lying on the floor in pieces but no assailant. He didn't get time to ponder as Naruto plunged his hand into his skull and used a cero to destroy his soul. He would leave Kabuto alive to spread the news. Kabuto fled the scene not wanting to get killed by an unknown force. Naruto waited until his presence was gone before attacking everything and everyone at this place. Once annihilating the people associated with the snake, he cloaked himself once more and turned around to leave back to Hueco Mundo where he would wait about another human year for his deed to be well known. Before stepping in the Garganta he stomped his footprint into the floor or paw print if will. This would show who or what was behind that attack on this once base of Orochimaru.

Hueco Mundo

Naruto once again reappeared in Hueco Mundo and went back to his territory hollows dubbed the fox's den. People avoided that place like a plague because of the amount of rumors being spread around. As soon as he made it to his base, he picked up 5 different power levels ranging from Vasto Lorde to Adjuchas class hollows. Only two belonged to Vasto Lorde and three of them belonged to Adjuchas class hollows. He made a guess that they were ignorant to his high level and thought they could take them down. Deciding to see if that was true, Naruto moved swiftly to his targets and came out in the opening to see three injured Adjuchas class hollows and two slightly bruised Vasto Lordes. It seems that they recently recovered from a fight but why come here unless they were hoping to avoid other fights. The two Vasto Lordes got into battle stance and waited for him to attack. Naruto used this time to look over their appearance.

The first was a light blue near-humanoid shark-like Vasto Lorde-class Menos. The second was a brownish-green ibex-like centaur Vasto Lorde-class Menos. The third one was one horned brown deer Adjuchas class hollow with a complete mask. It had a red zigzag near her eye. The forth one was a lavender snake Adjuchas class hollow with pink and black eyes. Its mask sat on top of her head with earring like pieces on both side. The fifth one was a light brown lion Adjuchas class hollow with dark brown mane. Its mask unlike the other's white one was gold in the style of ancient Egypt. All of them seem to be women based on their appearance. This made him think of what Jiraiya would do in a situation like this. The image of him doing a ridiculous dance before giving them two thumbs up went by. He shook those thoughts from his mind.

"Well could any of you explain why ladies decided to go in one of the most dangerous areas in Hueco Mundo?" He flared some his reiatsu showing them just how strong he was then stopped to allow them to speak. "First tell me your names then your reason for being here." The near humanoid shark stepped forward followed by the brownish-green ibex-like centaur.

"M-my name is Tia Harribel, the second Vasto Lordes is Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, the lion Adjuchas is Mila Rose, the deer Adjuchas is Apacci, and the snake Adjuchas is Sung-Sun. We came here because I thought it would be safer to hide from Baraggan Luisenbarn. He offered that we serve him or die but I refused either. He sent over 30 Adjuchas hollows at us and would most likely send more. My sisters were injured so I was hoping to come here to allow them to heal. I'm sorry to trespass my lord." She bowed her head as she forced herself to say the last part as it made her sound weak. She hated how women hollows were only viewed as sex toys or easy pickings for others especially the male hollows but seeing this guy on levels above her and her group combined, she knew she would have to be humble if she was to live.

"I preferred that you didn't call me that. Just call me Naruto and would you not bow to me, you're making women look weaker that their viewed especially when a hand full aren't weak." The others perked up at this.

"You mean that you don't think of us as weak because of our gender." He shook his head before placing a finger on his forehead. A hologram projected from his eyes allowing them to see a fight between a young blonde boy and an older blonde woman. They watched as the older blonde beat the boy with just a flick of her finger. They stared in awe at the women and blushed at the young boy upon seeing his blue eyes and exotic whiskers. Naruto not understanding women after so many years appeared next to their red faces and felt their foreheads with his tails.

"Are you guys ok? You seem to be catching a cold." They stared at the supposedly dangerous hollow and made a silent agreement, this guy was clueless towards women. Then another thought occurred, why he would have a memory of a young boy until they looked in his eyes. They were the same blue ones as the boy indicating that this hollow wasn't as old as them but actually younger than them. How did a hollow so young surpass them in leaps when they fought tooth a nails to reach their current levels. Even hollows that ate for thousands of years weren't near his level. If this guy protected them, then they would be safe from Baraggan Luisenbarn. It was then Tia got an idea that surely would work in their favor.

"Hello Na-ru-to-kun, would you be interested in watching over us so that we could recover from our fight. You see, we were hoping that we could find a man that doesn't view us as weak to be our boyfriends but it's hard to find someone like that. We could be like a pack with us being your pleasurable women and you being our provider and supporter. This way we would satisfy you in ways never experienced before and you would keep us alive." She reached her clawed hands and gently gripped his member before pumping it a few times making him purr. Nelliel and the others picked up on what she was doing to the young but extremely powerful Vasto Lordes. She was trying to get him to offer them protection while offering him something he would soon carve for. The more he craved for them, the more willingly he would protect them.

This didn't mean that they would like it but in order to stay alive and grow, this had to be done. Nelliel used her soft tail and rubbed the underbelly of his rod. Naruto for his part closed his eyes and enjoyed the new feeling he was being exposed to and thought about their offer. If he protected them, then he would get to experience this and more. His nine tails twitched and his purring increased. Tia knowing they had him where they wanted him to be stopped as did Nelliel. Naruto pouted a little getting the others to giggle.

"Yes I would like to accept your deal but I would like you three to be my lovers instead of being something to pleasure myself to. It would make us equals instead." Tia's eyes widened a little as did the others. They offered to be beneath him to grow strong but he offered them something better. Tia seeing this as a better offer took it.

"Yes I would like that very much but if I may ask as to why make us equals when you could make us do your darkest biddings."

"Well I don't think you and your sisters would like that at all plus I couldn't find it in myself to use women as such. I also wanted to feel what it's like to have a lover seeing as I never had the chance at one." They accepted his answer. "Could you do those things again Tia-chan and Nel-chan?" They smiled at his innocent question before complying. The other three couldn't help but giggle despite their injuries.

100 hollow years and 1 human year later

Naruto after coming to those agreements with the women protected them while getting stronger. He brought in bodies for them to feast on to the point where they all became Vasto Lordes. Later he found out that he was able to evolve them through the use of Kyuubi's chakra making them an Arrancar. Their appearance took a transformation.

Harribel was now a woman with dark skin, green eyes, blonde eyelashes, and messy short blonde hair which has three braided locks. She wore a black jacket that covers the lower part of her face downward, while baring a good portion of the lower half of her large breasts. The jacket has a zipper running along its entire length that is opened from the bottom upwards. On the back of the jacket was a red swirl with a red fox head in the middle. The jacket's sleeves completely envelop her arms, terminating in black glove-like extensions at her extremities, resembling the appearance of a cat's paw. Harribel carries her Zanpakuto horizontally across her. The sword itself is notably broad and short compared to others, completely hollow in the middle, and has a western-style guard.

The remnants of her Hollow mask consist of the sides of her face and her mouth, as well as an extensive area below and around her neck extending down to, and also covering, her nipples; she usually hides these Hollow remnants from view with her jacket.

Mila became a dark-skinned woman who dresses like an Amazon warrior with the same symbol Tia sported on the back of her cloth around her body and has a toned body. She has long, thick wavy brown hair and green eyes, wavy hair and large breasts. Her mask fragments form a three-sectioned crown around her head and a thick necklace. Her Hollow hole is positioned midway between her navel and breasts.

Apacci is was now a tomboyish woman with heterochromia, meaning she has two differently colored eyes; her right eye is ice blue, while her left eye is amber with a red outline around it. She has black jaw-length hair and her mask fragment is on the top of her head with a horn in the middle, much like that of a unicorn. She wears a tight black jacket with the symbol similar to Tia on the back. Her jacket was customized with shoulder length sleeves with black cuffs with a v neck and gloves and collars over her wrists, which are actually her Zanpakuto.

Sung-Sun was now a slender female with long flowing olive-green hair, long eyelashes, and three pink dots just below her right eye. She has lavender-colored eyes. Her mask remnants create three hair clip-like extensions on the right side of her bangs. She wears a furry black necklace around her neck. Her uniform consists of a long black dress with long sleeves that extend well past her hands and with a single slit in each one. She also wore two thin belts that criss cross around her waist. Her Zanpakuto has been shown to be a three-pronged sai, which she conceals under the sleeves of her outfit.

Nel is a female with hazel eyes and blue-green hair. She has a large scar coming down from her forehead to her nose, larger than average incisors, and a crimson line that stretches horizontally across her face right below her eyes.

The remains of her Hollow mask were a horse-like skull with a pair of curved horns on the top of her head. A crack runs along the left side of the mask and four of the teeth on it are broken off. Her clothing consists of a simple black gown, which she tore off certain large proportions to make it a top and skirt.

Naruto was now a teen with nine tails behind him, fox ears, and the top half of a fox mask on his head much like Nelliel. He wore black pants, steel toed boots, button up shirt, black leather gloves, and a black jacket with the symbol he created using the same red swirl he adorned on his jacket when he was alive and adding a red fox head in the middle

After the transformation, the woman eager to test their bodies out had sex with Naruto and loved the feeling they got from it. Ever since the agreement, they got to know each other better. While doing so down the line, they all grew a strong love connection to Naruto and vice versa. They also found out about his darker side towards certain things such as his old village and told him that they would help him in his quest after learning about his pain and suffering. Their powerful reputation for destroying all those who entered fox's den to gain power attracted a lone hollow wanting to die a meaningful death.

Naruto easily defeated him in battle but chose not to kill him seeing how different he was compared to the others and gave him a new goal to serve under him as his right hand man after transforming him into an Arrancar. His name was Ulquiorra Cifer.

Ulquiorra Cifer was a slender, yet fairly muscular, male of average height with a melancholic appearance, fairly short, messy black hair, pale white skin, a black upper lip, and green eyes with slit-shaped pupils similar to a cat's. Part of his bangs falls between his eyes, and he has distinctively thick eyebrows. He has teal lines that descend from his eyes, making it appear as if he is crying. His facial expression rarely changes, and he is almost always frowning. He wore a replica of Naruto's clothing out of respect and admiration of his master as he dubs him. If not master then it would be Naruto-sama.

Like most other Arrancar, he possesses remnants of his former life as a Hollow in his appearance. The remainder of his Hollow mask lies on top of his head, forming a broken helmet.

They all learned about their release forms or in Naruto's and Ulquiorra's case two release forms and special abilities making them the strongest group in Hueco Mundo. The fox's den became known as mythical forest seeing as it was occupied than just a fox. Even Baraggan Luisenbarn didn't mess with the group after hearing that the leader was the same one that nearly killed him. He knew without a doubt that he must have grown stronger thus he left him alone out of fear. This didn't stop him from calling himself King of Hueco Mundo seeing as no one else claimed the title. This drew some wrong attention towards him ending in a Shinigami defeating him and making him serve under him. Aizen went to the mythical forest only to find weak creatures occupying it instead of the legends hollows spoke of.

Naruto had taken his group to the Elemental Nations about 2 hours before Aizen came. He told his group of his plan to seize control over a village and destroy Konoha. As to which one, Naruto was not sure yet but whatever the village he would choose would become his. He went through a Garganta but made sure to cloak himself before heading out. The others did the same using similar cloaking techniques.

River Country

The small group appeared in river country before the Garganta closed behind. Naruto surveyed the area only to spot two guys dressed in black cloaks with red clouds. They both wore similar hats like Itachi indicating that these people worked in the same group as Itachi did. Currently the larger one was dragging something based on his snail-like trail and the blonde one-armed one was riding a clay bird. In the clay bird was a teen with red hair. Upon further inspection of the red headed teen, he found out it was Garra. The last time he saw Garra was during the invasion when they fought. Every blow they landed on each other allowed the two to connect with each other. He felt Garra's pain and in return, Garra felt his. But unlike Garra, Naruto had friends or so he thought. Maybe Garra was more of a friend than the ones in Konoha. Seeing Garra knocked out and at the mercy of Akatsuki made his blood boiled.

These were the same group Jiraiya mentioned about before he died. They wanted him because he had Kyuubi's power and he was betting that they wanted Garra because of Shukaku the one tailed beast. Without giving his group a heads up, Naruto aimed a cero and knocked the blonde's head clean off of his shoulders while destroying tress in the process. Ulquiorra fired a cero but through the chest area of the large figure. The figure turned out to be a puppet making them believe that there was one opponent. Tia decapitated the bird and Naruto caught the teen. Ulquiorra moved next to Naruto.

"Naruto-sama who was the two we just killed and what is the significance of the teen?"

"This is the Garra Sabaku I told you guys about. He too experienced the pain of being alone and the one I could consider a friend without a doubt. Everyone take on your physical appearance so we could greet him but make sure you look normal." Covering themselves in reiatsu, they each took on the appearance of their regular selves without any holes or pieces of their mask. This was a physical transformation Naruto created after discovering about the Shinigami gigai. They all waited around Garra until his eyes fluttered open to see Naruto standing in front of him.

"Does this mean I'm dead Naruto?" Naruto shook his head.

"No I managed to come back alive and save you so maybe we could become friends. After my death I realized that I truly did not have any friends in Konoha so I'm hoping we could establish that. Also I would like you to meet my group which includes Tia Harribel, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, Mila Rose, Apacci, Sung-Sun, and Ulquiorra Cifer." He pointed at each respective person as he named them off. "I was just on my way to choose a village to take over but couldn't think of one. What village do you think I should take over Garra? I'll set up an alliance as soon as the place is created." Garra thought about it for a while.

"Why not take over Iwa so Suna doesn't feel threatened all the time?" He said this as a joke but Naruto saw this as something else. Taking over Iwa would be easy since all he had to do was kill the leader and promise the destruction of Konoha. Iwa still hated Konoha for the simple fact that the Yondaime Hokage, the man that wiped out hundred of their men and the same man who condemned him to the life of misery.

"That's a good idea Garra but should I take over the village then you must break off the alliance from Konoha. I don't want my soon to be village to be associated with Konoha plus think of it as repaying me for saving your life." Before Garra had a chance to convince him otherwise, Naruto opened a Garganta and went through with the others. To Garra, they simple disappeared from sight. Garra took out several ration pills and swallowed them before taking off wondering if Naruto would be able to do as he said. But then again thinking of the fact that he actually came back alive made him believe so.


Naruto and his group appeared at the gates of Iwa. They release their physical forms before anyone spotted them. Turning to his group, Naruto made a few commands to initiate his take over.

"I'll kill the Tsuchikage while the rest of you find the council members and kill them. Once they are dead, I want you to gain their memories through the techniques I taught you and impersonate them long enough to announce that they will step down for stronger individuals thus us coming in. Just look for the biggest homes of this village and head there. When you're done with that, meet up in the chamber room where the other council members will be killed. From there, we will take control of Iwa. Start the plan now."

2 hours later (I know this was rushed but I doubt the kage was prepared to fight a spirit. Naruto killed him the same way he killed Orochimaru.)

Naruto and his group posed as Oniki, Third Tsuchikage and a few of the most influential members sat in the council chambers. They took out anyone with influence over the village as to gain complete power over the village before making it seem that they stepped down. That is where Naruto and his group appeared as their selves minus the hole and mask meaning their own physical form. Naruto wrote a letter and sealed it with the head of Oniki and personally gave it to Garra who managed to make it right as Konoha Nins and Garra's sister appeared at the gates. The Konoha Nins Naruto recognized as Sakura, Kakashi, Team Guy, and Team 8.

Sakura wore a red top with black gloves, black high-heeled boots, black shorts, short pink apron-like skirt, and pink elbow protectors. On her back was an Uchiha symbol. Kakashi, Might Guy, and Lee only looked slightly older but everything else remained the same.

Tenten now sports a long-sleeved white blouse with a high collar and red fastener and edges paired with similar colored puffy pants that look like a hakama, with the exposed parts of her legs near the waist covered in bandages. The shuriken holster and the bandage on her right leg is removed and she wears brown fingerless gloves, with her forehead protector having switched to the same color and her shinobi sandals having been replaced by open slippers. Neji abandoned the bandages and is clad in traditional Hyuga robes: a white shirt with loose sleeves, closed on the right shoulder, with a fastener running down the right part of the chest, matching colored pants, with a gray apron tied around his waist and shinobi sandals.

Hinata lets her hair grow to waist-length, with straight-cut bangs that conceal her forehead. The strands that frame her face still remain, but are longer due to hair growth. Her outfit comprises of lavender and cream zip up sweater with lavender cuffs over a black fishnet collar shirt with navy pants and black heeled sandals. She still wore her forehead protector around her neck but it is now black. Kiba wore fitting black jacket, with zips over the chest and sleeves, along with black pants and sandals, also zipped, matching the jacket. Shino wore a jacket hanging down to his knees and the addition of a hood that obstructs his face even more and a satchel on his back. Naruto noticed the lack of Kurenai but didn't care. All that mattered to him was preparing for a war against Konoha.


The konoha squad had finally made to Suna after a few days of running without break. After Naruto's death, everyone trained harder especially Sakura who had Tsunade forced to train her under the civilian council members and the elders. They grew a liking to her after she punched the body of Naruto with her fist. She swore to get her Sasuke back by herself and merely broke down when the news of Sasuke being killed reached Konoha. She blamed Itachi seeing as Sasuke was preparing to kill him fueling her need to train. She would kill Itachi and restore his clan using the limited sperm Konoha had of him. Because of her skills, she was granted one of the three girls that would receive his sperm as soon as she reached the age of 16. Ino was the second girl chosen and the third was yet to be chosen.

Kiba on the other hand grew happy upon hearing that Naruto was dead and Hinata was free for the taking. He took advantage of her broken state and had sex with her the first chance he got before leaving her for a girl named Mina. Hinata became the second Ice queen of konoha first being Kurenai. After having her teammate take away her virginity, she became the prefect Hyuga no longer caring about her teammates. Shino kept a calm face on the outside but inside he was buzzing with rage. Kakashi also wanted to kill Itachi to honor his fallen student Sasuke. Lee, Tenten, Guy, and Neji all trained to get stronger after the death of Naruto.

They all ran to Suna at neck brake speed to repair their relation with Suna. Garra heard people in Konoha talk about how Naruto's body turned into ashes and people pissed on it. This made Garra angry toward the village. When he told his people what happened to the boy you changed him, they threatened to cut off their alliance. Tsunade along with Jiraiya convinced them stating that Akatsuki would come after Garra and konoha had information on them. Suna wanting said information didn't break their alliance yet but would do so should an opportunity arise hence the reason this missions was important to Konoha.

They all ran through the village and straight to Kankuro's room. Sakura being trained by Tsunade opened the door to find Kankuro looking fine. She still ran over and did a diagnostic on him only to find nothing out the ordinary.

"You see, we didn't need Konoha to help us at all. Someone left some miracle medicine that heals pretty much everything including diseases." The turned around to see an old man and an equally old woman walk in.

"Good morning Elder Chiyo, Ebizo. Who took care of Kankuro if I may ask?" Chiyo giggled a bit scaring the others due to the fact that it sounds a little evil.

"It's that same people that saved Gaara and will soon be our new allies. I will not indulge information to you scum bags especially when it was Konoha Nins that killed my son. Get out of this village as you are no longer needed." Kakashi not wanting the alliance to fall apart spoke up.

"Don't be hasty with decisions like that. We do still have information on Akatsuki and a spy master that would be able to get more information. How about we talk things out?" Before she spoke, a voice cut them off.

"That will no longer be acquired anymore and I have no choice but to cut our alliance with konoha." They turned to see Garra. "I'm sorry but that was part of the deal made by the one who saved me and seeing as I do owe him my life, I agreed. As of now, Konoha is no longer out ally. We now have a new one whom will stay mysterious for now. You may stay here for a few more days but after that, you have to leave."