"Hokage-sama what are those things? I know they aren't human as I confirmed this with my byakugan. They all possess chakra in their body but none of them possess a chakra system thus the gentle fist will be completely useless against them." Hiashi Hyuga sat in silence as he thought about what he witnessed around the apartment complex where the Uzumaki quadruplets reside. Hiashi was the head of the Hyuga clan and representative of the Hyuga clan. He has long, black hair and featureless white eyes like all members of his clan. He wore very traditional, loose fitting robes with a cloak much like the others of the Hyuga clan.

"They don't even have a scent either Hokage-sama and they all carry this dreadful feeling with them. Not only that but they don't even make a sound when their moving and that's nerve-racking. Our partners don't even want to be near that building." Tsume Inuzuka shivered slightly when she thought about the masked figures floating around the building like phantoms. Just the thought of phantoms in Konoha sent shivers up her spine. Tsume has a feral animalistic look similar to that of a canine. She has long spiky brown hair, vertical slit-like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails. She also has the clan fang markings on her cheeks as well as markings over her eyes and a dark shade of purple lipstick. She wears the standard outfit of a Konoha shinobi.

"My allies grow restless whenever my clansmen come anywhere within 30 feet of them sir. I tried to send one towards one of them sir but my ally ignored my command without hesitation. Whatever those things are that's guarding the jinchuriki and siblings aren't natural. I think the best thing to do is to avoid the building unless you don't have any ill will towards the Uzumaki siblings. I think they sense your emotions." Shibi Aburame pushed his glasses to the bridge of his nose. Shibi, like all members of his clan, has his eyes obscured by dark glasses which feature a single tassel hanging down from one-side. He has very spiky short black hair and a moustache. He typically wears a high collared outfit, while carrying a gourd on his back that is used for holding more kikaichu. He also tends to keep his hands in his pockets a lot.

"As troublesome as it seems, I think Shibi's right about this. They haven't caused any problems to anyone except those that tried to harm in infants. It would seem that the infants have their own personal guards." Shikaku Nara leaned on the table as he got into a comfortable position. Shikaku has two scars on the right side of his face which are probably his most noticeable feature. He has dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, dark eyes as well as a goatee. His ears are also pierced. Shikaku wore a meshed shirt underneath his flak jacket, a deer skin coat over that and hand guards.

"I still wonder what those things are and how long have they been around. Surely these things didn't just appear over night. There has to be some information out there as to what we're dealing with right now." Inoichi Yamanaka has long blond hair reaching into his back, which he wears spiky on top and ending in a long ponytail, blue-green eyes and strong facial features, which include a well defined jaw line. Inoichi wore the standard flak jacket over a black outfit, complete with hand-guards, forehead protector and a sleeveless red coat.

"They don't seem to eat at all so they surely can't be human. Maybe it's some type of jutsu created by the Yondaime Hokage to protect them. He did ask that the jinchuriki were to be seen as a hero. He must have created a backup plan should anyone decided to ignore his wish." Choza Akimichi pulled out a small bag of chips and ate. Choza has long red hair and has markings on his cheeks, with the latter being a common trait in the Akimichi clan. He wears a samurai like outfit which entails a black suit completed with armor that has the kanji for "food" on it. He also wears a rope belt, hand-guards, and instead of a forehead protector, a hachimaki tied around his head.

"I say we gather a few of our best men and destroy those things before they do become a threat to Konoha. Maybe from there we'll be able to analyze whether or not it's a jutsu. If it is a jutsu then we could re-create this jutsu for Konoha to use." Fugaku Uchiha slammed his fist down to further his point on the situation. Fugaku had short, black hair and onyx eyes, with visible creases below them made more pronounced whenever he adopted a stern look. He wore a simple kimono with grey pants which had the clan's symbol on the back.

"And what will happen if the retaliate? Firstly we don't know anything about these creatures yet you want to run in head first. That's just asking for death no matter how you see it. We don't even know what their truly capable of besides like Shibi stated; I think its best that we leave them alone." Hiruzen Sarutobi placed his pipe on the edge of the desk as he exhaled smoke from his mouth. Hiruzen was described as an elder man with grey hair, several wrinkles and very few liver-spots. He wore the Hokage's gear which consist of the customary hat and cloak, which he wore over a red, full-length gown that was tied using a white sash.

"Perhaps we could learn about what they are through observation. We could have a group monitor as much as we can about it. Homura Mitokado was curious as to what the robed figures were. Homura is depicted with grey hair, a beard, glasses as well as a constant frown that he's always worn, even in his youth. He also has a strong jaw-line a facial structure he has retained even in his old age. As a member of the Konoha Council, he wears similar garbs to those that Hiruzen would when acting in his capacity as Hokage.

"Homura is right; we could have someone observe the nature of these things. Maybe they could be beneficial for Konoha later on." Koharu Utatane sat deep in thought. Koharu is described as an elder woman with her hair is pulled back in a twin bun locked by a traditional Japanese hair pin with two pearls dangling off the side. As a member of the Konoha Council, Koharu wears a simple long kimono, closed by an obi, a jacket, and a sash over it. Koharu has also taken to squinting, barely opening her eyes at any point in time.

"That's the only thing we could do right now unless you have a death wish. The death of our three chuunins is proof that they are indeed skilled. The fact that they took out three chuunins in seconds is a little surprising. If we could get them to work for us then Konoha will only rise to greatness. They could take on any assassination missions and complete them flawlessly. No one would suspect who sent them except us that is." Danzo Shimura could see many uses for these ghostly figures. Danzo appeared as an old frail man, who would normally walk with a cane. He had black shaggy hair, and his right eye is kept bandaged. Danzo has had an x-shaped scar on his chin ever since his youth. He wore a white shirt, with a brown robe over top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder.

"Well those things are defending the demon so it's a threat to Konoha. They're probably helping the demon regain its power so it could take revenge on Konoha." Jun Haruno slammed her fist down on the table much like Fugaku had done minutes ago. Jun has long and wavy pink hair, emerald eyes, full lips, and a beauty mark located under the right side of her mouth. She is well-known for her curvaceous figure; her most distinctive feature of it is her very large breasts. She was currently wearing a pink Kimono and black sandals.

"Haruno-san, what do you possible know about fuinjutsu that gives you the right to decided whether or not the boy is a demon? Besides I'm sure the Yondaime's seal is perfectly working unless you doubt the power of the Yondaime Hokage that is." Unkai Kurama watched as Jun grew frustrated. Unkai was described as an elder man with light brown hair, brown eyes, and several wrinkles on his forehead. He wore simple grey traditional robes.

"Oh course I don't doubt Minato-kun's seal but what if he made a mistake when doing the sealing procedure. We weren't there when he sealed the Kyuubi plus we were in a dire situation. He had to do some type of rushed job on the seal thus giving the demon a chance to take over the infant's body."

"I was there Haruno-san and Minato didn't do a rushed job on Naruto. The seal he used was stronger than the one he used on Kushina so you don't have to worry about Kyuubi breaking free." Hiruzen's statement caught the attention of everyone which he noticed. "Kyuubi has been in Konoha for years which most of you are unaware of. Our first host was Mito Uzumaki followed by Kushina. We never had a problem regarding Kyuubi until the attack 2 weeks ago. Apparently an outside source broke the seal holding Kyuubi thus leading to the attack. While I'm not sure as to who broke the seal, I do know for a fact that the Kyuubi did not break the seal on its own. Since Minato didn't arrive immediately to seal Kyuubi, I think it's safe to say that whoever broke the seal was on the same level as Minato in terms of power and possibly speed." The room went silent after hearing this. The thought of someone on par with Minato was scary to say the least.

"As if I'd believe that story Hokage-sama, no offense but I still believe Kyuubi broke free on its own. The Kyuubi is the strongest demon in existence anyway. Also why weren't we told about the demon whore?" Jin Mishima hated Kushina after what he did to him in the academy. He hated the tom-boy with every fiber in his body. Jin is a civilian council member and owner of a large business.

"It looks like someone can't let go of the past Mishima-chan. You're just mad because of that ass kicking Kushina gave you and your older brother." Tsume chuckled as she thought back to the time Kushina got her nickname Red Hot-Blooded Habanero. Images of a tomato of a girl brutally beating down several guys or more likely the entire class caused a few others to laugh while the others scowled at that memory. Jun on the other hand sneered when she heard that name.

"That whirlpool whore stole Minato-kun just when I was about to get my hands on him. I had him wrapped around my fingers. You should have seen how I handled the Yellow flash in the academy. I rode him until he was unconscious." Jun thought back to her sex memories with Minato. She had managed to convince him to allow her to experiment with him in sex. While they weren't in any relationship, Jun was slowly making her way to doing just that but then Kushina came along and stole his heart. After that, their little sexual experimentation ended leaving Jun bitter towards Kushina. Minato was such a nice guy and a once in a life time type of person. It was because of his personality that she was able to get him to agree with their sexual acts.

"Well Jun-san, you're not the only one that fucked the yellow flash." All attention went to Tsume who was grinning. "I showed him the meaning behind doggy-style if you know what I mean." Tsume couldn't help but widen her smile at her sexual memories. That smile soon faded when she thought about Kushina stealing his heart. "Still I wish I made a move before Kushina did. I would have fucked the guy until he had many legacies instead of dying without a single one. I wonder who Kushina had children by anyway."

"Someone she met on a mission" Hiruzen quickly answered that so no one would suspect that Minato had quadruplets one of them being Kyuubi's container. He could list everyone who knew about Naruto's father with both hands. There was him of course, Jiraiya since Minato was like a son to him, Shikaku due to his intelligence, and finally the three advisors Homura, Koharu, and Danzo which he didn't know how they figured it out. Still he was glad that they kept that information a secret. The others seemed to buy it and Hiruzen was glad about that. "Anyway is there anything else you all wish to discuss?" Jun raised her hand the replied.

"Hokage-sama I believe the siblings should be moved into a different home. There's an old abandoned compound on the outskirts of Konoha that will be just fine. With those things around, we don't know what could happen. They could very well be helping the Kyuubi escape. I for one don't feel comfortable with them being this close to the general population." The council members agreed seeing as it did make sense. No one knew who the creatures were protecting. Hiruzen thought about it for a few seconds. On one hand, the siblings would be safer away from the general population since he would be away but on the other hand, he wouldn't be able to watch their building from his office. After thinking about the pros and cons, he decided to do just that since the pros outweigh the cons.

"Very well I will move the siblings to the compound after it's deemed safe enough to move them in." While he said this, he was mentally thinking, 'I guess moving them into their family's compound won't be such a bad idea after all.' He returned his attention to the council members. "Very well you are all dismissed." He rose from his seat and walked towards the building with the intent to move them into their parent's compound.

Hiruzen walked out the towers with an anbu squad following behind him. Unlike the Hokage who had no ill will towards the infants thus had confidence that he wouldn't be harmed, the anbu squad did have some concern since they did to a small degree had a dislike towards the Kyuubi jinchuriki. The thought of going near the building made them nervous. Despite the nervous feeling they felt, they would still put their life on the line if it means protecting the Hokage. "Anbu I'm fine on my own, I want you all to go ahead and check on the compound. Set up a room for them as soon as possible." The anbu members turned towards Hiruzen who seemed deep into thought. Hiruzen dismissed them with a hand gesture when he felt their presence still behind him. They all went to begin their task while the Hokage went to retrieve the infants.

Hiruzen walked to the apartment and entered it without any problems as expected. He made a few shadow clones as on the way to the infant's room to assist him in the moving process. He wanted to end this procedure as fast as he could. Upon entry to the rooms, he walked over to the four identical cribs where three girls and one boy slept. The girls all had red straight hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. The boy on the other hand had blonde spiky hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. The girls took after their mother of course while Naruto was a carbon copy of Minato. He wouldn't be surprised if people started connecting the dots if they were intelligent enough that is.

"Alright little ones it's time for a move in location." Hiruzen along with his clones grabbed the infants placing them in small orange blankets, wrapped them comfortably in the blankets, and then left the building. He glanced back to find the masked figures right behind him looking as intimidating as ever. Just the sight of them unlevered the "god of shinobi". Never in his life did he encounter anything like them and that was saying a lot for a man in his 50s. His attention went ahead when he noticed the presence of civilians nearby. The people that saw these flying masked figures moved away from them not that no one could blame them. Hiruzen increased his pace until he arrived at the designated area.

Several of his anbu members were seen leaving the largest building so he knew which building to place the infant. Hiruzen went into the building and into the infants room where he found four cribs set up right next to each other with name tags. Hiruzen matched each baby with the name tag as he placed them into their cribs. He was glad that each blanket had their names on it so that when he wrapped them up before bringing them over, he didn't lost track as to who each infant were. While he was able to separate Naruto and Naruko for obvious reasons, it was easy to mix up the other two. Naruko had a large seal on her stomach which was the seal Minato used to keep Kyuubi contained.

As to why he placed Kyuubi into one of his daughters instead of his son, someone from another village had tried to kidnap Naruto during the Kyuubi attack. Because Minato wasn't able to locate Naruto plus he didn't have any time to spare, he grabbed one of his daughters to seal the beast. Naruto was later found in the hands of an unknown shinobi leaving the village. He was immediately caught and interrogated. During interrogation time, he activated a seal that wiped his entire mind out and killed him thus no information as to who he was or his village associations were discovered. Hiruzen found himself staring at Naruko with sadness.

'Kushina, what happened to you?' Hiruzen still couldn't figure out why Kushina went into a coma. He supposed it was better than her dying thus leaving the children alone to fend for themselves. Once she awoke from her coma, she would be able to raise her children. 'I wish Tsunade didn't leave because she would have been able to fix this issue. Not only that but I'll need her to teach Konoha's next generation of medic Nins.' Hiruzen rubbed the bridge of his nose as he figured out what he should do next. Personally he didn't want to be Hokage anymore after he had a taste of retirement but there was nothing he could do about it. He had a village to help recover. That Kyuubi attack chopped down his forces greatly in record time too.

'I could somewhat understand how Oniki felt when Minato butchered his men in seconds. The feeling of uselessness is unbearable. Konoha has never been this weakened before but then again there's a first to everything.' He smiled at the infants and waved at each one of them before walking back out the building. As he walked out the building, his eyes caught a few movements to find several masked figures watching his every move. 'Security's tight around here when it comes to the infants. I guess that's a good thing for them. Still I think it would be a good idea to warn my shinobi about coming up here. The last thing I need is for the council members to be in my ear about some foolish shinobi dying in attempt to reach the Uzumaki siblings. This will only fuel their desire to get rid of them.' He went back towards the kage towers to create some letters for all his shinobi and fight with paperwork. He was sure the pile of evil creatures had reached the ceiling by now.

"Master the Uzumaki infants have been relocated to the outskirts of Konoha. Right now they're being protected by masked figures with the ability to fly."

"Yes it would seem that those things have great skills plus assassination skills if you count the fact that none of them makes a sound."

"That's good to know Zetsu, is there anything else you would like to inform me about like the results of the Kyuubi attack?" Zetsu is easily distinguished by two large Venus fly-traps like extensions that envelop his head and upper body, giving him a plant-like appearance. When his extensions are open and his head is visible, it is revealed that Zetsu has short green hair, yellow eyes, and that his body has two different colored halves. His left side is completely white and the right side black with small white dots along his body. The black color doesn't extend all the way down Zetsu's body, as his feet are both white.

"Yes it would appear that Konoha has taken a large amount of damage from your attack sir. The amount of shinobi power has been reduced greatly. They'll need several years trying to recover from this thus allowing you to make a few moves here and there."

"One the side note, Konoha is in a weakened condition as the other villages. All in all if we were to start collecting tailed beasts now, things would be too easy. It's too bad we're not collecting them right now because I'm sure things will only get complicated later on."

"Don't worry about that Zetsu; I'll have a solution for that already. What we need are more subordinates for Akatsuki. I want you to seek out any strong individuals worthy enough to join Akatsuki. We can't have weaklings in our group now can we?"

"Of course not, we'll find such a worthy ally for you master."

"Just give us some time and we'll complete your task." The two halves sank into the floor completely leaving the mysterious figure alone. The mysterious figure stepped into dim lights revealing his appearance. He was described as a tall figure reaching 6' 2". He had short black spiky hair, and orange, swirl-pattern mask covering his face. The only thing visible was one of his eyes which were red with three tomoe, characteristics of the sharingan. He wore black robes with red clouds on various parts of the robe and black sandals. The mysterious person walked over to a large table and sat down to view a large map lying across the table. His lone sharingan eye landed on 6 marks located on the map the trailed down to a small list.

Jinchuriki locations:

Kyuubi- Konoha

Hachibi- Kumo

Nibi- Kumo

Shukaku- Suna

Gobi- Iwa

Yonbi- Iwa

'Soon I will find the location for all the tailed beast then they will be mine for the taken. No one will stop me from obtaining what is rightfully mine. All your efforts to prevent me from gaining Kyuubi will be for nothing Minato Namikaze.' He winced in pain then proceeded to bring his left arm to the area his right arm used to be before Minato drilled it off with a rasengan. Just the thought of someone managing to not only injure him but severely injuring him made the sharingan user angry. 'How dare that mortal touch a god like me with those filthy hands? If it wasn't for the accursed seal placed on me, I would have killed all his children except the container.' He clenched his fist in fury. Minato's rasengan not only ripped his arm off of damaged not only the chakra pathways in his right side but a few tenketsu as well. He would need several years of healing before he was able to recover fully.

"I'll make you pay Minato, I'LL MAKE YOU REGRET TOUCHING ME EVER." He soon broke out in a crazed laugh at the thought of making Minato suffer somehow. The only way was through his family being his kids. Since he could affect them directly, he would make them suffer indirectly. Since they were living in Konoha filled with people that hate them, he would be able to make a few moves here and there. He would make their life a living hell no matter what. Little did he know was that his action would cause a great deal of change. Whether that change was good or bad, only with time would one be able to tell.

7 years later

"I-Itachi you traitor, you won't ack-" Itachi watched as his kinsmen dropped along with his severed head without a hint of remorse. His mangekyo sharingan scanned his surroundings as he quietly moved along the uchiha compound passing various kunai, shurikens, and dead bodies on the way. Seeing his dead clansmen on the floor didn't bother Itachi one bit. He had single goal in mind and it was to wipe out all of the Uchiha clan except one being his younger brother Sasuke. Sasuke would live his life as an avenger with a single goal to kill him. Several blurs caught his attention but he didn't react to the presence of them at all. 'It would seem that ROOT works fast when it comes to assassination but then again Danzo wouldn't expect any less from his men.'

Itachi made his way to his compound with his sword gripped tightly in his hand. A small smile made it to his face when he sensed two large chakra signatures waiting inside. He knew very well who those two chakra signatures were and anticipated a large battle up ahead. He walked inside where he was greeted to the sight of his kaachan and Otousan both holding swords. Fugaku sneered at Itachi as he entered the compound.

"So you betrayed your clan for what, money, power, what is it? Why would you turn your back on us Itachi when we not only raised you but helped you achieve greatness? Without us YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN NOTHING. Now you're just a cold blooded murderer who would kill his family. To think my son would be so low as to kill an unborn infant sickens me to no ends." He gripped his sword as Itachi stared impassively at him.

"I haven't killed any infants Otousan and there aren't any infants in the Uchiha clan anymore. You prevented that when you were busy preparing for a coup d'├ętat. If I remembered correctly, you wanted to make sure all kunoichi were prepared at any moment thus you made sure none of them had gotten pregnant." Fugaku scoffed at the teen in front of him then proceeded to do something that shocked Itachi to the core and forced him to make quick adjustments to his plan. He formed a ram hand seal then sent a chakra pulse canceling the genjutsu around Mikoto revealing that she was indeed pregnant.

"When you started acting funny towards the clan, I decided to create a better Uchiha member so I one of the Uchiha's best doctors to take half of Kushina's egg to fuse with half of Mikoto's egg. Once the fusion was complete, I used Minato's sperm to fertilize the egg before placing it into Mikoto thus creating the ultimate Uchiha member unless you kill her and the small girl inside her. Go ahead Itachi kill little Chiyo Uchiha won't you." Itachi rolled his eyes at his pitiful attempt to save Mikoto not that he would kill her anyways. He knew she wasn't a part of the coup d'├ętat so she was innocent. He would have simply knocked her out but not anymore.

"Kaachan please leave the room unless you want to risk the baby's life." Mikoto dropped the sword and walked over to Itachi before placing a small kiss on his forehead.

"Thank you sochi" She walked into the basement of the building leaving her husband and her son alone. Itachi's full attention went to the traitor in front of him and mentally prepared to fight.

"Now it's just you and me Otousan. Let's see who's the strongest between the two of us." With that being said, the two charged at each other with their swords.

While Itachi and Fugaku was fighting each other using swords, a lone Akatsuki figure was seen near the Uzumaki compound scanning the entire complex with his lone sharingan eye. He scanned the different masked figures as he estimated how many of them were protecting the Uzumaki brats. Once he counted the amount of ghostly figures protecting them, he went back to retrieve his pawns to get rid of them. By eliminating the guards would allow anyone from Konoha to harm the Uzumaki siblings without any problems. He would make sure their will was completely broken with the amount of emotional and physical abuse they would face. Maybe there would be rape later on in the female's face. While he couldn't harm them himself, he would use pawns to bring harm to them. His hand went to his chest where a small seal was located. It was a constant reminder that he wasn't allowed to harm or touch the kids directly. His fist clenched in furry once more at the reminder but he soon shook it off before heading over to a few individuals under the affects of his sharingan.

"Eliminate the guards now with the intent to kill."

The Akatsuki member watched as 60 shinobi under his control ran over to the compound with killing intent. The guards quickly reacted as soon as their killing intent was sensed. The guards decapitate the first 9 members of the group with ease. This gave the others an opportunity to strike but they didn't. 30 members grabbed onto the 9 guards then used chakra to hold them down while the other members went through several hand seals before calling out the jutsu that would no doubt kill them and the guards.

Shiki Fujin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal)

The Akatsuki member watched with glee as his pawns gave their lives to the death god to destroy the guards completely. What he didn't expect was for the Shinigami to turn around and slash through his body. While it didn't kill him, it caused in extreme pain.

"Since they were under your control, the controller of the caster will suffer as well but you won't be killed. You will lose 25% of your overall power for now but next time you summon me, you will lose double what you loss meaning 50% of whatever power you have at the time. As to what happen if you summon me the third time, let's just say you and I will have a long talk Madara Uchiha." The Shinigami faded away leaving Madara in pain. He cursed inwardly for not anticipating that but at least he knew not to use that jutsu again. Now all he had to do was tell a few shinobi about the defenseless siblings and sit back and relax. He winced in pain as he swirled out of existence via teleportation.

Itachi jumped back to avoid a fatal sword swipe from his father. While he didn't show it outwardly, he was impressed with his father's abilities with a sword. He jumped from the side of the wall using chakra and towards Fugaku with the intent to decapitate him. Fugaku ducked allowing his son to sail over him without harm. As Itachi sailed over his head, he swung his sword to slice Itachi's front but Itachi quickly reacted by raising his blade thus allowing the weapons to scrape against each other. Itachi swung his body so that his feet were turned towards the floor then rotated in mid air so that he was facing his Otousan once more.

Fugaku charged at Itachi as he applied chakra to his legs. Once he was within a certain distance from Itachi, he jumped forward and swung his blade down with as much strength as he could muster. Itachi blocked the strike but almost loss grip of his weapon. He managed to keep the weapon in his hand as he pushed off Fugaku attack. Both sharingan users separated from each other before staring each other down for possible weaknesses. The atmosphere was much tensed to say the least.

"It would seem that you're skills hasn't rusted out too much Otousan but I should have never believed someone as arrogant as you would allow your skills to diminish." Fugaku rolled his eyes at the arrogance in front of him.

"Why would I head of the Uchiha clan would allow my skills to slip away? You never know when you need that skills especially in a world filled with shinobi. Not only that but fighting is in our blood. We are elite fighters with powers beyond anyone else. Konoha rightfully belongs to the Uchiha clan and no one else's. I should be running this village instead of that old monkey. The Uchiha clan deserves better treatment than what we're receiving." Itachi could only shake his head.

"You're still as arrogant as ever Otousan. It is that type of thinking that led the clan to its current situation." Fugaku glared at the brat in front of him.

"After I kill you little traitor, the Uchiha clan will take what rightfully belong to us now prepare to die." Fugaku charged at Itachi once more and their battle continued.

"Hey guys that Akatsuki guy said this door didn't have any seals on it. Apparently it's the door the Sandaime Hokage uses to access the building. Since he already took care of the guards, all we have to do is kill the demon whore and her siblings. I'm sure the demon has influence on their minds."Long Inuzuka turned towards the group of men that volunteered to help get rid of Konoha's demon. Long was described as a man with messy brown hair, sharp black eyes with vertical slit-like pupils, pronounced canine teeth, and nails that he can change into claws. He also has the distinct red fang markings of the Inuzuka clan on his cheeks. His clothes consist of the standard Konoha shinobi outfit.

Long stared at the door ahead of him with pure hatred in his eyes. He would finally get revenge on Kyuubi for what he did to him. Because of the Kyuubi, his chakra network was damaged resulting in several unfortunate things for him. First he lost his position as Konoha jounin since he was no longer able to keep up with certain requirements in Konoha. He skipped past chuunin and into the ranks of genin indicating how severe the damage was. Things got worse when his wife Tsume had replaced him as clan head due to the fact that she was now considered stronger than him. The thought of a female stronger than him infuriated him. He believed a clan should be run by male only. It was this kind of thinking that placed a strain on his relationship with her. He of course blamed the Kyuubi for his relationship problem as well.

Long's head went down in shame when he thought about his son Kiba. His son would never look up to him the way he wanted him to unless he did something worth talking about like killing the demon once and for all. By killing the demon, he would be his son's idol for many years to come. Not only would that happen but Konoha would see him as a hero for finishing off Kyuubi once and for all. The Inuzuka clan would place him as clan head once more thus restoring balance. Long turned towards a group of chuunins he managed to gather. "Alright guys we have a demon to slay once and for all." The group walked over to the door, opened it, and walked in with their weapons drawn. Long sniffed the air a few times to find four scents in different direction. He turned towards the group of 30 behind him to give them the locations as to where they were. "Alright guys the demon and the others are split up into different parts of the house. My plan is to have 7 for the demon siblings while 8 of us attack the demon itself thus giving us enough power. I'll head with the group that has 8 members while everyone else quickly decides or we'll lose the element of surprise." Once that was said, the group members quickly decided based on skills they had to offer. The strongest would fight the demon while the others would fight the siblings. Once they were separated into groups, the group went into four different directions.

Group one

Group one led by Long made their way to the kitchen where Long had picked up on a large fox scent. He knew instantly who the scent belongs and since the fox scent was stronger in the direction he was heading, he knew it had to be the fox. The closer he got to his target, the more adrenaline pumped into his veins. The thoughts of shredding the demon into pieces played over and over in his mind. Subconsciously his hand went to the area Kyuubi's tail pierced him. This was the reason why his network was a mess. When Kyuubi's tail penetrated him, a large amount of demon chakra leaked into his system. His fist clenched as he thought about the incident that ruined his life.

"Sir how close is we to the demon?" Long didn't have to answer the question when they walked into the kitchen to find their target Naruko eating ramen. When Naruko's eyes landed on the group in front of her wielding all sorts of weapons, she screamed.


Group two


Group two flinched when they heard the girl's voice penetrate through the house. By then they knew group one had found their target and was most likely attacking here. They increased their speed towards their second target to start their fun as well. What they didn't expect was the door in front of them flying open revealing their target with a frantic look on his face. Naruto easily recognize his sister's voice and which one as well. As soon as his eyes landed on the group in front of him and more specifically their weapons, his mind began to race at the possibilities as to what was going on. The worst scenario came to his mind and before he knew it, his body reacted by entering battle phase. The group members watched as the boy's boy turned into pure chakra before vanishing. Group 2 didn't know what hit them as their heads slid from their necks completely.

Group three


Natsumi ran to the door when she heard her sister's cry. Her sisterly reaction was to see what was going on with her older sister and comfort her in any way she could. It was the least she could do since her older brother and sister were always making sure her and Natsuki were ok. As soon as she opened the door, she felt something struck her neck and hard. Her vision went black as her eyes rolled back. The group members that stood by the door all grabbed her and started dragging her body across the floor. A few members of the group stomped on her head drawing blood from the young red head girl while a few others tossed a few kunai in her body not wanting to wait any longer for revenge. They wanted to see this girl suffer as much as they could before killing her.

They dragged and beat her body on down the hall and stopped when an angry chakra humanoid form appeared in front of them. Just like what happened to group one and two, Naruto quickly cut their heads off without a hint of remorse. They had harmed his sister and he was going to make sure they suffered. It was then Naruko made an appearance to find her sister bleeding on the floor. She ran over to her side and began healing her as she removed the weapons from her body. Tears streamed from her eyes as she wondered why they would do such a thing to her. She placed her sister's head in her lap and stroked her hair and prayed that her younger sister Natsuki was ok.

A large amount of killing intent followed by an explosion made Naruko very nervous as to what was going on. The killing intent made it hard for her to breathe as well as Natsumi. She never felt anything so vile in her life before until now. What could have possibly produced such a vile feeling was beyond her. Her heart began pumping faster and sweat poured from her face. Her blue eyes darted left and right as if looking for some type of escape. She just wanted to escape this feeling as quickly as she could away from the killing intent. The killing intent stopped immediately allowing her to regain her composure. Naruko soon noticed her fast beating heart and her heavy breathing.

'What was that?' That was the main question that was on her mind. 'Who can produce something like that other than Naruko's chakra? Not even Naruko's chakra felt this scary at that time.' Soon another thought crossed her mind. 'What happened to Natsuki and Naruto?' When she remembered seeing Natsumi in her current state, morbid thoughts went through her mind. Those morbid thoughts however went away when Naruto appeared in front of her holding Natsuki's bleeding neck.

"Imouto please heal her or she'll die." Naruko ran over to Natsuki's form and began healing her starting with the large slash across the neck. She poured most of her chakra to seal it up first to prevent her imouto from dying. Once it was sealed shut, she went over it to ensure that it was properly healed. At least she was out of danger of dying though. Naruto watched with trembling hands as Naruko healed Natsumi. His sisters were hurt under his care and that was unforgivable. How did they pass the phantom guards that protected them as long as he remembered? Usually they were seen throughout the house but not today. If the recent attack was anything to go by then he would have guessed that they faded away after a certain time of someone had managed to destroy them. Either way, if they were no longer here to protect them then his siblings were in danger unless he activated Master seal core in the center of the clan compound. By doing so would prevent anyone outside of their family from entering.

He glanced down the hall to find several dead bodies lying down without their heads. Seeing them in his home showed how unprotected they were. He was glad that most of them were chuunins and genins otherwise his siblings could have died by now. Just the thought of losing his little siblings put Naruto on the edge. He would activate the seal right now before any other attempts were made. There was also a roof damage that needed to be fixed but he was sure the seals found throughout the house would do the trick. With fuinjutsu, anything was possible and I mean anything. Naruto made a mental note to continue his learning with fuinjutsu for future purposes and up his training to inhuman levels. He would make sure no more harm came to his sisters as long as he lived. He would endure pain himself if it meant saving his sister from it.

'From this day forth, I will get stronger to protect you guys.'

"In the end, I came out victorious Otousan. I guess this is the end of the line." Itachi swung his sword to decapitate the head of the Uchiha clan. Fugaku watched as the sword glide towards his neck before dying by decapitation. His head dropped onto the floor and rolled over to Itachi's feet. Itachi glance at the head with smile on his face before masking it with a blank expression when he sensed a familiar chakra signature.

"Aniki, everyone is dead! Who killed them Aniki?" Itachi turned around to face his panicking brother with an impassive face. While he didn't portrait any emotion on the outside, he was sad as to what he would have to do next. He mentally shook away any doubt in his mind so he could complete his personal task. By the time he was finished with Sasuke, Sasuke would become an avenger of the Uchiha clan with a personal goal to kill him in order to avenge the Uchiha clan thus making him a hero to Konoha. Not only that but Sasuke would lead the Uchiha clan to greatness unlike their Otousan and he was confident that he would do just that. Itachi closed his eyes for a brief moment then opened it revealing his mangekyo sharingan once more.


Sasuke's body froze completely as his mind torture session at the hands of his older brother began. The genjutsu torture session lasted seconds in the real world but 72 hours in genjutsu world. This was one of Itachi's most powerful genjutsu in his arsenal. There were rumors that this technique was able to kill someone by shutting someone's brain and body function off being both automatic and manual motor functions. That added more fear to the Uchiha clan seeing as the sharingan was the only one capable of using the technique. Several shinobi tried to replicate the jutsu but they failed horribly or crated a watered down version of the technique. Once the torture was over, Sasuke dropped on the floor having witnessed members of his clan die in front of him.

Itachi watched as his brother broke down and cried as he twitched on the floor. As soon as Sasuke had control over his legs once more, he stood up and ran out the door inflicting more emotional pain to Itachi but it must be done in order to put Sasuke on the path of an avenger.

"I DON'T WANNA DIE" Sasuke cried as he distance himself from the compound as fast as he could. He didn't want to be near his murderous brother. Tears streamed down his face as he continued running hoping to get away soon. As soon as he turned the next corner, he spot Itachi right in front of him with an impassive look on his face.

"W-why did you do i-it Aniki? Sasuke was both scared and confused as to why his brother would slaughter their clan without remorse. This didn't sound like the Itachi he had come to known. Itachi was the clan's pride and glory yet here he was killing the clan he brought fame and glory to. Something just wasn't making sense here.

Itachi stared him in the eye as if he was about to say something scary. He quickly thought of an excuse he would use to anger his brother and help create an avenger. He soon came up with one. "I was testing my skills as en elite shinobi of the Uchiha clan. I wanted to see where my skills were so I challenged to entire Uchiha clan. The Uchiha clan was considered elite warriors but I guess that was all a lie after all. The Uchiha clan is nothing compared to my powers. I guess they were all hype and no action after all." Sasuke stared at his brother in disbelief.

"Y-you mean to tell me, that you did all this to test your skills?"

"Hai" Itachi's face remained neutral as he answered Sasuke's question.

"I'LL KILL YOU" Sasuke's fear was replaced by pure anger at what he was hearing. His anger clouds his judgment thus leading him to charging at Itachi forgetting that Itachi was miles ahead of him in terms of skills and experiences. Itachi swiftly took him down bringing him out his fit of rage. Once Sasuke regained his composure, it was then he remembered Itachi's skills in the anbu. Fear etched on his face as he rose. He didn't run like he did last time knowing he would be able to outrun him. Itachi was just too fast so there was no point in running.

"You're too pitiful to kill Sasuke so I will let you live. Cling onto your life Sasuke and savor your hatred for me. You will be the clan's avenger so train hard until you're on my level. Also come with me when you have eyes like this. In order to get eyes like these, you must take the life of your best friend. Make sure to check up on your mother in the basement Sasuke." Itachi's dispersed into several crows which flew off as they faded. Once Itachi was gone from sight, Sasuke ran back home to check on his kaachan. He wanted to make sure she was indeed alive. Just the thought of his kaachan alive gave Sasuke a little hope. He ignored everything else around him as he made his way to his home.

He dashed through the doors passing his Otousan's body. There was nothing he could do about that at all. He went to the basement where he indeed found his kaachan sitting in the corner of the room rubbing her swollen stomach. Having learned about pregnancy, the small hope he had rose at the thought of a sibling. Sasuke ran over to her and gently hugged her to avoid any harm to his sibling then cried into her shoulders. Mikoto rubbed Sasuke's back to comfort him already having an idea as to what he went through. "It's ok Sasuke, everything will be fine."

"Hokage-sama there was several chakra spikes in the direction of the Uzumaki compound. Some of the chakra levels were close to the ones 7 years ago." Hiruzen smoked his pipe as he thought about his next course of actions. He was sure the guards would protect the siblings as well but still it would be a good idea to investigate what happened and who possibly died. He was brought from his thoughts when anbu appeared in front of him.

"Hokage-sama the guards that were seen around the compound are gone and there were at least 30 shinobi with seals on their stomach similar to the one Minato had after sealing the Kyuubi no kitsune." As soon as those words left his mouth, Hiruzen vanished in a swirl of leaves. The anbu Nin and the sensor Nin went straight over to where the bodies were which they were sure their Hokage would be there as well. Just as they predicted, Hiruzen was standing over the bodies scanning each seals with keen eyes. The pipe was all but gone so they knew he was in serious mode right now.

Hiruzen scanned each seal twice to confirm that these shinobi had indeed used the Shiki Fujin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal) just as he feared but the question was how. Not many people knew how to perform the jutsu due to the fact that he had placed it in the forbidden scroll due to its nature. The Shiki Fujin was a seal created by the Uzumaki clan which they gained through the alliance with Uzushiogakure and Konoha. The Uzumaki clan had left details about the jutsu leaving out nothing so they knew what they were dealing with. Just the thought of summoning the Shinigami made Hiruzen shudder. By summoning the Shinigami for a sealing service, the caster of the jutsu would lose his soul to the Shinigami.

Still to think that 30 shinobi learned how to use the Shiki Fujin was disturbing. He knew it was the seal after studying it after Minato's death. He thought it was a good idea to learn the jutsu should something similar to the Kyuubi attack occurs. He wanted to make sure he was prepared for anything any time. Hiruzen made a mental note to check on the forbidden scroll once he got back to the towers. He would make sure it was more secured. These men must have read the scroll in order for them to learn the jutsu. Hiruzen was brought from his thoughts when several anbu Nins appeared.

"Hokage-sama there's a barrier around the Uzumaki compound preventing any entry."

"Hokage-sama, the Uchiha clan has been wiped out sir except Mikoto, her unborn child, and Sasuke Uchiha sir. They told us that Itachi killed him them on his own sir."

"Hokage-sama, Kushina has awoken from her coma sir and she's requesting your presence."

Hiruzen rubbed the bridge of his nose as he thought about what he would do first. It was times like this that he cursed Minato for dying forcing him to retake the seat as Hokage. Sometimes he wished he did the sealing of the Kyuubi instead of Minato. "I want anbu to protect the last of the Uchiha clan right now. Anbu I want you all to follow me to Kushina's room. The barrier will keep out all intruders so there's no point in trying to get through. The barrier will only allow a member of the Uzumaki clan to enter so they'll be safe. I'll deal with the Uchiha members as soon as I'm finished talking to Kushina. It's been 7 years since she went into a coma." The anbu answered in a series of "Hai" before taking off to complete their task.

'So it would seem that Homura, Danzo, and Koharu went ahead with their plan.' He narrowed his eyes dangerously. 'I hope they know what they did will have serious consequences later down the line. They need to think before acting more.' He could already feel a growing headache. 'If Sasuke ends up anything like Fugaku, he'll be a pain in the ass later on. Why must you curse me so much Minato?' He sighed in frustration as he made his way to the hospital.

Hiruzen walked into the hospital and into an isolated area where he kept Kushina. As he made his way there, thoughts drifted through his mind as to why Kushina awoke from her coma today of all reason when the guards were killed and a possible attack on the siblings were made. Did the chakra spike have some type of reaction on her body or did was there a certain amount of time she required to heal? Right now that did matter to him at all. The only thing that mattered right now was the fact that Kushina was awaked from her coma. He would finally get to unite mother and children together after 7 years. She would be able to raise her kids into fine shinobi. The more he thought about it, the more Hiruzen wanted to see her.

He opened the door with a wide smile on his face but that smile soon faded away once he felt the aura radiating from her. It wasn't the same happy aura that radiated from her that he was so used to but something along the lines of dark and cold. Seeing her face made him flinch outwardly. Her eyes were ice cold like glacier and there were no smiles on her face. Kushina turned towards Hiruzen like a predator to a prey. "Hello Hokage-sama, are you here to explain why my daughter Natsumi was attacked by your shinobi or did you come here to eliminate the threat of Konoha?"

Hiruzen by now was completely confused as to what she was talking about. "Kushina-san what do you mean attack on your daughter?" Before he could continue speaking his mind, killing intent flooded the area. Leaf anbu appeared by the Hokage's side ready to defend him.

"Don't lie to me Hiruzen; I know for a fact that my babies were attacked today. I have a small weak connection with my children so I was able to gather bits of information here and there. If it wasn't for Naruto then my daughters could have been killed in this village. The fact that they were harmed upsets me dearly Hiruzen and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to be angry now do you." The air grew heavy with killing intent causing the anbu to sweat. Just as they thought she was about to do something, the killing intent went away in place of the cheery one Hiruzen was use to. "Alright give me a pair of crutches so I could see my babies. Mommy can't be away from her babies any longer."

Hiruzen motioned for anbu to retrieve a pair of crutches which Kushina took as she leaned up. She moved her legs off the ground so that they were dangling over the floor then allowed her body to slide forward making sure her crutches were angled a certain way. Once she was off her bed, Kushina's smile widened as she thought about meeting her special children for the first time. She slowly channeled chakra to her legs to strengthen her legs slightly just enough so that she could place her feet onto the floor. Once they did reach the floor, she took a few minutes to move her legs around to get use to walking once more. Within the next 20 minutes, she was limping without the aid of her crutches. Hiruzen and the others couldn't help but be amazed at how fast she recovered. But then again all the members of the Uzumaki clan had incredible healing abilities. None of them ever got sick before and they lived much longer than the average human. Some of them reached up to 500 years old before dying of natural age.

"Alright I'm ready to go Hokage-san." Kushina's voice snapped Hiruzen from his thoughts. He nods his head before leading Kushina out of the hospital with anbu in tow. He would make sure Kushina made it home safely without any problems at all. On the way to the Uzumaki compound, Hiruzen noticed various glares from various individuals both shinobi and civilians alike. It would seem that no one forgot the tomato or Red Hot-Blooded Habanero especially those she humiliated during the academy. He glanced over to see how Kushina was holding up but it would seem that she was obvious to the looks she was receiving right now. She was probably thinking about her children right now not that he could blame her.

"Hey guys isn't that the demon tomato?"

"Yeah I recognize that woman anywhere. She beat me and my brother up. The worst part was she was an academy student like me while my brother was a genin at the time."

"She sure did fill out in the right places. I wouldn't mind a go at her right now. I would knock her up until we have at least 6 children."

"Now that you mention it, I wouldn't mind having children with her. I'm sure our children would be super strong."

"I thought she died during the Kyuubi attack guys."

"I did too but she must have survived somehow. I'm guessing that she managed to recover today just as the demon of Konoha dies. I heard someone got rid of the guards allowing some of our men access to the building they were in. I'm sure they killed the demon by now."

"What if the demon had a spell that kept Kushina weakened until his death in which broke the spell?"

Killing intent silenced the crowd and made them retreat to the closest building. Hiruzen stared at Kushina with a worried expression. It appeared that she was indeed listening to the people around her. She must have tried to make it appear that she wasn't paying attention but the demon remark angered her very much. Speak of that, Hiruzen made a mental note to have anbu bring that guy in for questioning regarding the situation that occurred. He needed to know what happened and who came up with the idea.