5 years after the Kyuubi attack

"17, 18, 19, and 20 ready or not here I come." The sounds of small bare feet running echoed the confines of the small apartment. The sounds made their way to the bathroom only to come to a complete stop. The bathroom door creaked open until it was wide enough to reveal the contents of the bathroom. It was a basic set up having a sink, toilet, tub, and tile floors. On the toilet was an old beaten up teddy bear. The teddy bear looked as if a dog chewed up on it and spat it out having destroyed it then thrown away based on the stench coming from the bear. Now people would avoid something such as this but not Naruto Uzumaki, jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox. This disgusting bear was his only friend as others tend to avoid him or hurt him in any way possible. It was the only friend that he could count on to be there for him. Naruto named the teddy Jin.

Naruto seeing his friend ran up and tagged him causing the bear to fall. "I found you now again. I must be getting good or you're losing your touch."Despite being 5 years old, Naruto was able to speak fluently though he didn't do it in public. As a matter of fact, he didn't leave the confines of his home anymore or the apartment building except for when he needed food. When his birthday came around he would hide in one of the rooms of his building or secret spots he built. Ever since he moved in two years ago, the building cleared out as no one would want to share a building with a demon. A few hours after the building cleared out, the people cut off the power sources from the building. Naruto adapted to these changes as he was able to see in the dark, produce more body heat should the temperature drop, and survive weeks without food on chakra though the reason went beyond just chakra. The reason being was that part of his bloodline partially activating. Even though he was able to live off chakra instead of food this didn't stop his appearance from altering. His body was hidden away from view with large quantities of orange jumpsuits he found in the dumpster along with sandals nearby.

They did not bother taking the furniture not wanting to be near him. Naruto stared at his Jin for a while as if having a silent conversation. "I'm tired too Jin maybe we could play next time. Let's see what we could get for lunch today." Naruto tied Jin to his back then proceeded to sneak through the vents. He soon found his way in the alley of the Akimichi restaurant where he took whatever food seemed edible enough. Having filled a bag of food, Naruto closed his eyes and imagined he was at home. He faded out of existence only to reappear home.

"That was a cool trick Jin. I can't wait until you teach me more things." He placed his food in a small zipped seal container with a seal that kept things fresh for him in there. He estimated that he would be able to stretch the food out for a few months before he had to leave to get more food. All he had to do was eat a little bit here and there. He took out a small amount of food and ate it already feeling hunger pain. He was use to the feeling by now. The pain would go away as it always does. The feeling of emptiness would leave as well. He closed his eyes and thought about what it would be like to live in paradise and could eat any fruit and meat he wanted. A place where he could escape the hate did sound nice for him. Without warning images of such a land painfully flashed through his mind. They were images of a land containing large fortified Empires all with red swirls around it, crops all throughout the land, beautiful sceneries, and also devoid of human life. The images slowly faded away and Naruto did not want that to happen. Using all his will power, Naruto tried his best to resurface those images not realizing his body was fading away.

It was when he felt winds caress his skin that he noticed he was no longer in his apartment but in the actual place he envisioned. He looked around the area and for some reason; he knew where everything was including the Uzu Empire. He took off to the fruit tree and where he sat down and gobbled down fruits until his stomach was satisfied. Every fruit he picked a sliver of something in his body would leave and more would grow. Once he was done eating and being full for the first time of his life, Naruto went to the area where the castle was located.

He entered the castle and went straight to where important documents where held. What he didn't realize was that information was coming to him due to his bloodline being unlocked giving him complete control over everything on the dimension. Little did he know was that by the end of the day, he would gain all knowledge this place held and how to use the place. He found the personal library ahead of him. The sheer size of the collection made him gawk as to how long it would take him to read them. He placed his hand on the shelf wishing he could gain all the knowledge in seconds. The entire book case glowed blue. Naruto's head exploded in pain as thousands of information flooded his young mind forcing him into unconsciousness.

One week later Naruto awoke from his slumber. He got up from the floor and looked around the room. He now knew that this was his clan's secret dimension and that he ruled everything in it. He flexed his hands a little before experimenting with what he was capable of doing here. It was just as the book written by his mother said. He was able to materialize anything from thin air here. He would be able to manipulate objects that entered his realm and everything here. This was his paradise and he would use this place as a way to escape the village. A thought occurred when he realized something. He went to retrieve Jin and tried his ability on him and Jin appeared before him just as he remembered him. Using his new abilities, he allowed Jin to shape into another color in mint condition. Jin was now a light tan bear with black eyes. On his back was the symbol decorating the walls of Uzu Empire. He visualized the bedroom inside the main castle and appeared there. He showered before jumping into his jumbo bed.

"I could get use to this for a while." It was here Naruto would remain and train his body using the knowledge he gained here. He began formulating plans to return to Konoha in 8 years where he would return to become a konoha Nin and surpass the Yondaime who he was shocked to know was his father. He would surpass his father and become Hokage to make him proud especially when his father was the one to kill Kyuubi. He would also not copy the Yondaime but a combination of various people but first he wanted to see what the blocked area of Uzu Empire was that he couldn't easily reach. From what the books said, one of his ancestors Albert Wesker Uzumaki. It gave him coordinates of a sealed off area but nothing else. He would soon find out who this Albert Wesker Uzumaki was.

8 years later

Naruto stood proudly in the mirror staring at his image of his new style. He wore black leather pants, shirt, steel toed combat boots, gloves, and trench coat that reached his ankles. His hair was combed straight back and glasses adorned his face. This was the image he had taken from Albert, a member of the Uzumaki clan that tried merging Uzu Empire into the real world making him somewhat of a god. He believed an Uzumaki was meant to rule the world angering the other members of his ambition to become a god. They only stepped in once he started experimenting on members of his own clan for personal gains. He of course did gain a lot of power in doing so. It didn't help that fuinjutsu was something the entire clan knew hence he allowed his power to continuously grow. They were only able to kill him when he was in his weakest moment being evolving his powers. They had seal away everything created by him which was things such as taijutsu style, jutsus, etc…..

Naruto was inspired by the amount of power that he had and his dream for Hokage seemed insignificant compared to having more power than the Daimyo. But that would be a goal he would need to work on starting off with being a Nin to build a reputation. With that thought in mind, Naruto began learning all about Wesker's ways in terms of power though the look was something he would also use as an image. He trained in Fuinjutsu, his bloodline known as the Nentou Souzou (Mind Creation), telepathy, telekinetic, the dark blade kenjutsu style, his elements wind, water and shadows, shadow fist taijutsu created by Wesker, chakra control exercises, the Uzumaki clan jutsus without hand seals, and he had his muscles and speed increased through physical training.

Naruto liking his appearance turned away from the mirror and retrieved his scroll where he had everything he needed. He allowed his eyes to close and soon his body started fading away from Uzu Empire. He reappeared right in the towers where Hiruzen slowly went through his papers. "Hello Hokage-jiji" He was startled by the sudden voice appearing. He looked up for his eyes to land on two sets of whisker marks he never thought he would see again. In a burst of speed, Naruto found himself in a hug. Hiruzen frowned when Naruto tensed a little.

"What's wrong Naruto?" Naruto sighed and stared up at the person that once tried to offer him a good life. "It's nothing jiji it's just I've been away from human contact for 8 years. I found comfort in animals and plants I grew. Anyway I came here to be a ninja and I'm more than qualified for genin rank." Hiruzen smiled knowing he would be able to fulfill Minato's promise that Naruto was to become a Konoha Nin.

"Can you use substitution, clone jutsu, and henge?" Naruto did all three without ease. "Then all you need to do is answer this written test then I'll administer you as a genin." He gave Naruto a test which he passed quickly surpassing Hiruzen. Now let's get on to your living arrangements." Naruto raised his hand stopping him from going any further.

"I already have that covered jiji so you don't have to worry about it. It's a place that will be kept in secret from now on as a way to avoid attention." Hiruzen nod his head and gave him the location he was to head to before dismissing him. Naruto walked out with his headband hand towards the academy. Hiruzen summoned an anbu to give Iruka the letter about the new student.

Naruto made his way down the streets getting a few curious glances and some sneers from those who recognized the whiskers and blonde hair. His face was neutral but inside he was starting to get irritated by these people. It's been 8 years and yet they still hated him. The sound of a blade cutting air made its way to his ears. Without looking he created an invisible barrier around him stopping the blade in mid air. His head rotated to find the civilian who threw it based on the fact that his arm was still stretched out. The Kunai turned to the assailant's head. Without warning, the blade shot through his skull and towards a chuunin but slowed down. The chuunin caught the blade gaining a smile at his stupidity. The chuunin now had his finger prints on the blade so now he would be able to get away with it as their hate for him would make their claims unreliable. The Hokage wouldn't believe bias based people nor will the logical clan members. He vanished in front of their eyes near the academy. Right as he walked into the class, he sensed a mob heading to the towers for complains. He was brought of their musing when Iruka approached them.

"You are 5 minutes late Naruto don't do that again." Naruto noticed the suppressed hate towards him but said nothing. Iruka turned to the class to make an announcement. "Aright class we have a new graduating student with us today. The Hokage game him permission so there's no complaining. Anyways I will be assigning teams after I get the new list so sit down and be quite." The class waited 20 minutes when anbu appeared with the list and took off. Iruka looked over the list getting a shocking discovery but read the list anyways.

Team 7 led by Kakashi Hatake

Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kiba Inuzuka

Team 8 led by Kurenai Yuhi

Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, and Naruto Uzumaki

Team 9 circulation from last year

Team 10 led by Asuma Sarutobi

Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi

"Those are the teams that you will be placed with. If you have problems then take it up with the Hokage and not with me." With that being said he took off not wanting to be in the same room as the demon ignoring the many complains except from Sasuke who looked over him curiously for a while then switched to brooding. Not even 5 minutes after the teams arrived that the jounins come one by one with the exception for Kakashi who would arrive 3 hours late. She led her team 8 to one of her favorite training grounds where they took turns introducing each other's names, likes, dislikes, and goals for the future. Hinata and Shino did as they were asked but Naruto revealed barely anything. Kurenai frowned at his response.

"You know Naruto you're supposed to tell us a bit about yourself to create some sort of trust. How will we work effectively as a team if we don't know what you could do?" It was Naruto's turn to frown.

"You'll learn about my skills sensei but my personal information will be kept to only a select few that I will be able to trust. Right now I trust no one but myself. Everyone here is a potential enemy seeing as we are ninjas trained in the art of deception." Kurenai's frown deepens at his bold statement. She knew just who this was as rumors of him tends to spread fast about his return. She also saw Hinata frown a little and wondered if the two knew each other. Hinata did indeed know Naruto from a few years ago. It was around the time her mother was still alive when she was 4 years old. He was the first boy that asked for her friendship.


"Look mom's not here to save you bug eye freak."

"They think they're better than us with their freak eyes."

"They're ugly just like rats."

"Let's teach her who's boss and who's not."

They began pushing her around making her cry. She couldn't do much about them as they were a few years older than them and was more experienced. After 5 minutes passed, a new voice emerged over their taunts.

"Hey leave her alone or suffer my wrath dattebayo." They turned to see none other than the demon their parents told them about. They were told that he killed hundreds of humans 4 years ago and was sealed in an orphan's body to weaken him. Hinata's head perked up at her hero with hope gleaming in her eyes. Letting her guard down was a mistake as one of the boy gave her one final push. Her head landed on a rock and a small amount of blood leaked out as her conscious went out. The last thing she saw before her vision faded out was the small whiskered blonde charging towards them. After that she would look out for him. Once she found him, it was usually when someone threw an insult along with physical injuries to him. They would call him things such as Hokage killer, Demon, Monster, and several other names. They even made threats to his life shocking her. She grew curious as to why so she made a plan to follow him. Unfortunately she didn't get to follow him long when he vanished for 8 years.

It was then things clicked inside Hinata's mind. His trust issue stemmed from abuse but how much of it did he endure. Based on what she saw today, he must have endured at least double or more pain than she did with her father belittling her. She had only witnessed a few times when he was abused which she didn't like at all. It was only due to her guards following her that she wasn't able to run towards him. But now she would be able to be there for him just as he did before for her.

"Very well our test will be based on what this team will be formed for. This team will be a tracking based team or I will try to create one. I already know about Shino and Hinata's tracking abilities but what about you Naruto?" Naruto thought about what skill to reveal right now. "I could sense chakra from up to 2 miles. Right now Kakashi is in one spot while the others seem to be hiding." An idea struck right there for Kurenai.

"Alright team our test is to get close to a select target and track their movements without getting caught. You may chose which target you want but the more difficult the target then the more points you'll get. Whoever gets the most points will get secondary leader position for this team should I get injured." Hinata seemed nervous, Shino merely pushed his glasses up a little, and Naruto yawned. He thought it over for a while before choosing.

"I'll take on Kakashi to test my stealth ability. You guys chose whoever you want but Kakashi's mine." He vanished before their eyes surprising Kurenai who knew this wasn't shunshin. She looked over her other students to see who they chose. Shino chose Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata chose Kiba as her eyes allowed her to see farther than he could smell even if the distance wasn't by much. Kurenai would watch over their progress to know how much work she would need to put into them. Casting a genjutsu over herself she moved to training ground 3 and searched for her students. Hinata and Shino weren't hard to find but Naruto was non-existent. She took this as a sign that he didn't show up until a small light caught her eye revealing Naruto to be 25 feet away from Kakashi. Either Kakashi didn't care that he was behind him or he didn't know. Since Kakashi was an anbu captain before becoming a Jounin, she guessed it was the former of the two. She marked them off as failing and focused on the other.

Team 8 watched as Kakashi passed their teams before jumping out in front of them. Kakashi looked up and waved lazily. "I sensed you and your two students watching us but why would that be?" Her eyebrow rose when he said two. Who didn't he sense? "Your student Shino watched Sasuke, Hinata monitored Kiba, and I'm guessing that you came here to monitor me. Did your last student get sick or something?" She looked to see Naruto standing directly behind team 7 without being noticed. Kakashi noticed her shocked expression and turned to the source. There standing behind him was the last person he wanted to see, the demon that took his sensei. His blood boiled with hatred on the inside but froze as he realized that he did not once sense the demon at all. He looked over to Kiba wondering how he wasn't able to smell him. Just as he was about to voice the question, Kiba blurted out something that shocked him.

"How did you get pass my nose demon? I should have been able to smell you especially at the distance we're at but neither Akamaru nor I smell you even right now." Naruto smiled and replied, "That's a secret Inu-teme." Kakashi frowned as something like this was important to him. This would surely allow the demon to avoid the Inuzuka clan while sneaking around for unsuspecting victims. This would not bode well with him but seeing as he was not his sensei, he wouldn't be able to command him. Naruto felt his team's curious gaze settle upon him. "I'll tell you guys a little about how I was able to do that." They seemed satisfied by what he said but the same didn't go for Kakashi. His hatred only went up more. He kept a calm demeanor but to those such as Naruto, Kurenai, and Shino, they were able to see his body tensed. Kiba growled at him but didn't do anything when Kakashi motioned him to stay still.

Kurenai escorted her team away from Naruto then her head whipped in his direction. "Spill it" was all she said and Naruto knew exactly what she was talking about. He turned to her so that she wouldn't miss a word. "You see Kurenai; I'm able to suppress my chakra to the point where I may seem dead. And before you ask the most likely question as to how I was able to suppress all that chakra I contain, I am no longer a jinchuriki. I freed it in a different dimension after finding out as to why I was hated." As he grinned at being freed from the burden, Kurenai's blood froze and fear of the beast one day returning came flooding back. Kyuubi was free no matter where but he was actually free. What's to stop him should he return? She decided to put that off as being a joke Naruto made for her or a cover up to the real answer. That theory flew out the window once he lifts his shirt revealing his stomach and pumped chakra. Kurenai may not be a seal master or anywhere near that level. As a matter of fact, she wasn't even halfway pass novice. But one thing she did know was that any seals placed on the body was either constantly visible like the caged bird seal the Hyugas used or chakra must be used for the seal to be exposed. Seeing the bare spot where the seal was suppose to be even after having chakra pumped there made her heart drop. Without warning she formed a single hand seal and took off to immediately report her findings to the Hokage.

She appeared in the towers with fear in her eyes. Before Hiruzen had time to dismiss Homura, Koharu, and Danzo, Kurenai said something that shocked them to the core. "Hokage-sama, Naruto's seal is completely gone and he claims that he released Kyuubi into another dimension. We have to prepare for the worse." Hiruzen chocked on his pipe and the three elders paled at the thought of Kyuubi returning to finish the job. Hiruzen regained himself then started shouting commands. "ANBU" several anbu appeared in front of him. "Get me Hiashi and Naruto right now. I need to confirm this immediately. Kurenai please stay put." Anbu took off with an objective to complete only to return with both people in questioning. Hiashi seeing Hiruzen's serious face didn't bother asking why he was summoned. Hiruzen saw Hiashi in front of him. "Hiashi I need you to use you byakugan to see if any traces of Kyuubi remains in the boy." Hiashi activated his byakugan and scanned Naruto with them. His eyes nearly fell out of his head when not a single drop of red was present. It was that moment that the whisker marks faded from his face further shocking the elders and Hiashi. Naruto looked more like Minato more than ever.

Questions churned inside the elders head and the same thought ran through their heads at the same time. The three elders and Hiashi turned to Hiruzen. Koharu voiced what was on their minds. "Just who's the boy's parents and don't lie as we already have a hint as to who they are." Hiruzen could only sigh in frustration. He dismissed Naruto not knowing he already knew who his parents were. He would be sure to ask about Kyuubi later after speaking to the four in front of him. He also dismissed Kurenai as well stating that he would also speak to her later. The two left the office silently into their own directions with different goals in mind. For Kurenai, she went to dismiss her team and head home to think about things. Naruto went out to relax a bit until the Hokage called him back.

An hour later, an anbu showed up for him telling Naruto he was once again needed at the towers. Naruto allowed the anbu to take him to the towers where the council members from the shinobi side and elders stood. He ignored them as he walked up to face the Hokage. Hiruzen wasted no time in asking what he needed to know.

"When did you know about Kyuubi, how did you release him, and where did you release him?" The council members that didn't know about Kyuubi's release gasp in horror at the thought of Kyuubi being free once again. Naruto seeing the Hokage serious got serious as well.

"I picked up a small amount of fuinjutsu seals add to the fact that the hints were throughout Konoha such as the nicknames, the hate, and my birthday. As to the release part, I sent him in another dimension through tweaking the seal in experimentation. That is all I really have to tell."

"Why would you release the demon Naruto?" His eyes never left the boy once. Naruto stared at him in the eyes. "I wanted to be free of the burden I was forced to have. That was my reason for releasing him." Tsume scoffed at him.

"Yeah right, you and the demon made some deal and now you're a demon. Why don't you just die demon?" She spat towards him resulting in spit landing on his face. Before the Hokage could react, Naruto was already in front of her with his knees driving into her gut. Tsume bend over in pain. His fist buried into the side of her face sending the Inuzuka clan head into a close by wall. His body suddenly stopped and Naruto was forced to look at Shikaku. He realized that Shikaku had his shadow binds on him. "Troublesome meeting" was all that came out. He stayed in his lazy position causing Naruto to become agitated. Naruto channeled his anger throughout his body. What came next shocked everyone.

Naruto broke Shikaku's hold on him. He knew they would ask as to how he was able to do that so he went ahead already. "It is a part of my training end of story as I don't want to reveal too much of my future clan secrets. Every clan does have secrets of their own so why can't I?" Tsume groaned as she awoke from the two brutal assaults on her. She slowly stood up with the help of Inoichi. Her eyes landed on the boy in front of her. She settled for a glare instead knowing he would be able to take her down again without ease. She never saw him move thus she knew she would be able to keep up with his speed. Hiruzen seeing no other reason to hold him in the office dismissed him. "You may leave now Naruto." Naruto walked out the office and out of the presence of anyone. Once alone, Naruto faded away with the intention of heading to the Uzu Empire.

He appeared in Uzu Empire only to have to dodge a claw from Kyuubi. He jumped forward to avoid a tail as well turning in mid air to face the beast. "Kyuubi, you should stop trying to kill me or else I will seal you away inside a special object. You should be thanking me for returning your body." Kyuubi did not seem to listen as he lunged at Naruto once again. Naruto reached his arm forward and the earth seemed to rise around the Kyuubi trapping the beast. Before her had a chance to break out, Naruto threw down several seals around him. The seal stopped Kyuubi completely. Kyuubi struggled a bit but none prevailed. He instead turned to the boy with a fierce glare.

"What do you want from me? No one's going to just free me from the cursed Uzumaki clan that kept me locked away without wanting something in return. I'm the so called vile creature Kyuubi who doesn't deserve freedom." Sarcasm was present in his voice. Naruto merely shook his head.

"I don't want anything from you Kyuubi except a partnership with one another now that I think about it. I read about how you were used and I don't see myself following them. If you don't believe me then maybe a blood contract will do." He pulled out a blood contract stating that he and Kyuubi will now be equals with one another and not a pet/owner relation. Kyuubi looked over the contract and signed it making the two equals. Kyuubi did not see any tricks or loop holes. The contract was simple and straight to the point. "This contract is proof of me not wanting anything from you Kyuubi-san." Kyuubi chuckled lightly.

"I guess it is young one. You seem different from those who enslaved me from your clan. I guess I will be able to put my trust in you and only you. So what will happen from here?" Naruto thought it over for a while until an idea came to mind.

"You could always take part of Uzu Empire and create it into your own image where you and your future family could be created. The perfect settings would be by the volcano. You could make it your lair." Kyuubi thought it over for a few seconds and agreed. He shot off in the direction of the volcano eager to do things with his freedom. Naruto could only shake his head at the fox's behavior. He simple went off to bed ad close his eyes.

His senses went wild and he found himself jumping out of bed avoiding a tail from piercing him. He opened his eyes to find a grinning Kyuubi. His eyes narrow and before Kyuubi knew it, a large amount of water struck him away from the castle soaking the fox.

"Damn you're good kit. You've now managed to do what no mortal has been able to do, gain my respect and trust. Not only did you beat me twice but you didn't try anything to take my freedom away. I know you're fuinjutsu skills are high enough to revoke the contract but the fact that you didn't counts." A scroll appeared from Kyuubi's mouth landing in front of Naruto. "This contract is the fire breathing dragon summons. I swallowed the contract whole after the last summoner died. They were a pain in my ass and strong enough to run me off. I offer you this for freeing me making us even." Naruto took the scroll as Kyuubi walked off. A mischievous glint shone brightly through his eyes. Without any warning, a large amount of water struck Kyuubi sending him flying. Naruto vanished to an isolated section of Uzu Empire leaving an enraged Kyuubi. Naruto signed the contract and summoned the beast in a large cave.

Three hours later, Naruto emerged from the cave. He looked as if he went to the pits of hells and emerged. The remains of his clothes had burned marks. He had just taken a test made by the dragon boss Jin which was to stay alive for a timed period. The red fire breathing dragon was not only fast but strong as well. Naruto was lucky he didn't take to the skies for battle. Whenever Naruto manipulated the earth, the dragon would break through the walls he created. Water only affected him when fire struck it producing steam. The worst part was the fact that fire bounced off the cave walls which he wasn't allowed to remove due to one of the conditions he agreed to. It was only due to the many amount conditions that Naruto couldn't just easily defeat him. But Naruto had passed the test so there was nothing to worry about anymore. He even had a dragon tattoo for quick summons created on his arm.

Naruto changed into a similar outfit as he had on before the fight then proceeded to travel back into konoha. He appeared right outside the walls of Konoha in stealth mode. He slowly made his way over the walls and located his sensei's chakra signature. He found his team on the move. Naruto made his way over there just in time to hear Kurenai ask someone if they saw him or not. Naruto merely waited until the team moved. He appeared right in front of them shocking them. Kurenai saw him having searched 2 hours for him.

"Where were you Uzumaki? We asked the Hokage where you lived and he didn't know. How are we supposed to meet up should we get a mission if we can't find you?" Naruto resist the urge to slap his forehead forgetting about that. He pulled out three devices from a scroll handing his two teammates and sensei one each. He proceeded to unseal simple instructions on how to use them giving them out as well.

"These are communication devices that will allow us to communicate with each other. The power source ranges from chakra, solar, and battery so we could travel places and stay in touch. It's also water resistance making underwater communication possible. Their equipped with a camera as well." He took out his own to snap a picture. He showed the picture to them impressing them. "If one of us gets lost, there is a locator on there as well. We'll be able to find each other as long as there on this planet." The others took the last part as a joke not knowing about Uzu Empire. Kurenai was busy looking over the instructions as were the other two. Naruto waited a bit knowing questions would soon appear. It was a surprise to see Shino being the first.

"Uzumaki-san, could you explain to me the search part of the device?" Naruto took the device and began explaining. "The device's purpose is to serve as a potable library for you thus saving you a trip to the library. If you want to find anything such as information on bugs, just type in bug related things." Naruto punched in a few bug related things for Shino. Shino was given the device back. He looked at the results to find thousands of bug related things. He was amazed on the information that was provided. Naruto spoke once more. "If the information isn't there then there is also the scanning function enabling you to scan any source for missing information. Any information you scanned will be added to it thus reducing the amount of books you would have to carry." Kurenai punched in genjutsu to further her skills. She nearly had a heart attack at the amount of information that appeared. She giggled in delight. Feeling eyes upon her, her face grew red from embarrassment. Kurenai grew serious once more.

"Well now that communication is established I'm going to have you all do the tree climbing and water exercises for the day."

"I can already do that" came from all three of her students. She pulled out her list for things she would teach for the day only to discover that they already knew that.

"Well how about we learn how to use these devices and the hidden functions to them. Is there a way to protect these from enemies Naruto?" He nods his head.

"They are now in tune with each individual's chakra signature. Only I would be able to access them other than yourselves so don't worry about enemies getting them." The others looked at the device with awe. For several hours, Naruto introduced them to the wonders of his device not missing out anything or so he thought until he heard a splatter sound. He looked over to see Shino playing a game that was about squashing insects. Shino turned away from Naruto and sulked.

"You should have warned me about that game Uzumaki-san. Who would make such a cruel thing such as this?" Kurenai and Hinata stopped what they were doing to see the display. The two giggled at Shino's facial expression. Naruto's head perked up when he sensed Shibi, Hiashi, and Asuma approaching the group. Shibi appeared first following by the other two. Asuma saw Naruto and suppressed his hate. Naruto sensed his hatred towards him though.

"Shino where were you today and why are you sulking?" Shino snapped out of his sulking mode and approached his father with a response. "I was doing my research through my team's new communications created by Uzumaki-san when I stumbled across this." He gave Shibi the device with the game on. Shibi grew a tick mark as he realized the entire game was about squashing different bugs. Shino showed his father the search tool and bug information results impressing him. While the two interacted, Hinata showed her father the device as well as explain things about it. His face stayed neutral but inside he was impressed. He simple took the device and punched in Kumo. It was this moment he choked and his neutral facial expression shattered.

"This thing has Kumo's bloodline information as well as members too. This could prove to be a valuable asset to Konoha." Naruto heard this sprang into action.

"Hold on Hiashi-san, let's not get ahead of ourselves. This will only be available to my team only as a way to communicate with each other." Hiashi felt a little disappointed by the reply. That is until an idea occurred.

"Then how about a deal that my clan receives them and in return, we'll give you something depending on what you want. What do you think Uzumaki-san?" Naruto shook his head indicating the answer being no. "How about you give us a few of those devices for an alliance with the Hyuga clan? This surely will give you more power around Konoha if an elite clan's backing you up." Naruto thought it over for a while. If he gained more power right now, then he'll be able to keep the civilians out his life more.

"Very well Hiashi-san I'll think about it but what will I get in return should I agree?"

"I'll discuss things over with my clan first then return as soon as I have a decision." He walked away 10 feet and turned back to grab Hinata almost forgetting her. He felt a little embarrassed about doing that. Naruto turned around just as Shibi stepped towards him. He didn't need to ask what he wanted.

"I'm guessing that you want one as well." Shibi nod his head. Shibi would be able to research bugs for his clan's growing collection plus communication with his son was a good thing as well. Naruto could feel a growing headache. "I'll think about it but this doesn't mean yes. These devices were supposed to be for our team's communication only." The two accepted this and left. Shino went with Shibi and Kurenai went with Asuma leaving Naruto alone.

Naruto sighed in annoyance as he thought about what Hiashi would try to trade him. His legs carried him through the village not once noticing the looks he received. 30 minutes passed when his device went off. He pulled it out and answered it. A live image of Kurenai appeared on screen.

"Hey Naruto meet up at the Hokage's tower where we'll be getting our d-ranked mission. Oh and Naruto, is it possible that I get another one for Asuma-kun?"

"No" he terminated their connection after that. He turned to the towers and took off. He arrived at the tower to find his team waiting there. Hinata was looking at something while giggling. Naruto glanced to see her messing with the camera features such as morphing one's face. Hinata cut the program off when she realized that she was caught. Naruto also noticed Hiruzen looking over Kurenai's device with great interest. He cleared his throat gaining their attention. The Sandaime looked sheepishly at the group.

"Oh I'm sorry about that team 8. I have a stack of D-ranked missions in the box to the left. Now before you leave, Naruto is it possible for konoha to get devices like this. This surely would help us out in many ways. We would be able to communicate better with one another plus pull up information at any time such as antidotes on a certain poison or information on certain individuals as I noticed the bounties from all countries listed there. You could simple sell this at a great price and make a fortune for them." Naruto rubbed his forehead.

"I'm would like to decline that offer Hokage-sama. Now is there a mission for our team?" Kurenai who was looking over the missions frowned.

"Hokage-sama all these mission requests states that they do not wish for Naruto to take on the assignment. If that is the case then we'll need to take on C-ranked missions instead preferable low c-ranked missions." Hiruzen looked over a few of them and frowned as well. He proceeded to show them the c-ranked missions instead. Kurenai searched through a few until she found a suitable one.

"Ok team our mission is to take care of a gang that has been harassing traveling merchants. Merchants no longer feel safe with them around. The gang names the Axe gang even took children as slaves after killing their parents. Our mission is to eliminate them or have them arrested and turned over. Meet me at the gates within the next 30 minutes prepared." With that team 8 went to prepare.

30 minutes later team 8 met at the gates and took off. Shino and Hinata went to their family compound to inform their parents, Kurenai went to a few stores, and Naruto secretly went to his empire to arm himself as if he was fighting a war. Team 8 slowly made their way to the location which was near swamp country. The trip was fairly simple with breaks here and there. They had time as it seems the axe gang did not move from their location. This led team 8 to believe that they were confident that none shall be able to eradicate them.

Using the skills of Shino, Hinata, and Naruto, team 8 were able to locate 4 camps set a certain distance from each other. It was a simple box formation to fend off enemies from all sides. Kurenai had each member including themselves separate to each camp to simultaneously take them down. Naruto went north, Shino went south, Hinata went east, and Kurenai went west. All made sure their devices were activated before taking off.

Naruto increased his speed and went in stealth mode. Anyone who saw him would have seen a black blur speed pass. Naruto stopped as soon as he was close enough to survey the camp. There were a total of 6 tents, 50 bandits, and two cages of female hostages. There was one girl seemingly sitting by herself. She was very small, young girl with pink hair, dark pink eyes and a perpetual blush on her cheeks. She looked to be around 8 years old. Every other person seemed to have someone watching over them except her. In that moment, Naruto chose to take her with him as his Imouto and clan member but first he had bandits to kill. His mind formulated attack plans as his other teammates got into position. As soon as he was given the order to attack, Naruto created several shadow clones. In less than 5 minutes, every bandit died and the hostages all ran for it except the young girl. She sat in the cage not knowing what to do. Naruto approached her and smiled.

"Excuse me little one but what is your name?" Her head turned towards him showing her sad face.

"It's Yachiru" she answered meekly. Naruto smiled at her warmly.

"Well Yachiru, if you don't have a place or anyone to go with then come with me. You'll become Yachiru Uzumaki instead and I'll give you a home where you'll become a princess. How does that sound hime?" The sad expression she displayed went away in came a bright cheery smile. She nods her head until Naruto feared it would fall off. He placed a hand on her head to stop her from moving her head. "Let's get you cleaned up shall we. You are to look like an Uzumaki now. I'll get you registered into my system." He pulled out a device and punched a small amount of information on her. He would get the rest later. "Now Yachiru I'll send you off to our home where I'll meet up with you." He created several shadow clones and summoned a small dragon. The small group transported to Uzu Empire taking Yachiru with them.

Naruto met back with the group and went back to Konoha where they reported their mission. Having done that, Naruto was about to leave the office to his Empire when a few civilian council members walked in along with the Elders. Mebuki Haruno, mother to Sakura Haruno stepped forward with the intent to complain.

"How does this DEMON get a C-ranked mission but not Uchiha-sama?" Hiruzen noticed Naruto preparing to dish out pain and stepped in before that could happen.

"I gave Naruto a C-ranked mission because every D-rank mission I have has been unavailable to him seeing as the people specifically said they didn't want him doing any missions for them. Sasuke on the other hand had no limitations thus the reason why he was given D-ranks. Besides, they were successful in their missions. Now if you come here demanding anything once again, I will put that down as treason and have you all executed on the spot is that clear?" They could only nod their heads in fear. They filtered out except the elders. Danzo spoke his mind.

"I came here for a different reason Hokage-sama. I heard about a small communication device that several people were trying to get their hands on. I want to know where I could get one." Both Koharu and Homura seemed interested as well. Hiruzen simple glance at Naruto much to his irritation.

"The answer is no seeing as I have two clans being the Aburame and Hyuga trying to get one. It was meant as a means to communicate with my team. Now if you'll excuse me Hokage-sama, I have somewhere to be right now." He turned and walked out before he was bothered anymore. Naruto dashed out the towers and into a dark alley. It was there he traveled to Uzu Empire. As soon as he was there, he located Yachiru's chakra signature and went to find her dressed in a small black kimono with the Uzumaki swirl on the back. She was currently riding on top of the small dragon as the clones watched her. Naruto took her from the dragon then dismissed the clones along with the dragon.

"So Yachiru, did you eat already?"

"Yes I ate a lot of pancakes with candy. I had a lot of candy as well." She ranted on the different flavors she had and Naruto listened closely. He sensed Kyuubi approaching him. He stepped out still holding Yachiru in his arms but prepared to dodge an attack. Kyuubi who was indeed ready to attack stopped upon seeing the young girl.

"Well hello there little girl what are you doing here?" Her eyes went wide at the large fox. Kyuubi took this as a sign of fear until what she said next.

"Plushy-chan, how did you get so big?" She wiggled out Naruto's arms and started petting his fur. Kyuubi stared in disbelieve as she stroked his fur without fear. "You have really soft fur plushy-chan." Naruto snickered at the fox's misfortune.

"That my friend is my new 8 year old Imouto Yachiru Uzumaki." Kyuubi still hadn't said anything. Yachiru turned to Naruto with a sad look.

"I think he's broke Fishcake." 3 seconds later, Kyuubi fell over laughing at the blonde boy's nickname. Naruto turned to a corner and sulked. Of course he would receive that nickname. He glared at the laughing fox and an evil glint appeared in his eyes. The fox was soon struck by water once again. Yachiru giggled as the fox chased Naruto down swinging his tail with deadly force. This went on for 10 minutes before they stopped. Kyuubi looked over the small girl with amusement.

"So where will you keep her for the time being and who will watch her? Surely leaving her in konoha would be bad." Naruto could see an issue with this. He never really thought about that until now. Lucky for him, Kyuubi had a solution. "I could watch over her and teach her a few things about ninja. Actually you could leave behind a training schedule for her." Kyuubi slowly went through a change until he had a human form. He was now a large man with a wild and aggressive appearance as his personality. His red hair was spiked with a large ponytail in the back. He had nine red tails flowing behind him. His fangs hung from his mouth giving him an intimidating look. He wore a replica of Naruto's clothes. "It's been a while since I used this form. I'll be taking little hime with me." Yachiru cheered as Kyuubi wrapped his tail around her and took off at high speeds. At least he had someone to watch over her as he rose in the ranks.

3 months later

It's been three months since team 8 was created. They had completed a total of 10 c-ranked missions and one b-ranked once several ninjas were involved being chuunin level. Naruto and Kyuubi looked over Yachiru and Naruto noticed Kyuubi taking a liking to her personality. Kyuubi seemed to enjoy her company thus Naruto kept her with him but still visit her whenever he wasn't doing anything. This kept the fox very much happy. Currently team 8 was moving to the towers for another mission. As they walked in, it was there team 7 was sighted. Naruto heard them trying to get a C-ranked mission but Hiruzen denied them.

"Look Kakashi you're team isn't ready for a c-ranked mission especially with the infighting going on amongst them." He listed several wrongs with the team that was clearly visible. Kakashi pleaded his case once more. Hiruzen knew he wouldn't leave until he said yes. His eyes landed on team 8 and an idea came up. "I'll give you a c-ranked mission only if team 8 accompanies you and your team. They have completed several c-ranked missions plus a b-ranked with no failures." Kakashi accepted it though it left a bitter taste in his mouth. Hiruzen turned to team 8. "Team 8, you will be going on a mission to wave country with your client Tazuna who will be here shortly." As the words left his mouth, Tazuna walked in to see team 7 students glaring at team 8. The drunken old man turned to Hiruzen.

"I hope I don't get in their crossfire. I'm ready to leave as soon as possible." Team 8 followed Tazuna out having already prepared for a c-ranked mission or in Naruto's case an S-ranked mission. He was always prepared for the worst. Team 8 waited at the gate for team7 to arrive which they did 30 minutes later. The two groups took off in a diamond formation with team 8 guarding the front and left side and team 7 guarding the right and back. Kakashi looked over to see team 8 all holding a device seeming absorbed into it. He had never seen something like that before and he was curious as to what it was. He heard rumors of a new technology but seeing it and hearing about it were two different things. Sakura saw the device.

"What's that baka?" Naruto knew very well who she was talking to. He ignored her pretending that he didn't hear her at all. Sasuke grew curious as to what it was as well.

"Answer her question dobe." Naruto ignored him as well. Shino took the initiative to answer the question as to avoid confrontation. "It's a new technology that allows you to communicate with others, research information found in multiple libraries saving you the trouble of carrying books, and other things as well. Currently team 8 is the only ones with one. My father along with Hinata's father is trying to get their hands on one right now as information on a village including missing Nins and bloodlines are included as well. We're able to use visual communications with one another." This got team 7 interested in one. Sasuke made plans to get one but he would need the store location first.

"Where did you buy it from Shino as I know the dobe won't tell me?" Shino pushed his glasses up more.

"I didn't buy this Uchiha-san; Uzumaki gave this to us which he himself created. This was a means of communication for team 8 since he wouldn't tell us where he resides." Sasuke glared heatedly at Naruto. He would get the elders to get him one with his Uchiha status. Sakura also had plans including her mother who was a council member. Not another word was said about the group. As the group appeared near a puddle, a few trained eyes tensed as they sensed genjutsu. Both Kakashi and Kurenai prepared for battle but right as they passed the puddle, Naruto dropped six seal in the water. As soon as they were away, the seal activated and everything in the puddle was gone by the fire explosion the seal created. The only thing left was burning flesh. Both jounins turned to Naruto who continued staring at his device. Kurenai seeing no more danger did the same as well. Naruto felt burning eyes behind him as he squashed his way to another level. He knew it was Shino glaring at him for playing that game. He pretend not to notice until Tazuna started laughing at something. A message appeared showing a morphed form of his face giving him the appearance of a dumb blonde. The picture came from the one he had taken for his ninja application.

Kiba grew curious and looked over Hinata's device. He snickered at the blonde's face. Naruto's eyebrow grew a tick mark at what was going on. Team 7 continued glancing at the small devices that team 8 was so focused on. Sasuke leaned over to see what they were doing. He looked at Hinata's to see her sending messages to someone. He guessed it was Kurenai seeing as she was the only one responding. There was also the fact that Naruto was seemingly playing another game as well as Shino. Naruto cut off his game and sent a message to his teammates once he knew no one was looking. The message stated, 'We have possible hostiles ahead.'

Kakashi noticed team 8 tensed a little. This must mean there was an enemy nearby but how would they know unless they sensed them. He motioned his team to be on alert through a way him and the team created. If team 8 were on guard then so would team 7. Both teams traveled until they reached a boat which they needed seeing the large amount of water between them and Wave country. As they approached the other side, Naruto tensed when he felt a jounin level and chuunin level Nin close by. Just as he made a move to alert his team, both sources went away. He relaxed and signaled the team that there was no danger. Kakashi seeing team 8 relaxed motioned his team to do the same.

The group arrived at Tazuna's home where they met his daughter Tsunami and grandson Inari. Having greeted each other, team 8 went to the woods for different reasons Shino being new bugs, Hinata for herbs for her medical salves, Kurenai to talk to Asuma though he used a radio, and Naruto to contact Kyuubi. They ceased their activities when team 7 came out. Kakashi approached team 8.

"So Kurenai, are you up to a group exercise which involves both teams. I would like them to have a friendly spar against one another if you don't mind. I want to see what my students are capable of doing against another Nin." Kurenai seeing no harm agreed as she was curious at what her team was capable of.

"Very well I will allow each student to chose who they want to spar against. Team 8, go find a sparring partner." Sasuke walked up to Naruto as he was a mystery to him. He knew about the other's fighting skills and strengths but not Naruto. Kiba and Shino were paired up leaving Hinata and Sakura together. Kakashi grinned thinking all his members would win thus humiliating team 8. His eyes landed on the forms of Sasuke and the demon. This match would be the one he would pay attention to the most. He couldn't wait until his prodigy that he's been training over the years before the academy wipes the floor with the demon.

5 minutes into the match we find Sasuke on the floor unconscious with Sakura over him glaring at the blonde haired boy. Kakashi was angry that the demon not only dodged all Sasuke's attacks but knocked him out as well in a few blows. Sasuke was on mid chuunin level so that meant that Naruto was high chuunin or above. This would not bode well with the council members who thought he was weak. He collected his student from the floor and turned towards the house they were staying at. Sakura followed behind having loss to Hinata as did Kiba who didn't want to stay around having been beat by someone he considered weaker than him. It was a bad feeling to know your entire team was defeated by a tracking team especially when the defeated team was supposed to be an assault specialist.

Naruto turned towards his sensei wondering what they would do next. "So what will we do now Kurenai-sensei? Should we set up a perimeter outside the village for possible enemies? We're bound to run into them soon." She nods her head stating that it was a good idea so Naruto went on the outskirts of the town and started setting traps along with creating a shadow clone to stay hidden. The shadow clone would alert him should the trap trigger. Once that was complete, he stood up to head home when he sensed the same two chakra signatures approaching him. He waited there until said targets appeared in front of him. Based on the bingo which he made sure to remember, this was Zabuza Momochi, one of the seven swordsmen of the mist.

"Zabuza Momochi and partner, what a surprise to see you here in wave country during my mission. I'm guessing you're here to kill the bridge builder and that this isn't a simple C-ranked mission. I guess that makes us enemies then." Zabuza chuckled at the young blonde in front of him.

"That depends on if you're from the Uzumaki clan or not." Naruto seemed to ponder on things for a while. He decided to answer truthfully to see what would happen.

"Yes my mother was Kushina Uzumaki who was the last of the clan until I was born. She died on the day I was born which was during the Kyuubi attack." Zabuza frowned a little.

"Then I guess we aren't enemies then seeing as I was a close friend of Kushina. I guess I'll have to cancel Gato's mission but knowing him, he'll get someone to kill us most likely being kiri Nins which something tells me he was going to do instead of paying me." An idea soon occurred for Naruto which he voiced.

"I have a secret area no one knows about where you could hide there. Only three people know about the area one of those being me and the other two aren't associated with any villages. You would be able to do whatever you could while you're there. How does that sound? There will be large amounts of money involved." Zabuza thought over his options and agreed. The reason why he didn't attack them when he had a chance was because he looked like Wesker who was an Uzumaki member. He was taught by the remaining members of the Uzumaki clan a few of their secrets and he was grateful a he had no one to teach him. The surviving Uzumaki clan was like family to him so when they died, he grew angry. When he heard of Kushina being alive, he was happy. That happiness went up when he found out about her pregnancy. Looking at the boy in front of him, he could see the resemblance in the face.

Zabuza watched as Naruto created a rip in space allowing an image to appear in front of him. Naruto had created a portal to one of the areas Kyuubi did not go to. He gave Zabuza a device then allowed him and his apprentice to enter. Zabuza turned around one last time to tell Naruto where Gato was before leaving to wherever Naruto was sending him. Naruto closed the portal back then created a small group of clones to eliminate Gato without anyone knowing. By taking out the main guy, his group would fall apart.

Naruto traveled back to Tazuna's home where his team was waiting for him. Sasuke had recovered by then as was glaring at him heatedly that he was beaten so easily. Sakura seeing her crush glaring at Naruto did the same thing as well. Kiba was having a conversation with Akamaru while taking glances on his teammate Sakura with a blush. The two groups ate in silence until Naruto whipped out his device and started playing his game. Shino glared at him when the sounds of bugs being squashed were heard. Hinata and Kurenai giggled at this. Kurenai's device went off and Asuma's voice was heard.

"Hey Kurenai-chan how's your mission so far? I heard you went on a C-ranked mission with your team. Ino's still mad that her rival went on a higher ranked mission when she couldn't. She's starting to push herself more which is a plus for me seeing as she's taking her training more serious. She states that she will pass Sakura by a long run." Sakura upon hearing this did her mental ranting about not letting that happen. Kurenai pushed a button before speaking.

"Well our mission's fine right now plus we haven't run into any trouble yet. I'm also glad to hear about Ino. Hopefully she'll let go of her fan girl tendencies and focus more on being a kunoichi." As the two had their conversation, Kakashi watched with interest. Communication with one another using walkie talkies from the range they were supposed to be hard but then again Kurenai was using something more advanced. He found himself wanting one even more now considering how useful it seemed to be. The only problem was that the demon created them thus only the demon could give them out. He began to wonder where the demon was creating them so that maybe he would be able to steal a few for him and a few others such as Asuma. Naruto's device soon went off indicating someone was trying to communicate with him. Naruto answered it allowing a live image of the person in which only he saw but the others heard him. Kurenai ceased communicating with Asuma as she wasn't aware of any friends Naruto had.

"Hey Naruto, could you tell me why Zabuza Momochi and his apprentice is here. You know what never mind. Anyway Yachiru says hi and she's wondering when you'll visit her. Here she comes right now." Naruto waited until he saw his Imouto's face.

"Oniisan, when are you going to come by? You have to make some more pancakes and…."She went on and on about different things she wanted and things she thought would be interesting. Naruto guessed that she gained access to a cook book with pictures seeing as she was naming the dishes from said a cook book he had. The others around Naruto listened on and on as the little girl talked wondering who the little girl was and when did he get a sister. Naruto didn't show any signs of irritation as he was happy to see his Imouto's smile. She talked for a few minutes longer until something distracted her in which Kyuubi took the device back as she took off to the source of distraction. "I guess I'll be seeing you later Naruto." What Naruto said next shocked the group.

"I guess I will Kyuubi." Kakashi felt his heart drop at what Kakashi heard especially Kurenai whom knew about Kyuubi being free. Kakashi didn't hear about that. Before Kakashi had a chance to say anything, Kurenai spoke first.

"YOU SPEAK TO THAT DEMON? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING NARUTO, HE'S EVIL." By now she was standing up. When Naruto told her about Kyuubi being in another dimension, she felt a bit safer but now the Kyuubi had a connection to Naruto whom in her mind could allow Kyuubi to come back to their village which she was right about. She did not want to see the demon anymore. "I forbid you from speaking or going near the demon Naruto. He's trying to manipulate you into allowing him back here to finish the job he started a few years ago. I for one won't allow that demon to go anywhere near Konoha again." Her device went off. She answered it which was new seeing as she never had to do so before. An image of a feral man with whiskers and red hair appeared on her screen. Asuma didn't have a device of his own so when he tried contacting her, Kurenai would hear a few chirps.

"Hello Kurenai-san, I get to see your face once again and you look wonderful. I wonder what your family has to say." He looked at his stomach and rubbed it a little. "They sure have good genes to have you." It was then Kurenai knew this was the Kyuubi. In a fit of rage, she tossed the device on the table. The device slid towards the floor but Kakashi caught it and came face to face with Kyuubi in human form.

"I remember you little lightning boy. You're the one that tired to hit me with that chidori as I recall you screaming. Man that attack was weak. I could generate more electric rubbing my ass on carpet." Kakashi glared at the screen releasing killing intent towards the demon in front of him. Of course Kyuubi didn't feel it but the others did. The students except Naruto along with Tazuna and Tsunami saw their deaths flash before their eyes. Kurenai felt her knees go weak and Naruto didn't have any reaction as he felt Kyuubi's killing intent which was much stronger than that. Kyuubi laughed at Kakashi's glare as if it was nothing then cut off his connection seeing as his fun was over. Kakashi grit his teeth in anger at the image of the Kyuubi. He recognized those eyes anywhere. Those red slitted eyes were burned into his mind and now an image to match. The Kyuubi's human form was fitting for him as well. He swore to himself that he would kill the beast that ruined so many lives. Kakashi allowed his anger to drop as he became aware that he was scaring the people around him.

It was then something dawned upon the copy cat. If that was the Kyuubi then that means….He looked over at Naruto who had his blue eyes glued to the device in his hand. Guilt washed over him as he realized how ignorant he was. Here he was accusing the boy of being a demon when he clearly was human the whole time. Guilt soon inflicted emotional pain to his heart when he noticed how much the boy resembled Minato except the face which looked more like Kushina. His heart skipped several beats at the possibility of the two having a child and sealing Kyuubi in him. The two have been hanging around a lot plus…..He felt like an idiot right about now for letting his hate blind him from the fact that this could be sensei's son. He would have to confront Hiruzen about the issue after the mission was complete.

Naruto stopped as memories of his clones assaulted his mind. The others noticed him deep in thought about something. Naruto turned to Tazuna with a smile. "Gato and his thugs are dead Tazuna-san. They fell for my traps and died so you and you're people are free to rebuild the bridge at anytime. I'll bring Gato's wealth back to wave country by tomorrow to allow wave country to recover." Tazuna, Inari, and Tsunami froze in shock especially Tazuna who never mentioned whom was after them. For Naruto to know who he was meant that he was finally dead. He took off to the people of wave country to make the announcement and build a bridge. Tsunami looked over at Naruto as if he was a gift sent from above.

One week later team 8 and 7 was found leaving across the finished bridge which was completed by the people of wave and an army of shadow clones created by Naruto himself. True to Naruto's word, he had the money given back to the people of wave country not keeping anything to himself. Speaking of Naruto, he noticed the lack of hostility from Kiba, Sakura, and Kakashi, Sasuke's hostility was still the same even though it was never directed to anyone directly. He didn't think much about it but instead focused on his soon to be visit with his Imouto. The travel took less than a day considering they were traveling at top speeds. Both Kakashi and Kurenai dismissed the groups having collected written reports from each one of them. Naruto wasted no time in vanishing once he was alone.

Sakura ran home as fast as she could and into her home to where her mother was. "Kaachan I need more ninja training and soon. I need to get stronger for when Kyuubi escapes the dimension Naruto trapped him in. Sensei saw the Kyuubi's human form and he told me Kyuubi looked nothing like Naruto. He was described as a large man with a wild and aggressive appearance, red spiked hair in a large ponytail and nine red tails flowing behind him. Kakashi-sensei said he remembered his eyes which is the same. I also heard him on Kurenai's and Naruto's device which I want one by the way. Apparently he's communicating with Naruto so that he could be allowed to exit the dimension and finish what he started. That's what both Kurenai-sensei and Kakashi-sensei said." Mebuki listened to what her daughter said and knew a meeting with the Hokage was needed and now. Little did she know was that Kiba was telling Tsume the same things as well.

Meanwhile Naruto watched as his Imouto ran around him at high speeds in which would make a jounin green with envy. Kyuubi had made her fast be he never expected her to be this fast. He used his chakra being the positive side along with storing Naruto's chakra in her body and allowed them to adjust. The result was here being fast enough to outrun anbu and keep up with said speed. Then if that wasn't enough, she was really light of her feet especially when she landed on his hand with her big toe. Naruto caught her as she tried to lap around him once more and planted a kiss on her cheek. She giggled as he tickled her without any signs of letting up. He stopped allowing her to breathe once more.

"So Yachiru-chan what do you want to do now?" She started thinking in a way Naruto found cute. He was soon interrupted by his device going off. He answered it wondering what Kurenai wanted right now. He allowed a live image of her to appear on the screen.

"Naruto you're needed at the council chambers for a meeting and you were told to bring your Imouto here as well." Naruto nod his head even though he wasn't going to bring his Imouto with him. He just made her think he would do so." He cut his connection off with her then turned to Yachiru.

"I'll play with you later at any game you want but right now I have some people to meet and scream at." This brought a giggle from the little pink haired girl. She took off to Kyuubi allowing Naruto to head to the chambers. He appeared right at the door and walked in to find team what was called the rookie 9 along with the council members, the elders, and the hokage. There was one extra seat which he guessed was for him so he sat down in it. Hiruzen cleared his throat gaining Naruto's attention.

"Well Naruto it's nice to see you but we wanted your imouto to be here as well as this concern her too. Well anyway, I've heard a few disturbing news that I would like to address with you and I'm sure you already know what that is." Naruto nods his head.

"Yes it's about my communication with Kyuubi." This caused uproar amongst the civilian council members. The shinobi council members that didn't like Naruto such as Tsume didn't say anything due to the information given to them about what happened. She would not disregard what Kakashi said about knowing Kyuubi by his eyes. He was one of the Nins that fought the Kyuubi plus he had a reputation she around Konoha that was well known. She trusted him with her life. Hiruzen lift his hand stopping the noises then turned to Kakashi.

"Kakashi, could you explain what happened again to everyone here?" Kakashi explained from the time Naruto answered his device up to the point where he saw the image of Kyuubi's human form. Something about that seemed off to Hiruzen.

"Naruto, when you said you freed Kyuubi in another zone did he stay in spiritual form or did he get a new body?" The thought of Kyuubi getting a new body made the others nervous but they still held on to hope that he didn't.

"He does indeed have a new physical body and he has all of his power again." That little bit of hope they had flew out the window. Hiruzen inhaled his tobacco then asked another question.

"Is there a way for him to escape that dimension on his own or he needs you to create some type of opening to allow him to leave?" Hiruzen needed to know if his village was in danger or not.

"The Kyuubi cannot leave the zone on his own Hokage-sama no matter how much chakra he uses." Hiruzen felt relieved about this new information seeing as his village was safe unless Naruto allowed it to come out.

"Very well Naruto, I will trust your judgment on this." This was not something the civilians wanted to hear.

"What do you mean Hokage-sama? He could get revenge on us."

"He'll release the demon on us when our guard is down."

There were other complaints like that which Naruto ignored. Instead he pulled out his device and started playing his game. He felt Shino glare at him once again when squishing was heard. His head snapped in his direction. "It's not the bug killing game Shino. It's a game Kyuubi created called nine tails. I'll send you a copy through messaging." He sent copies to anyone that had a device. Shino select the game and played it for a few seconds the cut the program off. Hinata and Kurenai did the same when they notice the object of the game like bug squashing was to destroy humans with tails instead. Multiple eyes landed upon the small device. Hiashi then remembered what he discussed with the council members. He pulled out a scroll and hand it over to Naruto. Naruto read the scroll and gave it to Hinata.

"I'll agree only if she does Hiashi-san. I wouldn't want to-"

"I agree with the terms Otousan. I wouldn't want to be anywhere close to that guy the elders are trying to have me married to. I also want Neji to continue serving me so that the elders won't torture him." Hiashi agreed to the terms. Naruto gave Hiashi two scrolls which he unsealed the contents revealing several devices and instructions. He gave Shibi two as well which also contained the same as Hiashi. Shibi seemed pleased with the new events. He took one up and programmed it as soon as possible following the easy steps. Naruto pulled out one and gave Hiruzen as well. Hiruzen noticed the monkey designs on his and could help but smile. He himself started setting his device up as well. Those without a device watched with envy as the new device owners explored the new technology and what it was capable of. Hiruzen looked up from his device and blushed in embarrassment.

"This meeting is over and you're all free to go." Hiashi and Shibi took off eager to hand out the device to a few clan members. Naruto slipped out the room only to run into Kakashi, Asuma, and Kurenai. Without thinking, he turned away from the group hoping he could avoid them.

"Naruto wait up" He mentally debated whether or not she should run or stop to hear what she wanted to say to him. In the end he waited already having an idea what she wanted to say. "Is it possible that we talk in a little more private area?"

"Fine" He allowed a sigh of annoyance to escape his lips. Kurenai led him out the area into a private training ground away from everyone. While they were moving away, Naruto began thinking about what he would do later. He was brought from his thoughts when they stopped. "The answer is still no Kurenai-sensei. I already know you're going to ask about a device for Asuma." Kurenai frowned but already knew he would most likely say no. "Is there anything else or could I leave?"

"Actually I wanted to speak to you Naruto." Naruto turned to Kakashi who was the source of the voice. "I'm asking for your forgiveness for my treatment towards you. I'm not skilled in fuinjutsu plus I allowed my hatred towards Kyuubi blind my judgment. That demon took away my sensei and father figure. The Yondaime and his wife were like parents to me. To see both of them die in front of me made me feel useless. None of my attacks worked against it. I was just so angry at the time so I blamed you." He allowed his head to drop in shame. Naruto understood where he was coming from but he needed to set a few facts straight.

"Kakashi, would you blame a kunai for killing anyone you loved or do you blame the person that threw the kunai?" Kakashi's head went up towards him to answer the question.

"Well the kunai is just a tool so the person would be to blame since he's in control. Why do you ask?"

"That principle applies to Kyuubi 13 years ago. Someone in an organization known as Akatsuki produced a genjutsu strong enough to gain temporary control over him. Said person had to be an enemy of Konoha since we were attacked instead of Kumo. Kyuubi has a person grudge against Kumo not Konoha. Apparent two Nins by the name of the gold and silver brothers not only stole a large proportion of his chakra but they also gave Kumo powerful weapons belonging to the Rikudo Sage." This news shocked the three about Kyuubi being used to attack Konoha. Naruto didn't stop there. "I did a few searching here and there to find out more on the Akatsuki. I managed to get a few names from the group and wrote it down." He pulled out his device and sent Kurenai the information.

Sasori of the Sunagakure/ Puppet master

Deidara of Iwagakure/ Clay explosives

Hidan of Yugakure/ Immortality

Kakuzu of Takigakure/ 5 Elements through monster figures made from body

Itachi Uchiha of Konohagakure/ Uchiha clan

Kisame Hoshigaki of Kirigakure/ Wielder of Samehada

Orochimaru of Konohagakure/ Snake Sanin

"There are more members though not a lot. The others are well hidden but based on what I gathered, there are about 11 or 12 members in this group all on Kage level. One of the mysterious members was responsible for the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha so Kyuubi isn't at fault here. Now I'm not saying he is a good fox but considering the insults towards you two. He's more of a pain in the ass type plus he's stubborn sometimes. So your hate shouldn't stem onto Kyuubi but Akatsuki instead." That did sound like a logical thing to Kurenai, Kakashi, and Asuma. Naruto left the three to think as he traveled back to his kingdom.

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Abilities Naruto has in this story

Naruto Uzumaki

Abilities/bloodline: Nentou (Mind) Souzou (Creation) – Controls anything in dimensional world from time of day, the view of the location, the weather, and anything belonging to his world. It also works to a certain extent outside of real world though not godlike like his world.

Naruto's world- Anything is possible

Real world- Examples such as Telepathy and telekinetic

Attributes to bloodline:

Allows user mind to soak up knowledge faster than usual

Different way of thinking from others

Nentou Souzou

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