"Right," He replied, he quickly transformed into his weapon form. She spun him around, and stopped, getting a tight hold on the scythe. She sprinted towards the monster and aimed for it's heart, it moved to the side, so it only had a rip on it's arm. She quickly ran behind it, got a running start, and tried to get at it's neck, but it turned around and it's arm swung and hit Maka in the stomach, sending her flying, when she landed on the ground, she rubbed her stomach tenderly.

"Maka! Are you okay!"

"Ya, I'm fine" she said, and quickly returned to the fight.

. . . . .

"Ahh" Soul sighed, as they walked home down the golden bleached street on a particularly warm April sunset, "Piece of cake" he said

"Huh, ya, except for my stomcach" Maka added.

"Hm, speaking of cake..." he hinted, his stomach grumbled, perfectly on que,

"DON'T." She said, her index finger almost jabbing his eye, "I'm not making you a 3rd one!"

"Sorry, sorry, I was just joking" He said, quikly holding his arms up in defense.

Soul had always loved Maka, he had quickly fallen head-over-heels for her the first time they met. Maka, however, had only recently realized that she might love him.

. . . . .

Maka prepared herself for the bitter cold, and quickly hopped out of the shower, shivering profusely. The bathroom was by far the most cold room in the house! She thought to herself. She dried herself off in a hurry, failing completely to stop the cold drops of water from running down her chest and legs. She knocked on Soul's door, answered by an annoyed grunt,

"Soul, can I come in?" She asked,

"Whatever" He replied, half distracted,

As she opened the door she noticed Soul working on his school essay, and tried to be as silent as possible.

"Try to make it quick, okay?" He mumbled, and continued scrawling messy words onto his paper. Maka smiled at this, Thank god he's started on his essay, it's due tomorrow!

"Sure, Soul...Oh ya, have you seen my blue pajama shirt in here? I think it got mixed in with your laundry..."

"Uhh...I think it's on my closet floor, just look around in there" He said, momentarily looking up from his work, he smiled to himself, she looked so cute with her hair dripping from the shower, and beads of water rolling off her nose to the floor.

"Thanks," She said, went to his closet, turned on the light and started looking. Geez, his closet sure is messy! I'll never find my shirt in here! After much furious rummaging and discouraged sighs, she finally found the shirt she'd been looking for, and thanked him,

"No problem" He replied, turning around to smile at her, he immediately blushed, seeing that the towel had become quite loose around her chest, showing off a bit of cleavage. She looked at him with curious eyes, and tilted her head to one side, then looked down at herself. When she realized about the towel, she felt her cheeks grow hot, and she quickly put a hand over that area, and hurried outside his room. Oh my god that was so embarrassing! She thought, I'll NEVER live that down!

She sprinted to her room and got changed in the baggy pajama shirt that had caused so much embarrassment, and a pair of short p.j. shorts, and put her hair in a messy bun. With that done, she finished her Language Arts homework (she was in french, as was Soul), started to boil water for their dinner- pasta with meat sauce- and got out a small black case, and a worn out music book, she had decided to practice her flute. She had played flute since she was 4, and always thought of it as a wonderful way to relax herself. She flopped down on her bed, flipped to her new favorite song, and began to blow out the soft, sweet melody.

Soul had just finished his essay and packed everything up for tomorrow when he heard the gentle song emitting from her room. He smiled to himself and closed his eyes.

Soon the song stopped, and his eyes opened, he could smell something delicious coming from the kitchen.

"Just in time for dinner," she said as he burst through the door,

"Heh...ya" He blushed, and sat down at the kitchen table as she set down the plates.

His drooled at the mouthwatering smell coming from the pasta, and quickly scarfed it down, getting up for seconds.

"It's not good to eat that fast, Soul" She nagged

He sighed "Maka, stop being so annoying!" he said, and quickly realized that what he'd just said sounded really rude "It's just good, so I can't help it" he added quickly "You bet your 'cool' ass it is!" She said, using her fingers to put quotes on 'cool', and returned to eating. Oh Maka, He thought How could I ever have fallen in love with you so easily? He smirked.