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"Maka, I want to take you out somewhere" Soul suddenly said, as soon as the thought popped into his head,

"LIKE A DATE!" She practically screamed, and jumped out of her seat on the couch,

"Heh...ya...like a date" He said, and smirked at her,

"Okay! I'll get my prettiest dress on!" She squealed and ran into her room

"It's not that-" Soul started but was cut off by her door slamming, "...fancy..." he finished,

"I know that Soul! But I want to look good!" She yelled back, Soul sighed and went into his room to get changed into something a bit nicer.

Back in Maka's room, was was trying to decide what to wear, Well...it's a really nice, warm day, so maybe I should wear something light... She thought to herself

What should I wear? Soul thought to himself, I don't want to be too fancy...but then again, Maka will probably get mad if I just wear my usual clothes...

. . . . .

Soul was sitting on the couch, waiting for Maka to finish getting ready. Geez, what takes girls so long to get dressed? He thought as he scowled to himself, but just then, Maka came out, and the frown disappeared. She had on a light green sun dress with her hair in a loose bun, tied with red ribbon. Soul's mouth practically dropped to the floor when he saw her. He stood up walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her passionately

"You look amazing, Maka" He said, staring into her eyes, she giggled, and blushed a light pink,

"You don't look too bad, yourself" She looked down at his outfit. He had chosen to wear a loose red T-shirt with blue jeans that were rolled up a few times at the ankles.

. . . . .

"So...where are you taking me?" Maka asked as they walked hand in hand down the sunny road that would lead them to a small cluster of caf├ęs and restaurants, he smirked secretively and kept walking,

"Soul!' She complained and hit him playfully on the back,

"Not telling you!" He sang out, she growled and looked away but didn't press him further, what he didn't know was that when she looked away she smiled to herself, she loved surprises!

They soon arrived at an ice cream stand and Soul asked her what she wanted, with without skipping a beat, she replied,

"Mint chocolate chip, please" She smiled at the teen who was working at the stand,

"Comin' right up Ma'am!" He said, and winked at her and blew her a flirtatious kiss, Soul flushed red and started shouting at the man,

"Who are you to blow my girlfriend a kiss? Huh!" The teen looked up at Soul and started stuttering nonsense,

"I...u-uh...well...er, I..."

"Huh? Tell me!"

"I'm very sorry, Sir, I thought you two were siblings!" he said and looked away, both Maka and Soul stared at him with wide eyes

"U-um...Soul...what would you like?" Maka whispered, there was silence for a few moments, then he replied,

"I've lost my appetite" He spat. The ice cream man opened the the glass door to the ice creams and scooped out 3 scoops into a cone, then handed it to Maka, saying

"You can have it for free"

"Pft, it'd better be free" Soul muttered, Maka elbowed him in the ribs and managed to give the guy a weak smile, then walked away, and weaved her fingers through Soul's.

They walked to the park and sat down on a bench, Maka rested her head on Souls shoulder, he kissed her head and whispered

"I love you" and dipped the tip of his finger in her ice cream and brought it to his lips, "Mm, I never liked this kind, but this sure is good!" He said, sounding impressed, Maka looked up to see Soul smiling at her and she reached her lips to his, he noted that she tasted sweetly of mint and chocolate, he rested one of his hands gently on her hair, her hands tugged on his shirt, bringing him closer to her. He ran his fingers through her hair, but found her slowly pulling away,

"I love you too, Soul Eater, and I always will" She whispered, her voice dripping with love and compassion, as she pulled him back to her, and they sat there, kissing until her ice cream melted, and the sun dipped under the horizon.

The End

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