Okay, it's my third fanfic! I'm glad to have reached this milestone.

Longer summary since the other one couldn't hold too much:

So, the story takes place after the twelfth book in the Canterwood Crest series, which I'm sure you've figured out already. Sasha has everything-but all that slips when she realizes Brit and Jacob have been spending time together. To make it worse, Sasha accidentally reads Brit's diary, which says something about "not wanting to take him up on his offer, because Sasha would get mad." Could it be? Read to find out!

Read and COMMENT! I've already written three chapters but wanted to know if this fanfic is worth continuing.


Chapter One

Yup, She's Gone—Right?

I scribbled down one last thing in my silver assignment notebook before hurrying out of Mrs. Utz's math class. She'd kept us in for three extra minutes before Andy had reminded her of the time. As I headed out the door, trying to cram my math book into my already-full bag, I bumped into someone.

"Whoa!" I said, grabbing onto the wall for support. Something flat and black fell from the guy's hand. He looked up. It was Ben.

"Oh, sorry," I apologized, reaching for the object he dropped. It was a phone. I started to hand it back when I saw the screen and froze. It was a picture of Julia, smiling while petting her horse Trix.

It was like I couldn't breathe. Ben grabbed his phone back and set off, cheeks flushed. I forced myself to keep walking.

Julia's expulsion had happened a mere weekend ago—which wasn't nearly enough for us (the remaining Trio, Brit, me and Ben) to get over it. Even though she'd written horrible, untrue things about Brit, Heather, me, Paige, the stable-wide Halloween Trail Ride—I still couldn't believe it. She was really gone.

Her room had been cleaned out, name removed from attendance sheets—it was like she'd never gone to Canterwood. What was the Trio now? The Double? I had no idea.

Orchard Hall rose into view. I pushed open the doors gratefully, blue sparkly messenger bag with adorable little heart iron-ons bumping against my leg. I hurried to the room I shared with Brit, shoving the key in the lock and tossing my bag down on my bed.

Brit jumped. She was all dressed for our riding lesson, her laptop opened on her lap.

"What?" I asked, opening a drawer and pulling out dark-blue breeches.

"Um, Julia posted something." She pulled her braid over her shoulder.

I froze. "On her blog? How?"

She showed me the page. The latest post had gone up about an hour ago.

I drew back. "Is it anything mean?"

"No." Brit shook her head. I leaned closer to see the white font scrawled across the page.

To those I blogged about-

Listen, I'm really sorry for all I posted. It was untrue and mean. You guys were my friends, and just because I was mad about the YENT, it was no excuse to treat you like that. I'm so, so sorry. I'm actually getting used to life at Wellington. I know you probably won't forgive me for what I did, but I had no chance to apologize before I left and had to try.


I reeled back as if someone had slapped me. It wasn't the fact that she was apologizing. My finger shook as I pointed to the words, "life at Wellington".

"She's going to Wellington now?" I asked, horrified. "With Jasmine? How?"

Brit shrugged helplessly. I pulled out my phone and typed.

Did u hear abt Julia?

I sent it to Heather and Alison. Minutes later, I got a reply from Heather.

To: Sasha Silver

From: Heather Fox

No. What?

I logged into BlackBerry Messenger.

Sasha Silver:

She posted a sry letter on her blog. But that's not it. She's going 2 Wellington now! With JAS!

Heather Fox:

U sure Silver?

Sasha Silver:

Sure. Look on her blog.

Heather Fox:

Ugh. I hate that thing. U know what she put on it?

Sasha Silver:

1sthand. But srsly, do it.

It took her a few minutes to reply, probably because she was looking up the post.

Heather Fox:

OMG! Do u think she'll side with JAS now?

Sasha Silver:

Hope not.

Heather Fox:

We better not let that happen. That would b horrendous. J and Jas—ugh.

Sasha Silver:

I kno. Have u talked all w/Julia?

Heather Fox:

No. OMG, we'll b late 4 practice! C u stable.

Heather Fox has left.

I exited BBM and resumed changing while Brit laced up a paddock boot. She looked at me. "Do you think Julia really is sorry?"

"I don't know," I confessed, pulling my hair into a ponytail. "She should be, after all she did. But the way she talked about the blog—it was like she worshipped it. I have no clue."