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Five o'clock was when Ethan woke up.

Five thirty was when he met Jane in the lobby of their hotel.

Six o'clock was when they stood at the hospital reception desk waiting to be sent through to see their friends.

"Ah, good morning." The doctor approached them with a warm smile on his face and shook their hands. "You'll be pleased to know that both Benjamin and William are doing well." The two agents smiled at this; letting out the breath they didn't realise they had been holding.

"Can we see them yet?" Ethan asked.

"Well, we're just letting William get some rest after we started the PEEP treatment but-"

"PEEP?" Jane asked, inquisitively.

"It's just something to help his breathing get back to normal while his lung heals." When Jane nodded, the doctor went on. "As I was saying, he will need some rest, however I was just going to wake Benjamin up for his medication so you can follow me through to his room if you like."

The pair nodded eagerly and stayed on the doctor's heels as he led them through to Benji's room. They hadn't seen either of their friends since they had first arrived at the hospital so there was some apprehension in the lead-up to seeing the tech, but they were just glad that this time, they would see him knowing that everything was going to be ok. As they entered the room, they saw that Benji was still sleeping and he looked so much more peaceful than the previous night. His shirt was removed to display the thick layer of wrapping placed over the knife wound and his nose had been given some support. Under the sheet, they knew that he would have his leg bandaged to cover the wound to his knee and his left index finger was covered in a small amount of the white gauze to hide his healing nail. He also had a patch covering both the front and back of his head; each area had a small amount of blood which had managed to seep through from the gashes. Grabbing the two chairs and pulling them closer to the bed, they watched as the doctor gently tried to rouse the sleeping Brit. It took a few moments however they saw Benji's blue eyes flutter open soon enough and were relieved to see him give the doctor a small smile.

"Welcome back, Benjamin. How are you feeling?" the doctor spoke sweetly to their friend, who had not yet noticed their presence.

"Where's Brandt?" came Benji's response. It made Ethan and Jane smile seeing just how alike their two friends were. No matter what one had been through, they were always more worried about the other.

"He's doing fine, don't you worry." Benji nodded at the doctor's words and licked his visibly dry lips. "Now I'm just going to give you your medication, however you have some visitors." The doctor motioned with his head towards Ethan and Jane. They saw Benji turn his head and the weak smile appeared on his face again.

"Hey, Benji." Ethan said with a smile, shifting on his seat as Jane reached out to grasp the tech's uninjured hand in her own.

"Hey." Benji's voice was still groggy from his slumber however he still retained his little spark which reassured the two agents that he was going to be ok.


Once Benji had received his medication, the doctor warned Ethan and Jane that their friend would become drowsy so not to worry if he lost consciousness again. The pair sat with him as they discussed everything but what had happened. They knew the events would have to be reviewed at some point, but at that moment in time, it could wait. They didn't want to cause Benji any anguish due to memories which could arise; memories of what he and Brandt endured at the hands of Samuel.

After a short while, they noticed that Benji's eyes were starting to get heavy and he was clearly trying to fight the imminent sleep.

"Get some rest, Benj." Jane said, standing up and placing a hand on his shoulder. "We'll still be here when you wake up."

"Wait…" the sleepy voice protested. "Do you have any paper? A pen?" Jane grabbed a piece of paper from her bag and Ethan fished a pen from his jacket pocket. They watched as Benji scribbled something onto it before folding it so that it was only the size of a coin. He then held it out for Ethan to take. "Give this to Brandt when you see him, ok?"

"Of course." Ethan looked from the small item in his hand back to Benji, who smiled before letting his eyes close. His hand fell limply and hung from the edge of the bed. Jane watched as their team leader took the pen from their friend and gently placed his hand back onto the mattress. With a smile, Ethan wrapped his arms around Jane. She let herself fall into his embrace and felt secure. Their friends were alive and Samuel was gone. Now all that mattered was that Benji and Brandt recovered.


Brandt ran across the vast landscape as he saw the cliff edge getting closer. He could see, just on the very end of the ground, the pair of hands grasping to keep hold and he knew he had to be quick. He wouldn't let Benji fall. He got closer and closer.

He was almost there.

Suddenly, an invisible force pushed him back, sending him flying through the air. Landing painfully on his back, Brandt quickly rushed to his feet to see a figure leaning over the edge.

Maybe someone was helping Benji.

However, when the figure stood, Brandt realised that this person definitely did not want to help Benji.

Samuel rose to his feet and lifted Benji, holding him over the edge with one hand wrapped around the tech's throat. Brandt could see that the grasp was slowly cutting off Benji's air and he knew he had to do something before his friend either suffocated or fell to his death. Brandt began to run once again.

He was merely a few meters away.

Then, without warning, everything around him began to disappear.

"Brandt?" his name was being called. Whoever it was, they were in the distance and therefore it was unclear who it was. Brandt was unsure whether he wanted to find out who it was, worried that it was Samuel. He felt the fear that when he went to the voice, it would be their tormentor wanting to make him watch as more pain was inflicted on Benji.

After a few more moments, the voice got closer anyway and something tugged at Brandt's senses causing him to doubt that the voice was hostile. Reluctantly, he decided to follow the voice all the way to consciousness, the sound getting louder and closer as he went. Following a trip that seemed to last a lifetime, he managed to open his eyes to find himself in a hospital room.

With Ethan standing over him.

He blinked a few times to try and figure out whether he was imagining it, but when he felt Ethan's hand slide something into his own, he knew it was real.

"This is from Benji." The leader said, with a smile. As he watched the man sit in a chair next to Jane, who was also smiling, he opened his clenched fist to reveal a small piece of paper.

From Benji… Brandt thought as he unfolded the paper. As he glanced down at the scrawled handwriting that was so evidently Benji's, Brandt found himself smiling himself.

Thank you, Will.



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