Hey everyone, this is the sequel to "For Eternity". So if you haven't read it yet, I strongly recommend that you do. Although, I suppose this fic could be read independently. I've posted a short summary about the prequel for better understanding - cause it's been more than a year since "For Eternity" was written. It's more futuristic as our favorite couple are around mid twenties. Anyway, enjoy!

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For Eternity Summary

Hotsuma sacrificed his life to destroy the Book of Raziel and the Book of Solomon with his newly acquired power. Shusei was devastated at the loss of his partner and moved on to pursue music after graduating from high school. Seven years passed, before Hotsuma had been reincarnated once again, but without the memory of his past life. With the stroke of luck, Hotsuma and Shusei met once again when Shusei was holding a charity concert. Hotsuma didn't recognize his lover but when Shusei forced a kiss on him, the treasured memories returned and the both of them were finally together again.

Chapter 1

Shusei stepped into his penthouse and groaned in frustration. He was surprisingly annoyed and everyone knew that Usui Shusei rarely gets annoyed. His day had gone by as usual, with him going to the agency for the occasional meetings with his producer and crew and the occasional recordings. The meeting today however, was the final straw. How many times must he say that he is just not interested in going on a damn world tour?

It had been around five years since he became a professional musician and pianist. His recent album, For Eternity was an international hit and he had been asked to go on a world tour to promote his album. The management was getting more and more persistent that he goes on the world tour, allowing him to further improve and grow as an upcoming musician.

Shusei sighed once again as he dropped his bag on the floor, stepped into his bedroom and fell face flat onto the bed unceremoniously. He hated today – he hated those damn producers. Why can't they just respect his decision for once? He nearly wanted to shout out in frustration as he recalled today's meeting.


"Usui-kun, you should really consider going on the world tour. This is a great opportunity for you as a musician. It will greatly improve your skills and exposure to the world," said his producer for the millionth time.

Shusei pursed his lips slightly, holding back his urge to shout that his producer. But he controlled himself – he was after all known for being a perfect gentleman and he did not wish to tarnish his reputation right now. He was after all, a well-known figure in Japan. He exhaled lightly before straightening his posture, his eyes gazing intensely at the middle-aged man in front of him.

"With all due respect, Takarada-san, I think I am not ready for this tour. I wish to continue my growth in Japan first and establish myself here before I consider going to other countries," said Shusei, as patiently as he could. Similar conversations like this had taken place too many times this past month and honestly, Shusei was exhausted of having similar conversations with all the different crew members.

"Nonsense, Usui-kun. You have been a musician for nearly five years now. It's about time you venture outside Japan. Anyway, you don't have to come up with a final decision yet. There is still some more time for you to decide. But… I strongly recommend that you do go ahead with this tour," said producer Takarada as he escorted the young prodigy to his office door. Shusei bowed before taking his leave, nearby wanting to slam the door shut in frustration. 'That's my final decision! Why can't you just accept it?' Shusei nearly growled out his thoughts.


Shusei felt his head throbbing just thinking about work. Initially, he had genuinely enjoyed just writing music and recording and playing the piano. However, when he had finally been reunited with Hotsuma, his whole life changed. He didn't want to part ways with Hotsuma so soon after he had just found him. No… no he couldn't bear the thought of being separated from Hotsuma – not so soon after their reunion.

Shusei forced his body to relax and he heard the front door unlocked. He closed his eyes and inwardly smiled as he heard the familiar footsteps making its way closer to him. He felt the mattress sink a little and he shivered as he felt a pair of warm lips brushing across his neck.

"Shusei… are you alright?" a deep voice whispered gently into his ears and Shusei turned his head and smiled to the man lying on the bed next to him. Renjo Hotsuma looked irresistible as ever, with the messy blond locks framing his face and the bottomless golden tinted eyes staring back at him. Shusei let out a tired sigh as he brought himself closer to Hotsuma, his face leaning onto the broad chest.

"I'm fine, it's the usual… my producer is getting more and more persistent," said Shusei, his previous annoyance and frustration melting away immediately as he felt himself being embraced by Hotsuma. Hotsuma gave him a look of sympathy before brushing his lips over Shusei's forehead, attempting to sooth his partner's worries.

"The world tour issue?" asked Hotsuma as he rested his lips on the forehead. He felt Shusei nod his head and they fell into a comfortable silence. Hotsuma rubbed Shusei's back and was relieved when he felt the latter finally relaxing in his arms.

"Shusei, you know…" he said, pausing for a while before continuing. "You know that you don't have to worry about me right? I mean… I don't want to interfere with your work," said Hotsuma. Although Shusei never once confide in Hotsuma about his decision, Hotsuma guessed easily that he was holding Shusei back – and he hated it. He didn't Shusei to compromise his career just for him.

He felt Shusei tensed a little, and he brushed his lips over the now furrowed brows. "I know that it's only been recently that we were finally together again, but… I really want what's best for you, Shusei," he finally said.

He felt Shusei clenching into his shirt, causing wrinkles to form. "I-I just don't want to be separated from you yet, Hotsuma," Shusei said, his voice laced with emotion. "Who knows how long this stupid world tour will be? We will be separated for months!" said Shusei.

Hotsuma pulled back and stare right into Shusei's eyes, his gaze never wavering. "Shusei, you know that I will always be here right? I'm not going anywhere this time so don't worry about me. Think for yourself for once, Shusei."

Shusei's gaze softened at his partner's concern. It's ironic that Hotsuma is the levelheaded and matured one now. He chuckled at the thought and Hotsuma blinked in surprise. "What?" asked Hotsuma as he arched an eyebrow. Shusei just shook his head lightly, his eyes twinkling in slight amusement. "You sounded so matured, Hotsuma," he said, a tiny smile gracing his lips.

Hotsuma was glad that Shusei was feeling better now. He hated it when the music prodigy was stressed and bottling up all of his worries to himself.

"How about you? How was your day?" asked Shusei as he glanced back at Hotsuma. Hotsuma shrugged lightly before answering, "It's alright. I still find it weird that my university classmates are younger than myself," he sighed. "It can't be help. Afterall, I am already 24…"

Shusei shook his head lightly as he rested their foreheads together. "I bet all the girls are chasing after you. That makes me rather jealous," he huffed a little at the thought of young women who just turned adults flirting with Hotsuma.

Hotsuma let out a slight chuckle and their noses brushed against each other. "Says the guy who has the whole of Japan ogling at him," Hotsuma retorted back and they both laughed out in amusement.

He went closer to Shusei and pressed his lips onto the Shusei's lips. Shusei let out a slight moan and he pressed himself closer to the blond, tilting his head to a better position.

Although they had kissed many times, each kiss still sent Shusei into a wave of pleasure. He suppressed another moan when he felt Hotsuma's tongue tracing his lower lips. Shusei parted his lips and another wave of pleasure hit him as he felt Hotsuma's hot, wet tongue invading into his mouth, tracing every inch of it.

Finally the lack of oxygen hit into their brains and they both parted unwillingly. Both of them were flushed as they breathed unevenly, eyes still staring at each other. Hotsuma was the first to recover and he brought his lips to the base of Shusei's neck, licking and suckling onto his collarbone. Shusei fisted into the blond hair as he felt his body heating up to a whole new level at the feel of Hotsuma on his body.

He could feel Hotsuma invading his senses entirely; from the sweet smelling shampoo on the blond hair to the feel of tongue and teeth latching itself on his collarbone to the solid weight of Hotsuma's body encasing him.

Hotsuma lifted his head to see Shusei all flushed below him. He so badly wanted to take the brunet right there, but he restrained himself. Now was not the proper time, he thought. Shusei cupped Hotsuma's cheeks and crushed his lips once again to Hotsuma's, and he heard Hotsuma growled lightly. Their lips were locked in an exotic dance and then the doorbell rang, snapping the both of them out from their trance.

Shusei growled in annoyance at the interruption. He locked his arms around Hotsuma's neck and kissed him fiercely again. Hotsuma groaned before unwillingly releasing the kiss. "Shusei… the door," he whispered huskily as Shusei was placing chaste kisses onto the corner of the chiseled lips. "Ignore it," Shusei whispered back and they both exchanged yet another passionate kiss.

However, the doorbell kept ringing and Shusei tsked in annoyance before releasing Hotsuma and pushing himself off the bed. He pressed a button on the mic and wanted to shout out to the person who had interrupted them. "Usui here. Who is this?" he said into the mic, wanting to curse this person who had interrupted his moment. The voice on the other end gave a slight cough before replying, "Shusei… it's your mother here."

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