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Raven was tossing and turning later that night. Beast Boy had indeed kicked Beast Boy's ass at videogames much to Beast Boy's disappointment. Probably because he'd had so much experience at video games. Just one of the many causes of having played videogames consistently since being a teenager was kicking ass at them in your mid-thirties. The whole thing was amusing but didn't help her sleep any. Something felt so off about it, but she couldn't quite get at what it was. Not just the time travel thing but something else, something deeper. It seemed almost familiar and it was nagging at her.

Giving in to her sleep deprived state she headed down to the main room to make herself a cup of herbal tea. She tried to remember what kind of tea she used to like, and hoped there would be something she didn't hate. As entered she squinted at the harsh blue glare coming from the oversized monitors in the room. Robin was, of course, sitting there pouring over the footage. I all the years she'd known him she never understood just where the footage actually came from.

Nevertheless she silently moved through the room as not to disturb him. Though when she opened the cabinet to see what kind of tea Raven had for her Robin whirled around aiming one of his many projectiles at her, though she couldn't see which in the dark. She could barely even remember what used to be on his toolbelt he'd been through so many variations. When he saw it was her he lowered whatever-it-was and came towards her.

"Sorry to disturb you," she said as she wrinkled her nose at the options before her. She picked up one that wasn't horrible and a bag placed it in her mug.

"No it's not your fault." He said rubbing the back of his head. "It's just something about this fight bothers me. I can't quite figure out what it is though."

She puts water in the kettle and on the stove with a thoughtful expression before saying "seems familiar in ways you can't put your figure out?"

"Yeah but it's even more than that. If she's as great a fighter as she seems how did we capture her? Why hasn't she time traveled away yet? It just-"he pauses and frowns at the floor

"Doesn't add up" they said it in unison.

They're heads shoot up and they look at one another.

They stay like that for a moment until the tea kettle starts to whistle.

Raven jumps a little then takes the tea pot of the heat then turns the burner off. As she pours the hot water into her cup she says "we're obviously on the same line of thinking. But it can wait until tomorrow. You need your sleep," this last part she adds sternly "You're not going to be a teenager forever and while you are you need your rest."

"Well thanks mom "he adds sarcastically"

She pauses for a moment. Looking as if she's deciding to say something or not before adding "Look Robing I've been with you for a lot of stuff," and she pauses again before adding "Let's just say there are some things that are easier to deal with earlier than later, plus I'm old enough to be your mom so quit with the sarcasm." The last part she adds lightly. Then she ruffles his hair.

"Raven!" he adds indignantly

Raven laughs and in her best mom voice says "Now go to bed mister get some sleep. See ya in the morning!"

She leaves giggling quietly to herself as Robin stares. Wondering how Raven has become this seemingly carefree woman she seems to be today.

He sighs and thinks about her cryptic comment just before teasing him and going back to her bedroom. His last thought before he falls asleep is "Beast Boy must be good for her"

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