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Chapter Twenty: Living Without You

This was her first time back in Karakura Town. The last time she was here, she had said goodbye to everyone. It had only been months but a lot has changed since then. She was no longer 4'8½" as Captain Hitsugaya but she was just about the same height as Orihime. Her hair was cut longer then it was when she last seen everyone here and (as Rangiku commented) she was more "womanly" in her figure. It was Captain Kurotsuchi who did this to her, him and his damned experiments. She leaned against the trunk of the tree she was in and sighed a bit, not knowing what she'd think she could accomplish by coming here but maybe she hoped that she could be with Edward in this form. Then there were thoughts that implanted themselves into her mind, What if he's already moved on? It has been about two years since she was last here, it was highly likey that he did and if he did, she'd be okay with that. She wanted him happy and that's the end of it. She was afraid of the answer. She didn't want to be heartbroken. It may have been just a feeling but she wouldn't be able to deal with it for the rest of her time being a hybrid - Human/Shinigami. Then again, there was a huge chance that he would never came or will come back here. That was likely. Every step she took after that made her heart sink more and more into darkness of maybes and what ifs rather then what he really wanted.


First time back in two months. He went to Karakura every two months since Rukia had left. He'd go back, put flowers in the tallest trees, and he wander around the town for a while before leaving. He process every time he came back. Maybe he was hoping that she'd be there. Whatever the reason, he always came back regardless of what anyone told him and from time to time Al would come with him too. Al had come with him this time but he went only god knows where. He stopped infront of a tall tree and sighed a bit, thinking back to seeing Rukia grinning up at him from the tree in his dream the previous night. He reached up and started tying a flower to a tree. "Who's that for?" A woman's voice emerged from the tree and it was so incredibly familiar.

"A girl that I-" He looked up and seen a pair of violet eyes staring down at him, looking as shocked as he presumed he did. "Rukia.."


They stared at each other in complete silence. She launched herself out of the tree and into an embrace. The two were overwhelmed with emotions; relief, happiness, ect.

Edward smiled,"It's been two long years but I've loved you the entire time"

Rukia laughed a bit and looked at him,"That was so corny and unlike you"

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