"Prince Ozai, the raiders have reported back, with success." Zhao said.

"Excellent, so the last southern bender is dead?" Ozai asked.

"No, as it turns out, your father wanted the raiders to take the women, as a way to humiliate the southern tribe." Zhao said.

"Humph, in actual talk, we were running low on slaves and meat for the men weren't we?" Ozai asked smugly.

"You know it, and there are even some kids just in case your children want some new toys." Zhao said.

Zhao and Ozai laughed all the way to the palace`s living room.

Zuko and Azula were chasing each other while Ursa was brushing leaves out of Mai and Ty lee`s hair.

"Honestly girls, Ursa said, cant you play games that don't involve injury or the need of a bath?"

"But where's the fun in that, Mommy?" Azula asked.

Ursa frowned at her daughter then finished taking the gunk out of her daughter`s friends hair.

Ozai and Zhao entered the room.

"Wife, kids, daughter`s friends, come along now I want you to see something." Ozai said.

A perplexed Ursa gathered her children and followed the two men out to the docks.

Ozai and Zhao led them to the southern raider`s docks and Ursa was horrified to see Water tribe women in chains being led to a prison truck.

"Zuko, Azula take your friends and go inside now! Your father and I need to talk." Ursa said.

"Please, princess, Zhao said, you should understa…"

"Zhao, get out of my sight, I said I want to talk to my husband and I will!" Ursa said.

"You better do what she says." Ozai said.

"But prince." Zhao said.

"Now please, I want to hear my little wife out." Ozai said chuckling.

"I don't know what kind of sick game you're playing, Ursa said, but how dare you, how dare you expose my children to this!"

Ozai laughed and slapped his knee.

"My Ursa, you worry too much." Ozai said.

"This isn't a game, why on earth would your father do this!" Ursa demanded.

"You know, exactly why they, Ozai said pointing at the women, are here."

Ursa`s eyes widened and she nearly smacked Ozai`s smug face off.

"You're having an affair, aren't you?" She said.

Ozai laughed even harder this time.

"Oh, sweet stupid wife of mine, I thought you were smart." Ozai said raising his brows.

"They're going to be raped?" Ursa screeched.

"Nail hit." Ozai said.

Ozai called Zuko and Azula over and the two re-entered the docks followed by Azulon.

"Father." Ozai said slightly bowing.

Azulon scowled and put his clawed fingers on his grandchildren`s shoulders.

"Yon Rha, get over here." Azulon demanded.

The commander walked over and kneeled.

"I don't know why I changed my orders, but I'm satisfied to know I have humiliated the water tribe, take your reward and leave." Azulon said dropping a bag of gold coins.

Yon took the gold and bowed to the royals before rejoining his troops.

"Firelord, Ursa said boldly, why?"

Azulon bore deep into her eyes.

"I have no intention of addressing that." Azulon said.

He escorted them to the trucks filled with the Water tribe mothers and children.

"Go ahead now; pick out any servant you want before they head to the mines." Azulon said.

Azula and Ozai smiled and leaped onto the truck.

Zuko started to head back to the palace.

"Boy, why do you not indulge?" Azulon asked.

"There people, not object, besides, two to one odds your going take the ones with 'child-bearing hips' for yourself." Zuko said.

Azulon actually smirked at this.

Ursa hoped onto the truck giving the women apologetic looks.

"These kids are all boring." Azula said.

"Young lady, you go outside now." Ursa said sternly.

Azula scoffed and left.

Ursa was about to leave when she saw Ozai coming from the front with a woman and two children.

"What is this?" Ursa asked.

"This, is Hakoda`s wife and children." Ozai said.

Ozai brushed past his wife and she caught eyes with the woman.

She had long brown hair tied into a pony-tail similar to Ty lee`s.

The woman had eyes as blue and clear as a crystal pond and light chocolate colored skin.

She was wearing a thick blue fur coat that actually showed off her features.

Her figure was similar to Ursa`s only she was slightly shorter than Ursa.

Ursa looked into her eyes and was strangely interested in this person.

After a while she realized her husband had left and she was blushing slightly.

When Ursa had returned to the palace she saw Ozai introducing their children to the woman and children he just brought with him.

"Ah Ursa, I`d like you to meet Kya, and her two children Sokka and Katara." Ozai said.

Kya`s children clung to her while Azula looked on in amusement and Zuko looked on in sympathy.

"Everyone please, get settled down." Ozai said leaving.

They stood there in awkward silence until Ursa asked if they were hungry.

"Is there a kitchen?" Kya asked.

"Yes, just down the hall I'll join you." Ursa said.

"Are my kids safe with yours?" Kya asked.

"They're safe with my son, Ursa said, But Azula well…"

Azula folded her arms and huffed.

"I dot need to be insulted." Azula said.

Kya kissed her children on the forehead before leaving with Ursa.

"Mommy!" Katara said trying to follow her.

"Oh look at that." Azula teased.

Katara teared up and hid behind Sokka.

"Listen you two, don't try anything, or else!" Sokka said, trying his best to be brave.

Azula smirked and shot a medium fireball at them.

The water tribe kids shut their eyes but when they opened them they saw Zuko had intercepted the blaze and put it out.

Zuko looked back and Sokka saw an honest form of bravery and sternness in his eyes.

Zuko grabbed Azula by the wrist and pulled her over his knee.

He swatted her back-side for a few minutes before making her stand in the corner.

By this time Mai and Ty lee had entered the room to meet the new-combers.

"Hey, that was nice and, sort of hilarious." Sokka said trying to retain his laughter.

"Well, don't worry about Azula, she`s just a little crazy." Zuko said.

"Hate you, hate you all!" Azula sniffled from the corner.

"Hey, you brought that on yourself young lady." Zuko said.

"Hi I'm Ty lee and this is Mai." Ty lee said squeezing Katara with a hug.

Mai shrugged and shook Sokka`s hand.

"Your friend with the pony-tail is kinda cute." Sokka whispered into Zuko`s ear.

"I`m sorry about my husband, and the way you got here." Ursa said helping Kya make lunch.

"It's okay, I'm alive, and my kids are okay, and I have confidence that my husband will find me one day." Kya said.

"I just feel awful, and…oh dear your sweating, why don't you take your coat off." Ursa said.

Kya wiped the sweat from her brow and removed her coat.

Now Ursa could fully see Kya`s figure.

Her bust and hip span was around the same size as Ursa and so would other things as she would find out.

"So your husband, Kya said, does he always act like that?"

"No. He`s usually not this polite to guests or children." Ursa said.

The two women laughed.

"You know my husband, as brave as is he is, sometimes he isn't there." Kya said.

Ursa took upon a look of sympathy and a look at Kya`s chest.

"But its war time, but…I at least thought he would…get me and the children to safety first." Kya said.

Ursa hugged Kya and she started to weep a bit.

Ursa stroked the woman's hair but it didn't help.

So Ursa did the only thing she thought would help.

Ursa…kissed Kya on her mouth.

Kya blushed and was taken back.

But eventually she relaxed into it and returned Ursa`s kiss.

Eventually they both opened their mouths and began to tongue but finally gained control of themselves.

Ursa straightened out her hair and Kya did the same.

"We should…serve the kids lunch." Ursa said.

"Yes, I agree." Kya said picking up a tray of food.

Ursa walked out first and received a slap on the behind from Kya.

Ursa pretended to ignore it and walked on.

"Man…such a figure she must have." Kya thought biting her lower lip.