"Ozai have you seen Zuko?" Ursa asked her husband.

"I don't really care where that useless child is." Ozai said.

"Would it really hurt you to try and show some care for your son?" Ursa said sarcastically to Ozai.

"Look, the little twerp is probably asleep in his room, now leave me alone woman." Ozai said, returning to his work.

Ursa went to check on her son, disgusted by her husband's actions. Ursa went into her son`s room to tuck him in.

"Goodnight Zuko." Ursa said, leaning over to give him a hug.

"Um mom, I think I'm too old to be tucked in so maybe I could just tell you I'm going to bed and end it at that." Zuko said scooting away.

"Zuko, is there something wrong?" Ursa asked.

"No, no, no, it`s just that…well I think I might get more sleep if we cut out the tuck in process." Zuko said.

"Well…if you feel like that okay, can I at least get a good night hug and kiss?" Ursa said, holding out her arms.

"Um, I think Azula needs it more than me." Zuko said flopping over and trying to get fake sleep. Ursa left her sons chamber to Azula`s.

"Is, is my son avoiding me?" Ursa said to herself.

Ursa made it to Azula`s chambers just in time to see her daughter wake up.

"Mother, okay look I didn't do anything." Azula said.

"Relax I`m here to tuck you in." Ursa said.

Azula was a tad taken back and scrunched to the head of her bed.

Ursa pulled her daughter back to the pillows and pulled the blanket over her; Ursa kissed Azula on the forehead and hugged her.

"Goodnight, I'll see you in the morning." Ursa said.

"Mom, thank you." Azula said nervously.

Ursa smiled and left, but she had a sad look on her face afterwards.

Ursa went into the bath-houses, got undressed and filled the room with the steaming water.

Ursa sat in the water, letting the comforting steam whip away her stress.

Ursa sat there and relaxed for minuets on end until she felt someone join her bath, the person began to rub their hands through her hair and let her hands travel until Ursa was being wrapped in a comforting hug.

"Oh, hello Kya." Ursa said trying to get a happy voice.

Kya slipped into the bath next to Ursa and dropped the towel she was wearing.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Kya said, pulling Ursa closer to her hip.

"My kids are maturing faster than normal, and I feel as if I`ve been a bad mother." Ursa said rubbing her cheek on Kya`s bosom.

"Well, why don't you let me take care of that for you?" Kya said.

Kya pulled Ursa closer to her, caressed her cheek and gave her a kiss.

It was passionate yet short, as Kya had intended to keep her promise to bathe with the fire princess.

Kya picked up a soapy sponge and used it to scrub Ursa`s back and hips, the water tribes woman took special time to scrub Ursa`s arms and legs, she also took extra care of Ursa`s shapely and womanly regions.

Ursa took the sponge and began to scrub Kya down.

She used the same special treatment Kya had given her with her womanly areas and sensitive spots often earning a small giggle from the woman. Ursa wrapped her arms around Kya and thanked her by suckling on her breasts.

"There I hope you feel better." Kya said, stroking Ursa`s hair.

"Thank you now let me tuck you in." Ursa said.

Ursa and Kya dried off, albeit Kya got a little bit frisky and smacked Ursa`s bottom with her towel, and Ursa responded by stealing hers.

Eventually the both got dressed in silk fire nation robes.

Ursa led her friend to a guest bed chamber, complete with a queen-sized bed and silk sheets. Ursa pulled the sheets over them and wrapped her arms lovingly around Kya, who thanked her with a good-night kiss.

"Thank-you Kya." Ursa said drifting off to sleep while holding and being held by her friend.