A month later…

"Guinevere is pregnant." Arthur announced happily and Merlin smiled to him. They were in the small garden where only the royal family was allowed to come. Merlin was placed himself on the sunniest place.

"Congratulations Arthur. That will explain some things. Like her mood lately."

"But you don't look so surprised." Arthur sounded disappointed when he sat beside of Merlin. Merlin laughed but he seemed to be far away, his eyes somewhere else.

"No, I didn't know but, I saw a dream. There were three boys; all of them same age. Youngest of them was your son. One of them was his cousin. One of them was his brother. One of them was powerful with magic, maybe more than I."

"My son's cousin? You mean Morgana's son? Are you serious?" Arthur yelped.

"I'm not good as a seer, or a healer. Although I can master earth and water and fire magic, I'm always bonded to air. But now, it was so clear. So if you don't have any other siblings, like brothers and sisters, then he was Morgana's son." Merlin was sure. He hoped that Arthur wouldn't ask anything more.

"Then I can only think who is the father." Arthur muttered.

Merlin flinched. He had a hunch, but he didn't wanted to share it. He had never told anything what happened between him and Morgana that night when his memory was lost. And he could think who was the stepbrother of Morgana's son. Soon he would go to visit Avalon and see Freya.

"Where they friends?" Arthur asked suddenly, worry on his tone.

Merlin gazed him. The question what he had never though. "I think so."

And Arthur looked bit of relieved.

"So it is a son. Although, maybe you don't want to mention that to Guinevere; she hopes girl."

"Oh, there will be a girl someday." Merlin muttered so that Arthur didn't heard him. Merlin leaned forward.

"I received a gift." Merlin opened his hand and showed them. Arthur was puzzled.

"Three acorns? From whom? And why?"

"From very odd old lady from Avalon. From the high priestess." Merlin explained.

"So, what you are doing with them?" Arthur quite didn't catch the idea.

"Of these grow a tree here in the garden. Three trees that are intertwined together."

They looked the acorns.

"Is it a good sign?" Arthur realizing suddenly what the acorns maybe meant.

"Maybe." Merlin shrugged his shoulders. Honestly he couldn't say anything.

"Near the wall may be good place to them." Arthur suggested and Merlin nodded.

So they dug the hole and buried the acorns.

"The meeting is starting soon." Arthur said and Merlin nodded.

"The meeting of the Round Table." Merlin murmured.

"It is a good idea. Symbolic." Arthur's tone was defensive.

"I never said that it was a bad idea." Merlin said. "It is good idea, honestly. It really symbolizes you and your policy."

Arthur looked him warily but didn't saw any marks from teasing.

"So, are you going to leave soon?" He asked and Merlin nodded.

"Yes. I go first to meet mother, and then I go to look the Dinas Emrys." But firstly I go Avalon, Merlin though himself.

"Are you sure you want to build there your own place?"

"Yes. There are many reasons why. Some of them you know, but there is something else too. And, I can't be here forever. Even if I want to. Arthur, my time flow differently than yours. And when the time comes, I want that there is something just for me. The place where I can be when you and…" Merlin stopped. They had discussed from it earlier, about his death and how he had came back and what his life would be now on. It had been hard place for both of them. Arthur was asked, Merlin was answered, and it had brought up more and more questions until Arthur had given up. To others Merlin was just answered; It was magic.

"Gwaine seems to be in trouble again." Arthur changed the subject. Merlin was grateful, and he untied his thoughts on the future, returning to the present.

"Nothing new."

"This time, it may be a little more serious than usually."

"Well, that's a good start to the first meeting." Merlin grinned and Arthur sighed deeply.

They left the garden behind.

If I ever do a sequel, I think it's going to continue from this point.

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