A/N: So, I got to thinking about how Cal and Gillian would be in an established relationship, and then how different things in the show would've been had they already been in one before the Pilot. So, this is a kind of an AU thing where I wrote a "one-shot" based on bits of the Pilot, but as if they were a couple. Then I was decided I'd keep going, and do other episodes in this way, sorta following the show's storyline, but with them in a relationship.

So, in this world, Alec and Gillian split up before Zoe and Cal did, and by this point, Cal and Gill have been together for a year or so ... Other than that, everything's more or less the same. And I guess this story will sort of meander along with the show :-)

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x x x

Chapter 1: Pilot

The alarm clock chirped, and Cal groaned in irritation. It got switched off by the woman he had firmly clasped in his arms, and he sighed in relief, pressing a kiss to her hair.

"Get up, Cal," Gillian mumbled after a couple of minutes.

"It feels too bloody early," he grunted.

"It is," she agreed. "You have that lecture this morning, remember? You have to be there at eight."

He let out another groan.

"Can't you go?" he implored.

"No," she said flatly, "and since you're gonna be up, you can make me some coffee."

Cal gave a "Ha!" noise, and then buried his face into her neck, kissing it warmly.

She smiled, and gave a small noise of pleasure. He kissed her a little longer, before she reluctantly pushed him away, planted a kiss at his hairline, and said, "Come on, Cal, up."

"What part of me are you talking to?" he grinned.

She rolled her eyes, and gave a sleepy chuckle. He sighed, gave a grunt, and then eased himself out of her arms and clambered over her to get out of bed on her side. She gave a small groan as for a moment the mattrass around her lost its comforting steadiness. He always did that. You'd think he didn't have his own side of the bed.

"You can make your own coffee," he told her, before vanishing into the bathroom.

She smirked, and cuddled face-down into his pillow.

When she woke up again, he was gone, and a steaming cup of coffee was sitting on the bedside table.

x x x

"Just the man I was looking for."

Gillian joined him as he strode along the corridor towards his office, having just gotten back from the lecture, and he paused long enough to kiss her cheek.

After some bickering about the need to hire someone new, they ran into Loker outside Cal's office.

"Here's the analysis for the blinking experiment," said Loker, handing Cal a file.

"Just getting in, Loker?" asked Cal vaguely.

"Yeah," said Loker with his typical nonchalant honesty. "Yeah, I got piss-drunk last night with my roommate, and I was just lying in bed this morning thinking about how nasty hot Nancy Grace is, and just trying to decide if I was gonna come in at all 'cause it's not like there's anyone here to fantasize about."

"No offense taken," said Gillian pointedly.

"I don't go for my boss's girlfriends," retorted Loker.

"Good thing," observed Cal, before turning to Gillian. "I think you're very fantasizeable," he told her consolingly, eyeing her body appreciatively. "In fact, fantasizing about you is what I spend most of my working hours doing."

"Thanks, Cal," said Gillian, in a tone of mock gratitude, her eyes twinkling.

"What do you need to fantasize for?" asked Loker. "You can experience it whenever you like. In the shower, in your kitchen, in your office-"

"And that would be your cue to walk away, Loker," said Cal without taking his eyes off Gillian.

Loker shrugged, and sauntered off.

"He has a point, you know, love," said Cal suggestively as they turned to walk to his office.

"Dr Lightman, I have the mayor on two for you," Heidi called to him.

"Right," he mumbled as they walked inside, and added to Gill, "How about it, then? We're in my office." He winked.

"I can't have sex in such a white room," she teased. "And you have to talk to the mayor. But I'll catch you in the shower later."

"Oh, now there's something to look forward to."

He grabbed the phone as she settled into the chair opposite his desk, and opened her pudding.

x x x

Back during the first few weeks of their relationship, Cal had become more and more struck by how sexually willing Gillian Foster was. Not only was she loving and utterly eager to give him any form of pleasure he so desired in the moment, she was happy to have sex whenever he liked. He remembered the first time it had truly struck him.

They had had a long and difficult day at work, followed by an unfortunate emergency with Gill's mother, who had had to be rushed to the hospital. He had been unable to go with Gill to the hospital, but by the time he had called to say he was on his way, she had told him she was already home, her mother was just fine, and come on over and let himself in.

When he got there, he had found her already fast asleep, even though the light was on and a book was resting open on her chest. She had obviously been waiting for him, but must have been utterly exhausted. So he changed into the pajamas he kept there, and climbed into bed beside her. He gently reached over to lift the book off her chest, stretched over her to place it on her bedside table and turned off the light. He then settled back against the pillows, stared at the ceiling, and felt gloomy. The case had had that sort of effect on him, and he had been looking forward to her warmth and affection.

Eventually, feeling utterly selfish, but unable to stop himself for seeking out the connection, he reached over, stroked her cheek, and whispered her name. She didn't move at first, so he leaned in to take her earlobe between his lips, before moving in to kiss her neck. She woke then, and without hesitation, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and turned her head to kiss his hair.

He looked into her eyes and saw her bleary fatigue. He was about to pull back after seeing that, when she suddenly pulled him closer and kissed him deeply and with purpose, reaching down to pull his T-shirt off.

"You sure, love?" he whispered. "You must be exhausted."

She merely smiled at him, and kissed him again. And he saw it, the confirmation of his words, right there. But she seemed to not care, and he needed her so much at that point, that he accepted her willingness.

It was only after he was inside her that he had realized that she truly didn't have the energy for it. He had hesitated again, but she had encouraged him, squeezing him with her walls, pulling him closer, kissing him. He reached between them to touch her, because he could feel his release creeping up, and she seemed nowhere near. After a few minutes of gentle rubbing, she whispered for him to stop, to not worry, to come for her. He was desperately close, but he continued to try despite her consoling encouragement, until he couldn't stop the end.

He had collapsed over her, and she had lovingly stroked his hair, and peppered his face with kisses.

"I'm sorry," he'd whispered. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't be," she had objected sincerely. "It was nice, and really, it doesn't bother me, Cal."

He pulled out and started to move down her body to try and finish the job, but she held him back, and whispered, "No, Cal, it's okay. I won't."


"I'm just not going to get there tonight," she'd said, and smiled warmly at him. "But that was lovely, and I'm glad you finished because I could see you really needed it. That was for you, Cal. I'm always happy to do that."

As she spoke, he could see that she was beginning to drift away again, so, with great reluctance, he chose to let her. But not before he kissed her lips, her cheek, her nose, her forehead, and whispered that he loved her and that he'd make it up to her.

The last thing that had drifted from her lips before she'd lost consciousness again was, "Don't be sorry, I'm not."

By the following morning, she had completely regained her usual energetic demeanor, and even snagged a quickie from him in the shower, orgasming very satisfactorily. She brushed off all attempts he made to apologise for the previous night, rolling her eyes, and asking who exactly he expected to take care of his needs if she didn't.

Fascinated, he had taken this as a challenge, trying to find where she drew the line. He took to surprising her in the bathroom when she was applying her make-up, in the kitchen while she was cooking, in the bedroom while she was getting dressed in the morning ... He would wake her in the middle of the night, or corner her in the middle of the afternoon. He would sneak up on her when she was reading, working, watching TV, out in the garden. She never ever said no. She always reacted with surprise and enthusiasm.

He began a frequency test, coming after her as soon after a session as he could get himself going again. He took to manipulating entire marathon weekends of lying in bed, alternating between making love, resting and eating.

It was only when he began finding her at work that she began to reign him in. A bit. A very slight bit. She would always kiss him, hold him, look at him with lust before breathily telling him that as soon as they were alone, she was going to give him everything she could. If there was nothing pressing, no meetings or clients, she would drag him somewhere private. He remembered several hot oral sessions they would have in a store-room when they knew they wouldn't be disturbed.

She never got tired of it. And it amazed him. Amazed him that she seemed as turned on by him as he was by her. That she always enjoyed it, and made sure he knew it. She was his, completely.

It had been after about three weeks of this that she had finally called him on it. He had followed her into the ladies room at a restaurant, wondering if he could get her to leave before their food arrived. She had been startled when he appeared, but kissed him warmly anyway. Finally she'd said, "What are you waiting for me to do, Cal?"

He'd paused.


"Don't think I haven't noticed your progressive sexcapades. You want public sex now?" she seemed more curious than anything, knowing he was up to something.

He'd stared back at her, before finally saying, "You never say no."

She'd looked at him, baffled, and asked, "Why would I?"

"Everyone says no at some point," he'd tried to explain. "I can't find your point."

"I think you have a very good grasp on the location of my point," she'd teased.

He'd chuckled, and shaken his head.

"Let's go, then," she'd said.

Agape, he'd asked, "Seriously?"

"Well, I mean, if you're really in the mood -"

"I'm always in the mood for you," he said, grinning, "but I could eat first."

She'd sighed, exasperated, and demanded, "Well, then, what'd you follow me in here for?"

"I just wanted to see if this was your point."

She'd eyed him with narrowed eyes, and said, "Don't go all scientist on me, Cal. I'm not one of your experiments."

"But you're so very fascinating," he'd smirked, and her eyes twinkled at him.

But before she could respond, there was a gasp and an "Oh!" from the doorway.

They both glanced at the startled woman who had just walked in, and Cal said, "Sorry, love, just got lost."

He'd grabbed Gill's hand and they had walked back to their table, where they had proceeded to have a truly delicious dinner and Gill spent most of it teasingly reprimanding him for considering depriving her of it just for experiment's sake.

"I mean, you could've just asked me!"

"Where's the fun in that, then?" he'd demanded, grinning.

x x x

"You could've just told me what this was for," Gillian told him in exasperation, waving the note at him.

"Nah, you're a terrible liar," he said, pulling his face into a mildly disgusted expression, but unable to hide his smile.

"Normal people think that's a good thing," she pointed out.

"You saying I'm not normal?"

She smiled at him, and shook her head, before saying, "You coming?"

He grinned at her, and said, "You bet. You still owe me a shower date." And he leapt to his feet to stand suggestively in front of her. The last few days had been so busy that they had only really managed to collapse into bed and fall straight to sleep after such late working nights. He wasn't used to it.

"Only if I get dinner first," she warned him. It was said teasingly; they both knew she wasn't used to it either.

He rolled his eyes, and said, "You know, you've been driving me crazy over the past couple of days, wearing your slinky dresses," - he ran his hand softly over her hip - "and slurping away on straws, I almost think you're doing it on purpose."

Her eyes twinkled into his, before she leaned forward to place a soft promising kiss on his lips.

"Dinner first, dessert later."

"I'll make you dinner, then we'll have free range of my kitchen, too," he smirked.

"Hm, you know how excited I get around food," she murmured in a tone that he thought could only be described as sultry.

He beamed at her, put his arm around her, and guided her out the door as she added suddenly, "I'll need a real dessert first, of course."

And he chuckled, kissed her cheek, and said, "Of course."


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