chapter 2:want to get to know you

"hey rei who is that guy?"

"him? thats kaito why?


*yuki face turns red*

"WHATTT! you have a crush on kaito! why didn't you tell me before?"

"what i don't have a crush on him"

"ya you do look at your face its all red"

*yuki pats her face with her hands*

"no its just hot"

"ya sureeee"

*rei laughs out loud*

"whats so funny*

"cause you never like a guy before i always thought you were going to turn gay on me"

*yuki punches rei on the back*



*rei rubs her shoulder and laughs*

"agh you make me angry"

"well at least you finally find someone you like"

yuki thinks to her self"do i really like him, is that what this felling is?"

"well i guess"

the soccer team finishes practice and the fan girls run to akemi and kaito

*yuki stares at kaito*

"come on lets go we wont get to see them cause the stupid fan girls"

*kaito looks at yuki as she walks away*

*kaito blushes*

the sun goes down as yuki an rei say their good byes.

"see you next week rei"

*yuki waves goodbye to rei as they go on the separate paths*

*rei waves back to yuki*

"see you later yuki"

yuki walks home and enters her house

"im home"

*a women runs at yuki with a spoon*

*yuki steps out of the women's way*

*BANG! the women falls to her face*

"you shit why did you run on the other side?"

"mom you do this every time i get home don't you think its getting old"

*aimi gets up and dusts her self off*

"ill get you next time"

"thats what you said yesterday, cant you just greet me with a simple welcome home or hello how was your day?"

"why would i do that, thats what all the boring mothers would do, im a special fun mom aint i"

"ya your special"

*yuki walks down the hallway*

*aimi shout*


*yuki laughs and walks up stares*


*yuki enters her room*

*yuki lays down on her bed and looks at the sealing*

yuki thinks in her head"i want to get to know him"

*yuki turns off her light and rolls to her side and looks out her window*

*a shooting star passes by*

"i wish i can talk to him"

*yuki closes her eyes and falls asleep"

well as the i right new chapters ill tell you bits of the truth behind the story.

truth behind the story:part 1

my name is julia im 14 years old and i was with my friend billa,she wanted to watch the wrestling team cause her sister is in wrestling an she had to wait tell she was done so she could get picket up by her dad. we were waiting on the side of the side walk and the most cutes boy walk passed me i fell in love with him the first time i seen him.

stay tune to the next chapter and you'll find out part 2 of this story