This story isn't created by me, but by this guy: .com/ This was his end of a request trade, but he gave me permission to do what I wanted with it. It's short, and a bit crude, but I like it, and it's MY request. Comment here and there.


Zeal took in the cool air of the room the blond had been sequestered in, away from the rest of her friends. It wasn't a kidnapping or something sordid like that. No, the blond primitive had merely wandered in here on her own accord, drawn by her nose.

"Ayla smell something good," Ayla murmured.

Zeal chuckled, a rich sound that caused Ayla to turn around and see her.

"Who you?"

"I'm the Queen of this magnificent empire. Zeal is my name and you look like a woman who knows what she wants."

But the woman didn't respond, instead striding towards her and grabbing both of her shoulders, nostrils flaring as she breathes in the scent around Zeal.

A scent she had specifically crafted to inspire arousal.

"Ayla want you," Ayla grunted, soon jamming her tongue down Zeal's throat, rough beyond belief.

Zeal, for all her refinement, gushed at the rough touch of the woman. She was unused to being handled so fiercely. Usually the touches she inspired were hesitant but not this one.

Zeal squealed as Ayla lifted her up and slammed her against the wall.

All of Zeal's plans for this moment went out the window as Ayla ripped through her robes, destroyed the last barrier between her naked body and the air of the room.

Forty minutes later, Ayla gave a mighty grunt and slapped Zeal's rear hard, the cavewoman getting up and exiting.

Zeal stayed behind, exhausted beyond measure but more satisfied than she ever had been before.

Yes, she thought to herself, that one was the strongest of the group.

Now the only challenge that remained was stealing back to her chambers in the nude undetected.