I wrote this a long time ago. It was a little bit after Big Time Sparks when Jordan Sparks did a duet with BTR and Carlos and Logan were the good luck patrol.

~Logan trolling on tumblr~

"you know how our fans always have really funny things about us, babe?" Logan said out to his stuffed animal, Carlos.

Thinking he heard the bear say 'what?' he continued. "lets see what they have today, we haven't done anything really so lets look at how sexy you are in these. Shall we?" he said typing in 'Carlos' to the tags. What he saw next shocked him most.

It wasn't just the fact that he knew it didn't happen, it was the longing for the other boys lips upon his own. The girls would reply with 'finally's and 'omg I wish I saw it!'s.

Logan thought to himself out loud," trust me honey, I wish I felt it" he touched the screen where Carlos' and his own lips were joined with perfect photoshop, and sighed.

Poor logan, had to live in the same room as the man he wanted to f-

Carlos came bursting in the room,"hey boo bear, what did I miss from tumblr? Anything excit-" his voice cut off when he saw where Logans fingertips were still placed in longing. He looked at the smart boy, and back at the screen, then back to his clothes, and back at Logan. Realizing they were wearing the suits from the episode still, Carlos pulled Logan out of his chair and out the door of their apartment.

Logan froze not knowing how his friend was going to take the fact that he was in love with him.

Carlos lead him out of the Palm Woods parking lot and in a private area only he knew about.

Logan had so many thoughts running through his head about the scenery. What he was going to say. The bushes holding beautiful flowers. Holy shit what am I doing. How am I going to explain this to him. Will he move out? Will he hate me? Forever? That's a really long time you know.

Carlos sighed at the dreaminess of Logans panic.

"shhh sh sh shhhhh listen, yess its pretty , something, the flowers are called roses, you're here with me, no need to explain anything, no, not possible, and if you think forever is a long time, then kiss me until time fades. AND FOR REAL THIS TIME. I don't want fake ass Photoshop."

Logan was shocked. Not knowing what to do he forced himself forward leaning for a kiss. He was almost there when a frisbie hit them right on their head, "stop having sex and get your ass' back up and in the apartment"

Carlos laughed "I guess every perfect couple needs a good cock block like James"