This is based of the New World movie and is just the ending I would have liked. I don't care if its not historical since neither was their romance.

I own nothing.


I observe her sitting quietly along the river.

They say she is broken, that without Smith she cannot understand our ways.

I know they are wrong. She understands our ways too well and she thinks that the captain was what kept her welcome among us.

I begin with small gestures to befriend her. I show her she is not alone.

Eventually she will come to accept us, accept me. She dwells in the house he made but never finished. I convince her to come into the safety of the fort. She knows how bitter the winter can be and she does not have the benefit of her people.

The women begin to cautiously approach her and it is when she truly begins to trust me that I understand the depth of her anguish.

As the days turn into weeks it is clear that she is not completely alone.

Her swollen belly attests to what exactly the Captain left behind and she asks about our ceremonies and what binds a woman to a man. Her people have a similar idea but here in the English way she will be unprotected.

I offer her a solution but she will not marry me for her love and body were already committed to another. I persuade her to marry me as a proxy for Smith and she agrees to protect the innocent life of her child.

The men pitch in to create a home for her. Her devotion to learning our ways motivate them though she'd won them long ago on that frozen winter day when she kept them from starving.

The months pass and she is baptized as Rebecca Smith long before her son, Thomas, is born. The child looks like him and it is a comfort to her and a sad truth to me that she will forever be out of my reach.

A voyage to England is planned and though she wishes to see her dead husband's homeland, a strange foreboding comes over her and she decides to stay in her native land to await our return.

I watch from the docks as her figure and that of her son grow smaller as they wave and wish us a good and safe journey. I feel an ache at her absence but my path and hers is not entwined. I've come to accept it.

Smith is seen about town desperate to return to the new world. My soon to be bride, Mary, and I offer to pay for his voyage if he will accompany our tobacco plants.

He agrees and departs within the month but not before I tell him of the wife that waits but not of the child that bears his face as that is a secret that is not mine to tell and one that will unite him with a woman I still love more than I should.

I wish him happy and he offers his sincerest gratitude to me for not abandoning her like he had. He leaps onto the ship; a new man and I remark that I hope their reunion is swift and painless.

Mary says that love is never without pain and that is what makes it remarkable. I hug my sweet and I release my other love to the wind.