Ok, I've only seen the Swedish movies and the one american movie. I am reading the first book right now.

So all the mistakes are mine.


He wanted to smash the disc but he couldn't. She wasn't his and neither was the DVD.

She belonged to no one and it was hers to destroy or keep.

He would never let her know he'd seen her defilement and he'd make damm sure that no one would ever put her in that situation again. Not that she needed him but it made him feel less impotent after seeing the violence that had been committed against her.

He was suddenly grateful that Bjurman had been killed. It saved Mikael the trouble of having to do it himself.

Lisbeth's apartment was devoid of any of her personality but that wasn't surprising. She is an incredibly private person and even with their previous physical relationship, he didn't kid himself into believing that he'd gotten under her skin like she'd gotten under his.

Erika had already begun noticing that she was a poor substitute but he wasn't ready to divulge his last secret to her, that without meaning to, he was terribly and irrevocably in love with Lisbeth Salander, and that when he made love to her, he pictured a tattooed and pierced woman instead.

A woman that had little to no interest in his emotions or its entanglements or in the idea that someone cared so deeply for her that worry for her well being became a constant companion.

It seemed Mikael Blomkvist would forever be enamored of women he couldn't have but he was used to it.

So he settled in her chair and drank her coffee and slept in her bed and dreamed of a day when he could turn and see her dark eyes looking at him with the same love that shined in his.

She'd then laugh at him for getting mushy on her then get out of bed and smoke a cigarette naked as a jaybird but he'd let her go as long as she returned and occasionally kissed him like he was the only one in her world.

After all she was already the only one in his.