Abbey slowly moved the branchs she was about to ambsh her one and only love Adrian she was going to free him wasn't she?She Remberd what her dad said "Once You find them they Don't want to be saved.I finshed chapter 7 of my 5th pretty much how i make money i write books and God am i doorbell rang and ran to the door,i opened it and only a pizza box was there.I sniffed it it smelt like regular pizza though who te hell sends a vampire pizza? Probaly a human fan i'll ask the Fred later(Bianca lives in a vampire apartment they don't accept humans unless they are feeders Fred is a door man)i opened the pizza box nd it said in peeperoni's

We'll be in touch


What the bloody hell?i ran outside as fas as the a tornado down the stairs and straight up to the door man.


He had a stake through his chest i pulled it out like pulling a pencil out of playdogh


"You tell me one minute theres this guy at the door the next theres nothing but darkness"

"i'll find him his scent is still freesh you make sure every one is ok"

I brethed in his scent something about it was warm and comfronting i followd his scent at amzing speed so fast no human could see me thyed think it was just the wind.

i found him walking into a night club Smart i scanned the crowd i caught just in the conner of my eye a man walking into the men's room. As fast as lightning i'm out side the mens room window. i slowly moved to the side of the the glass cracks and a man slowly climbs out he goes my oppisite direction just as i takel him to the ground.

He struggles twists and turns but can't get out of my grasp i'm stronger he turns around to face me our faces are inched i studied him

Bronze hair Emarad green eyes strong bulid pale skin

"Lucas" it was barley a wisper

"Bianca"he wispered

I kissed him all thoose years we've been a part so much longing. I broke the kiss not wanting to though

"Lucas where have you been!"

"I was looking for you"

"What a load of bullshit whats the real reason Lucas?"

"i didn't want you seeing me likethis"

"Lucas i love you no matter i don't care what you are Lucas you shouldn't have done it on your own"

"I love you to Bianca and i wasn't aalone Balzara helped me"


"Come on my door man must be worried sick"

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