Friday night, in Apt 201 in Santa Monica, California, Jack and his two roommates are sitting down to dinner in the kitchen when suddenly the phone rings..

"I'll get it," Chrissy rang out, jumping up from the table and running through the swinging door into the living room.

"Jack, this baked chicken is JUST delicious," Janet smiled. "You've really outdone yourself again."

"You think so? It's a new recipe I've been working on for the Bistro. Now if only Angelino would feel the same way," Jack shook his head ruefully at the thought of trying to impress the impossible restaurateur who held his lease.

"Oh, Jack, you know how he is. Growing up he probably found fault with his mother's own cooking!" Janet grinned, patting Jack's hand gently.

"Yeah, you're right. I can just picture her making him chicken soup when he was sick: 'Now Mother, you know better than to serve your soup this hot. I've practically burnt my tongue on it!'" Jack mimicked in a sickeningly sweet, childlike voice, while sidling up to Janet and batting his eyelashes.

Nodding, she laughed along with Jack while playfully pushing him away. "One of these days, when your restaurant makes it big he'll get his comeuppance."

"From your mouth to God's ears," Jack winked, turning his attention back to his plate.

"Who was that, Chrissy?" asked Janet, noticing the beaming smile on Chrissy's face as the blond roommate returned to the kitchen and sat down.

"You remember my cousin Sandy from Pasadena? The pretty blonde who stopped by a few years ago when she was here visiting her sister?"

"Oh, yeah," Janet nodded, remembering the girl with the perfect smile and to-die-for figure, "wasn't she some kind of model at the time?"

Ears perking up at the words 'blonde' and 'model', Jack leaned toward Chrissy, waggling his eyebrows, "You mean your SINGLE, pretty blonde cousin?"

Rolling her eyes and laughing at Jack's lustful antics, Chrissy continued, "No! Well..not anymore, anyway. Sandy just called to tell me she's getting married, and wanted to invite me to be one of her bridesmaids."

"Oh, Chrissy, that's great," Janet exclaimed. "When's the big day?"

"Two weeks from Saturday," Chrissy replied. "I'm going out a week ahead to help Sandy and her mom with the wedding arrangements."

"Are you sure you can get the time off from work" asked Jack, standing up and taking his plate to the sink.

"Oh, sure, that should be no problem," Chrissy thought, nodding her head, "I've got some vacation time coming I can use."

"We'll sure miss you around here, Chrissy," Janet mused, trying to imagine a week in the apartment without their bubbly and cheerful friend.

"I'm sure we'll find SOMETHING to do to take up our time," Jack leered, coming up from behind and closing his arms around her.

"That's what I'm afraid of," Janet teased, elbowing him in the stomach and squirming out his arms.

The three friends laughed good-naturedly as the two girls helped Jack clear the table and do the dishes, chatting and enjoying the rest of the evening together.