Six pairs of eyes stared in front of them as the white van pulled into the driveway of a crème colored villa. Five of those eyes were amazed at what they saw while one pair was just happy to see a familiar place. The van came to a halt and the man driving the van grumbled something under his breath before unlocking the doors. The six people in the car piled out and went to the trunk, pulling out luggage of all sizes before they turned to face the house again.

"Well Ivy League you haven't failed on this one," A British accent coated the words as everyone but 'Ivy League' who just playfully rolled his eyes let out a laugh.

The six people bags in hand walked up to the white wooden front door of the Villa knocking hard as to let the person inside know that they were there. After a few moments the door opened to reveal a beautiful girl about 23 years of age. She stood at the height of 5'2 very petite. She was wearing a simple pair of distressed jean shorts, a white boyfriend t-shirt and had gone barefoot. Her long raven colored hair cascading down her back in a waterfall of loose soft curls as amber colored eyes stared at all six figures.

"You're a day late," The girl spoke after looking each of them over. Her eyes floating to the one who had set this whole thing up.

"And for that I apologize. Things just got a little tied up." His signature smirk seemed to be planted on his face causing the girl to roll her eyes at him and open the door wide for everyone to enter the home.

"I don't have time to play, A.J." She sighed as she took a few steps away from the door and watched as they all piled in with their luggage. "I'm doing you this favor so don't start with me." She warned.

"Claws down sunshine." A.J. laughed as he turned to look at his friend who seemed to be getting more impatient by the second. "Let me introduce you to everyone," He walked over and put his hand on the small of her back guiding her to where everyone stood. "Guys this is Sophia Garrastazu. Soph these are my friends Gordon, John, Jessie, Jake and Jake's fiancé Lilly." A.J. introduced with a smile.

"This place is tight!" Jessie exclaimed after Sophia had greeted each of them. She smiled at him before turning her attention to everyone.

"Welcome to Grace Bay and more importantly my home. We have 8 bedrooms each with their own private bathrooms, king-sized beds, HD TVs, and attached balcony's that overlook the beach. 4 bedrooms are down here and 4 upstairs. The kitchen is fully stocked with doors leading out to the pool and not to mention a wet bar and grill. If you take a left there is the living room which leads into the kitchen and if you take a right you'll be in the sitting room where you can see the ocean. And which also opens up into the dining room. If you walk straight ahead you will find yourself in the hallway where the bedrooms and study are. And if upstairs are where the other 4 bedrooms are. On either side of the house there are paths that leads down to the private beach and well yeah…that's it. My room is the last one down that hallway if you need me but feel free to get comfortable, find your rooms, explore or whatever you feel like doing. My home is your home." Sophia explained to them ending it with a small smile as she gestured for them to go on with whatever they wanted to do.

After a few minutes of talking it over they decided they'd all head to their rooms and take showers before setting out to do anything. Jake, Jessie and Lilly decided to take two of the rooms upstairs while Gordon, John and A.J. decided to take the three open rooms on the lower level of the villa. After everyone parted their separate ways Sophia and A.J. were the only two left standing in the foyer.

"I want to thank you for doing this," A.J. said turning to look at her. Sophia Catherine Alejandra Garrastazu was A.J.'s childhood best friend and first and only love. They had both grown up in the wealth of the Upper East Side. A.J.'s father, Adam Burkley Preston, had inherited his father's car company and his mother, Emily Victoria Preston , had inherited her father's very successful vineyard in the mountain's of California so there was a lot of back and forth for both his parents. Sophia's father, Joaquin Rafael Garrastazu owned a successful television company and was also involved in some illegal activities and her mother, Alessandra Gianna Garrastazu, was a big time actress and also came from old wealth from businesses her grandfather had established. The two had known each other since their diaper days. They had gone to school together since pre-school to high school. They had bonded over their parents always being gone and their alike personalities. Eventually when they got to high school both admitted they had feelings for each other and began dating the end of their freshman year. They ended up staying together with only two huge breakups and planned on going to Princeton together and getting married after. It was different with them however because both were genuinely in love with each other and not just together because everyone thought they'd be good with one another but A.J. found himself graduating from college a year early and not happy with the pressure his family was putting him under so one day he just up and left without telling anyone anything not even Sophia which was the hardest thing he ever had to do. Who would of thought 4 years later she'd be the only person who could help him.

"Don't thank me you already knew I was going to help in any way I could," Sophia sighed, running a hand through her long hair. "But don't think I'm going to let you get away with this so easily. How is your arm?" She nodded towards the arm he currently had in a sling.

"Nothing I can't handle.," A.J. answered with a smug grin as he gently patted his arm to 'prove' that he was okay. "Come here though. Let me give you a hug." He said holding out his good arm for her to hug him. She leaned forward and wrapped an arm around him wanting to keep the hug short for she still felt uncomfortable around him. "I missed you." He admitted in a quiet voice as she pulled away from him.

"Don't start with that," She warned in a low voice as she glared up at him. "But let me show to your room and help you with your bags." She pushed past him and walked over to where his bags sat in front of the door. She swiftly grabbed the smallest one and then pulled the handle up on the bigger one before leading A.J. to his room. A.J. could do nothing to stop Sophia in her haste to get away from him as she put his bags done in his room and excused herself quickly.

After taking a shower and changing from his usual attire of dress pants and a nice dress shirt A.J. threw on a pair of cargo pants and white t-shirt before venturing out into the house. He walked into the foyer where Sophia had greeted them and found no one. Walking up the stairs he knocked on two of the bedroom doors before finding Jake's room. A.J. found his friend lounging on the bed in just shorts.

"Where's Lilly?" A.J. asked, as he settled into a seat near the open balcony door.

"Shower," Jake answered simply as he nodded towards the shower. "What's up with Sophia, though?" He asked, as he turned down the TV and looked at his friend for answers.

"What do you mean?" A.J. asked, deciding that he'd play stupid for now. No one needed to know the history behind him and Sophia. Especially not since he had abandoned her like that. He didn't want to feel worse than he already did.

"I mean the fact that you called up a complete stranger and then a week later we've managed to escape to an island and find a hiding place in a beautiful villa. I thought you had cut off all ties with your old life so spill." Jake said to his friend as he sat up so that he could get a better look at him.

"Man I already told you she's an old friend. We grew up together. I haven't seen or spoken to her in 4 years but she was the only one I knew would help us without turning us in." A.J. explained with a sigh as he sat back in his seat.

"Old friend my ass." Jake mumbled to himself. "But if you really don't want to tell me what's really up then that's fine. All I know is that she didn't have to do this for us. Especially since the only person she knows is you but she did. She opened up her home to the six of us so you must mean something to her." He told his friend honestly causing A.J. to let out a loud sigh and lean forward a bit.

"There are just some things left unsaid." A.J. told him simply.

"Like?" Jake asked wanting to know. He was closest to Jessie and A.J. out of the whole group and he knew that something was up between him and this girl and he wanted to make sure that his friend wouldn't get hurt. Plus they told each other everything and Jake found it weird that Sophia had all of a sudden popped out of nowhere.

"You can't tell the rest of the crew or Lilly. I don't want them least not yet. No not at all." A.J. looked down at the white cast supporting his arm.

"You have my word." Jake promised.

"Sophia and I...we were more than just friend growing up. Actually she was the first and only girl I've ever loved." A.J. told his friend after a moment of trying to find the right words. But there were no right words to tell someone that you abandoned the only person you ever truly felt anything for.

"And what happened?" Jake asked, knowing that A.J. wasn't telling him the whole story.

"We went to Princeton together and after we both graduated we planned on getting married but I graduated a year early and one day I just couldn't do it anymore. I picked up and just left without a word. Leaving her was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, Jake. She was...everything to me." A.J. admitted to his friend as he finally looked him in the face.

"Why'd you leave?" Jake asked.

"She was the only reason I had to stay and I wasn't going to put her through the hell my unhappiness would of brought her." A.J. told his friend as he shook his head. "I left for her." He admitted to both himself and Jake.

"Damn I don't know what to say but maybe this is your chance to fix all of it. To make things right with her." Jake advised his friend with an encouraging smile.

"She won't even look me in the eye." A.J. let out a bitter laugh when he said these words.

"Give her time I mean it's been how long? She's probably just still in shock that you're here." Jake said with a shrug as he began to play with the beige bedspread underneath him.

"I don't know man but all I know is this is one wrong I need to make right," A.J. said with a certain determination in his voice that Jake had never heard before.