(Somewhere in a barren wasteland in the daytime noon, in some ruin abandoned city of the park area, Trees still standing but quite old and rotten which barely ever grow a leave, There's a little bit of dripping water but highly doubted is contaminated, There's no other people or even species have seen from the horizon, then suddenly on the ground, shaking like a quake and keep growing, as the ground's dirt almost at the top pile a feet high, suddenly bursting out from dirt is a muscular giant red hand with a vibe-pulsing yellow-glowing knuckles on its.)

?: It was an usual day at the Society, there's a good day and there's bad day, well, it's pretty much everyday is a bad day when the world nor the multiverse has gone down to the...you know what I mean.

(Upon the view computer screen of an adult man, he wears some office white-button shirt, a black tie and also wear a pen holder on his shirt pocket with labels "Nerd Herds", typing something to appear to be a memo logs about Daily life in his works.)

Chuck Bartowski : Okay, let's do this one more time, okay, Chuck logs bla bla bla usual day bla bla bad day, hmm, not quite comforting line for a memo.

(then when he still thinking about his logs, a knocking on his quarter's door, appear a person whom known Chuck for a long time, arriving with a message)

Morgan: Hey Chuck! You're there?

Chuck: Wha..yea..Yeah Morgan, I'm here, come on in.

(door automatically open by split into two side)

Morgan: Hey, did you here the news, Spongebob Squarepant just past his leadership to this Nick with the mechanical gear swords.

Chuck: Whoa, when did that happen?

Morgan: Ooh, about 2 days ago, sorry forget to tell, kinda caught up with electronic problem.

Chuck: The Ultimax games?

Morgan: Yap apparently. So anyway, the kid just beat out one of that toughest baddies of entity from Sonic's dimensions, the kid took a lot of beating out there and almost die for it after that.

Chuck : Oh man, Nick probably worn out pretty badly from that ordeal.

Morgan: Nah, he just need to use that sword's healing factor and it's good as new again, but yeah, he's been through a lot.

Chuck: Well, I'm just glad he's alright safe and sounds.

(Suddenly, his watch beeping and glow some little red light)

Chuck: Morgan, we gotta go, they calling some important meeting at the brief right now.

Morgan: Oh probably calling about that Nick kid's big responsibility and whatnot, we might get some bonus salary maybe.

Chuck: I seriously doubt that.

(as he grab his red "Nerd Herd" labeled jacket, he take off out of his room with his friends, speed-walking to the hallway of big hi-tech facility base that could the House of Geniuse's HQ, somewhere hidden in the waste area maybe far from the Safe House)

(as they keep walking to get to the meeting, they came across the other genius character and other Society-members that just passing by or there for weapon testing)

Phineas: Hi, Chuck.

Chuck: Hey, Phin, sorry gotta rush, big meeting.

Morgan: Say hi for your sister, kid.

Phineas: Will do, Morgan, Nice people

(Ferb just nod while working on their inter-dimensional hover jet-bike, the StreamShooter, to complete the sequence on dimensional jump)

(as they keep walking, they past few of the members in each different lab room, like Benson trying to keep Pops from touching any dangerous object, but Pops happen to hold some standard issue Blaster.)

Pops: Ooh, what are this thing do?



(Then Numbuh 2 were working on his new 2x4 equipment while get into argument with Wade Load on his strange weaponry method)

Wade: Hoagie, you can't put some bubblegum, a can of tuna and a metal paste on a particle cartridge to built an high speed toaster.

Numbuh 2: uh-huh, and you say my Atomic flaming donuts was a catastrophic bad idea and it's totally distracted the Org's mutant monster from eating our friends.

Wade: that, and they been bedridden for 6 weeks due to the toxin poisoning fume from the donuts.

(Then the Nerd Buddies arrived to what is appeared to be a hangar of robot mecha, weapon and rescue division transport.)

Razor: Hey, guys what's up?

Chuck : Urgent meeting, catch you guys later.

Morgan: Looking good, Swat Kats.

T-bone: Right back at ya, Morg. (while fixing the engine of exhaust booster on the Turbokats.)

(Upon view of the hangar, there's a repairs of Atomic Betty's ship, an angry XR of Buzz Lightyear's crew on a disfunctional vending machine trying to get a can of oil)

XR: C'mon, you stupid thing, GIVE MY SPECIAL DELUXE PREMIUM CAN!

(Then there's Ratchet and Optimus prime modified the space bridge system that would able them transport supply and refugee vehicle with less damaging from the vortex's magnetic storm.)

Morgan: Ooh, that is so frikkin' sweet.

(And finally, the two reached the meeting room that few of top rank and even special unit member sitting in a long rectangle tables, from the left side there is the nanite powered boy: Rex Salazar, the mystical talisman user: Jade Chan, the alien shape-shifter hero: Ben Tennyson, the creator and father of the Powerpuff Girls: Professor Utonium, A dark keyblade wielder: Riku and Goliath, the leader of Manhattan clan Gargoyles. On the right side, there's the duo Boy Genius: Jimmy Neutron and Dexter, Danny Fenton's sister: Jazz Fenton, the Teenage inter-galatic guardian officer: Betty Barrett AKA Atomic Betty, the TMNT Genius, Donatello, the Society's wizard: Merlin and lastly on the very center front with wide screen interactive LCD, turn the chair around to them and reveals as...)

Skipper: Ladies and gentleman, are we here now?

(As he sees all of them attended, he pressed the button on the arm chair to activated an holographic interface in each of the members to see contain few montage of location, picture of some top villain and an schematic research on unknown object)

Skipper: As you can see, on last event, the Organization's activity has been pull out into a big setback, the baddies from few of world territory has forced themselves to retreat for regrouping into their lair, that's make it our finest big win thanks to our new leader and his Ultima-family, here-here!

(The member of the board were clapping and cheering about the news)

Merlin: BRAVO!

Dexter: Excellent work, Neutron.(shaking Jimmy's hand)

Jimmy: Thank you, Dex.

Ben: Now that's how you do to save the world.

Jade: What's left of it.

Rex: C'mon, Jad, have a little compassion abit, at least we got more big gun in our side.

Jade: Well, we'll see about it.

Chuck: That's great, absolutely great, and so.. what are this thing for?

Skipper: UHM-HUM! Okay, now the bad news, our source indicate that there have been an activity on the Org's castle, possibly they doing their usual despicable way for contingency plan when we're at our winning peak, Donnie?

Donatello: We're recently believe that few of the Grunts army are scavenging mystical related object from many earth of the multiverse, searching an ancient artifact that rumor has it, the Dark King built it once for safe keeping.

(The member suddenly spook out and some shiver after they heard that name.)

(Chuck and Morgan whispering on the matter.)

Morgan: Dude, for real?

Chuck: Well, they kinda thinks so.

Skipper: And that is just the tip of the iceberg, people, if they get that weapons, there's no tell what destructive and evilistic they're doing to it.

Utonium: and the Dark king isn't exactly the type of king whose going to lend any of his artifact without any instruction, even the Organization alone.

Jimmy: it'll be a self-destructive for all worlds.

Rex: So what are we waiting for? Let bust the shell off of that Tri-clops already.

Jazz: Without a detailed plans and blindfolded over to the Grunts?

Rex: Well..no..

Atomic Betty: Skip, with all our knowledge and resources, the Grunts isn't a typical soldier that just go and roll at the same time, especially their high-commanding general, you-know-who, it's difficult enough if we even know what the artifact IS. capable of.

Jade: She's right.

Ben: Yeah.

Riku: This matter can't be ignored.

Jimmy: I agreed.

Dexter: Concurred.

(Then suddenly, Goliath stand up and speaks)

Goliath: If I may, fellow Society, either which of us will go along to stop whatever the Org planning for, we must call to act immediately, before more devastation brought upon to our very last dimensions brother and sister.

(The member then thinking the same thing about their family and friends. Chuck took this thought seriously when he's holding a pendant under his shirt.)

Merlin: Alright then, My friends, then it settle then.

Ben: We go everything we got..

Rex: Stand whatever the Orgs threw at us...

Jade: Never give in..

Atomic Betty: Fighting to the bitter end...

Jazz: Be Smart..

Jimmy: Be step ahead...

Donatello: Making sure we come back alive in piece...

Goliath: and Together as a family of heroes.

Skipper: Lets do this thing, Meeting Adjourned!.

(As the meeting was over and the member were out to do their usual also personal own duty, Skipper and Merlin was having conversation matter on the subject while walking on the top bridge way, then hearing from behind calling for..)

Chuck: Skipper, sir!

Skipper: Wha, oh Chuck, what's the rush, Intersect?

Chuck: I just want to talk about that "Errands"?

Skipper: Oh Right, 'cuz me, Merlin, this could take a while.

Merlin: You know where to find me.

(As Merlin leaving, Chuck and Skipper walk to the unoccupied area of the hangar for private talk)

Chuck: What'd you mean you haven't found it yet?

Skipper: Look, Chuck, I know you worried for what happen on your world, but even we could find it, it still a chance that could..

Chuck: But still, we now have the ultimate weapon in our side and we could just..

Skipper: We could, and that just the Org's would expected for us to do, even now he's the new big cheese in the block, the kid still need alot of learning and we don't usually follow every order that ultima kid do to his command on every Society, let alone Spongebob when he running the show, no, we work differently here and sometime been in the shadow, you need...

Chuck: To be out of the grid, I know, I'm been there. I'm just so desperate, I've been keeping this work for the Geniuses in order to find them alive or not, or even turn to heartless itself, other than Morgan, nothing.

(Skipper walk closer to him and pad his flipper to his arm.)

Skipper: I hear ya, Boy, I also can't imagine what will happen to me if my own comrade were lose in their grasp, after the breakout, I swore myself to not letting any penguin or any tormented species been taken away by that greasy-out of whack Org's scum for granted ever again, even we're that lucky back then, barely, we can't always count on it for any seconds we got.

(Chuck thinking about it and sadly accept what is going to be, but before that...)

Chuck: Even the odds is completely against all of us, what make you think we gonna ever win and back to all of our worlds.

Skipper: I would, now get some sleep, you're going to need your brain..and your heart, if you want to be a perfect..."Hero analysis" for your loved one. Well, See ya

(As Skipper walks away to do some his other secret work, Chuck other hand somehow show abit a small smile while still saddened by the fact of his losing family.)

(Meanwhile, somewhere far away from the Safe house, even off continent maybe, a treacherous badlands area field with unknown species and mindless monster that been dragged or scatter themselves from another dimension and on top of it habitation, lies a floating metropolis-size castle which could be the Org's HQ, one of the tower has been doing an activity that led by one of Org's scientist doing maintenance work until...)


(The cause explosion that make a hole on the ceiling of the tower is from the blaster intact by the decepticon leader.)

Megatron: Very excellent work, doctor, the Energon crystal cartridge is holding on very well.

Eggman: Yes, but do be careful, this substance energy matter from your world is a bit tricky that I've could hope to tinkering it rather than using your own dark energon from your fluid to stabilize somehow.

Megatron: Yes, Dark energon is supposedly to be the ultimate power from Unicron's blood itself, but alas, I'd finally realize when my own counter-self is dived too much to it's true potential and taking so much of his sparks, he terminated himself in disgrace.

Eggman: Hmmm, an alternative counter self. usually for example, we take other villains from the timeline of each worlds but never in alternative multiverse one, it could possibly in matter of the chaos theory that the timeline we changed or corrupted so much that the alternative itself somehow skew away from their of each original point or could be flew out from that point until it's complete obliterated itself, or even re-cycling into a whole new big bang again to make a new-stable one, if it's possible.

Megatron: Is that so, doctor? then is that why the energy wave that keep unexpectedly appearing in the dimensional stream that cause me and others leagues constantly developing the sudden changing appearance in our faction and even the Society is due to our interference to all world's timeline?

Eggman: Such big word to say, mr. Megatron, but in all of my experience in every major scientific matter, I would say: yes.

Megatron:...very well, doctor, and thank you for the assistance of my precious part of me.

Eggman: Your very welcome and do try be careful with that , you wouldn't want the enemy's get the upper hand when that power cut loose from your own.

Megatron: I'll keep in touch.

(Megatron waving his hand from the front as he's leaving Eggman's lab through a big hangar door specific for big-size villain. Then Eggman switch on an holographic screen that viewed an schematic of multiearth's timeline and other cosmic anomaly. he then see it with a worried face somehow.)

Eggman: I just hope I'm wrong about this.

(Back at the Society's Safe House later that night, Chuck trying to sleep but can't, so he off his bed to go down to the kitchen to get something to drinks, he managed to get the kitchen but somehow, the fridge is been occupied by big blue fuzzy monsters .)

Sulley: Oh, hi there. (While pick up some few food from the fridge and take it to the dinner table.)

Chuck: Hi, you must be Sulley, from Monster inc.

Sulley: Well, was actually, sorry for startle, I kinda hungry after a long course at the Academy. Man, that Chef Hatchet really a slave driver.

Chuck: Don't even mention where he gets his name from.

Sulley: Sure, Want a sandwich?

Chuck: Thanks

(As the two were enjoying late night snack, on the floor appears a green teal Platypus wandering around in the Kitchen as Chuck sees him in the floor.)

Chuck: Hi Perry, having troubling sleeping?

(Perry just chatters)

Chuck: Don't worry, your secret safe with me...with us actually

(Perry later stand up and walk like human-like, grabbing his cup of coffee and sitting in the dinning chair beside Chuck.)

Chuck: Rough day?

(Perry nod his head while drinking his coffee.)

Sulley: So eeh, Chuck, right? how's the hanging?

Chuck: Same old, same old and I can't really tell you the detail of my work really.

Sulley: No worry, I'm not exactly the smartest tool in the shaft either.

Chuck: Sharpest. it's sharpest tool.

Sulley: See? we can just talk about our daily life with nothing to be argue about, I could of but Mike can be very demanding sometime.

(Perry nod his head and chatters)

Chuck:...Okay, I'm just kind of..sad about the fact that my family and my wife still hasn't found it yet, I can't imagine why it ever come to me that miracle can always came by without warning.

Sulley: Yeah, we can't always depended on fate and suddenly gone in a second we blink.

(Perry chatter as sign of understanding then drink his coffee again.)

Chuck: Either way, there's got to be more than just the best of your field skill, what if I could just going for epic odyssey alone, finding any trace or even lifeline of my loved one, meanwhile, I'm still in my desk, working on numerous gadget, tool and armory, yet still worried and frustrated with no news from my world ever. I could just go.

Sulley: But that would violate on The Society group-code #1: never venture alone.

Chuck: I know, I kinda wrote it myself abit, but I have to do something anyway. Even it's not really a brightest idea ever.

Sulley: What about Nick? I'm sure the leader could help you.

Chuck: No, I can't, Nick has his own problem and his leadership would make it harder since he's the chosen few, beside we can't let him help us cause we're his shadow, helping him behind the scene, guard every corner back that the Orgs could strike off.

(Perry nods)

Sulley: Wow that's kinda complicated duty.

Chuck: Won't be the first.

Sulley: So say you doing this, what are the chance if you actually found a clue about your world.

Chuck: That's probably the million dollars question, I don't.

(Sulley and Perry began to worry that Chuck might gonna do something exactly what he said before, that could curve the code of Society itself)

(Few days later in the morning, Chuck began browsing in his quarter-office using the inter-dimensional linkage wave pulse to connected the other earth's internet line, at least some of the earths which hasn't been conquered or destroyed completely yet. When suddenly someone approach behind him...)

Phineas: Hey Chuck.

Chuck: Woah, Phineas, you startled me.

Phineas: Sorry, didn't mean to frighten you, do you have a Tachyon location display disc, maybe?

Chuck: Not quiet, but (opening his desk drawer to pick up some oval disc next a strange weaponize wrist-watch.)

Chuck: I think this would help regulate some of the bug on the Shooter, right?

Phineas: Cool, thanks Chuck. Hey, is that the B.E.A.T watch? The Battlized Exo-Accelerate Terraform suit?

Chuck: Yeah, This is just the prototype version but still has a lot kick in it.

Phineas: Awesome

(Then Phineas hears a beeping sound on his advanced neon-orange color arm bands.)

Phineas: Oh that's Ferb, gotta go, thanks for your help

Chuck: Anytime, Phin...anytime.

(as Phineas were away, Chuck continue his research for coordination of the last sighting from his homeworld, and suddenly, he look the view with suspicious and stumble upon something in the screen.)

Chuck: Got ya.

(Meanwhile at the Safe House, Morgan was watching TV with other Society-mate: a green globe with one big eye monster, Mike Wachowski and a light yellow fur anthropomorphic beaver, Norbert Beaver.)

Morgan: Hey, where's Dag anyway?

Norb: Ooh, he still cleaning up the hallway fiasco at the Academy after some collaborations with the Eds while try to scam the cadet buying some junk 'n' stuff for a buck of jawbreakers.

Morgan: Oh.

Mike: Can you please? I'm trying to watch the news.

Morgan: Is there anything in this channel other than old cartoon and some vintage movie channel, maybe?

Norb: Other than taking the dimensional satellite dish to the deep of the badlands, this is pretty much it.

Mike: Well, I'm with the bearded human, I can't just sit around waiting on some genius for repairing that multivariate-vortexay-interactive cable just for once at least.

(Norb and Morgan went blank to what Mike just say. Until..)

Morgan: Hey, I know some genius that could help this problem. I'll be right back.

(Morgan then off the sofa, heading to the Geniuse's HQ for his best friend's help, Norb apparently following him too, but before that..)

Norb: You're coming?

Mike:...(Groan) fine, I got nothing else to do anyway.

(At the Geniuses HQ hangars, a various vehicle and planes were parked for fueling and some maintenance, few of the them were special unit member and also some Sentinels cadets doing mechanical learning experiment for building their own machinery.)

(The entrance came the Swat Kats finishing combat training with Leonardo and Raphael. On the parking side, Jenny and Bumblebee were chatting each other although Jenny quite understand him despite his damage voice box. Then in some kind of laboratory, Jimmy and Dexter trying to make a weaponized power swords which they seem doing it with reversing engineered based on Nick's Ultimasword, on the upper floor-deck, T.O.M scanning the hangar area for suspicious detection or some Org's spy bug.)

T.O.M: Scanning confirmed, moving to the next hotspot.

(T.O.M coming down the stair to go the next area, but behind at the end of the stair, a mysterious person with a backpack sneaking passing by T.O.M and the other without detection, the person nearly close to it's destination: to get to the double-piled baggage container near the hangar's portal machine, he almost there but then someone spot him by nanited robot boy to say..)

Rex: Chuck?

(Chuck immediately stop and slightly panic.)

Rex: Chuck Burtoski, right?

(Chuck calm down and turn around to face him.)

Chuck: It's Bartowski actually.

Rex: Rriight. so what are you doing here, you know this place is off limit after T.O.M announcing his curfew.

Chuck: Oh right, that's right, I kinda forget, but does that mean it's also include you too?

Rex: Maybe, but I'm in a special unit, so I kinda have obligation to come whenever I want.

Chuck: Well, being in a special unit isn't mean by getting some "Special treatment" that suddenly appear in the silver platter, you know.

Rex: well, you're not quite exactly Mr. high-top yourself. For a guy that only work in the desk job which can't possibly to avoid any detection that the big looker, T.O.M have ever pass him.

So for the fair question is: What is exactly are you really doing here?

(Chuck beginning to tensed reaction by that question, with no other choice left, he pull down something under his jacket's sleeve. a metal stick with red dot on the tip.)

Chuck: Sorry about this

Rex: Hey, what are you do...

(Chuck pressed and red dot start flashing white, right at Rex's face and Chuck just disappear.)

Rex: Whoa...What am... I doing here now?

(Rex just scratching his head and walk away while unknowingly feeling abit dizzy.)

(On the other side of Genius's base, Morgan and his "Sofabuddy" were looking for his friends, Chuck, while he apparently not in his office, Morgan began to notice something strange.)

Morgan: That's strange.

Norb: Do you know where could he be?

Morgan: Well... Oh! Right, the watch, it sends a frequency signature each members to contact each others like a phone

Norb: Well, we know that already.

(Morgan then press the switch of the watch to pick up Chuck's watch but suddenly a beeping sound which Morgan recognized coming from his desk drawer, he opened and revealed that Chuck's watch was in there.)

Morgan: Oh no.

(Later, back at Chuck, he finally reach his goal point of the containers, Chuck then searching something like a switch on the metal fabric of the container and it hit the spot, the container open mechanically and reveals an inter-dimensional hover-vehicle called: the StreamShooter.)

Morgan: Hey Kats, have you seen Chuck?

T-bone: Nope.

Razor: Haven't seen him yet.

(Morgan keeping rushing forward asking people where Chuck is in the lab area.)

Mike: Hey, slow down there, man!

Norb: Morg, what is going on?

Morgan: Sorry, guys. But there's a reason why he left that watch.

(Chuck started to decipher some encryption to activate the portal gate by using the B.E.A.T watch. then the gate began starting it's machinery and few lighting sparks meaning the portal energy is operational.)

Chuck: Okay, that was easy.

Ratchet: Wha.. What in the Allsparks?

(Autobot Ratchet notice the gate is opening a dimensional portal by sees it from where he enter to the big entrance door.)


(Chuck puts his helmet on and start the Shooter's engine, getting ready to ride through the portal.)

Ratchet: YOU! HOLD!

(then coming out from the entrance elevator, Morgan is rushing to see what happened.)

Morgan: CHUCK! NO!

Norb: Holly, Mama-mia!


(Chuck straight shoot forward to the Portal inside and he was gone completely, and the gate went complete shutdown and somehow shorted out the Hangar's powers.)

Morgan: Chuck...

Ratchet: This is a problem.

(Meanwhile, back at the Org's tower, a view screen suddenly appearing appearing anomaly crossing the dimensional rift, the only one scientist who view this strangelet is...)

Eggman : Well, it's about time, at last.

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