This is porn without plot. Smit smut smut.


"I'm home, Draco," Harry called as he opened the front door.

"Stay there for a minute." Draco's voice was coming from the living room. "All right. Come in now." The first thing that Harry noticed when he entered the room was a very naked Draco sprawled in the middle on the floor on top of some pillows, with a round cake covered generously with fluffy white frosting plopped down on his crotch. The furniture had been pushed to the the walls and the floor covered with plastic. "Happy twenty-third birthday, baby. Come have your cake." Draco smirked up at Harry wickedly.

Harry grinned happily and started stripping. Jacket, shoes, socks... When it was time to take his shirt off, he unbuttoned it slowly, loving the way Draco was watching him. By the time he undid the fly of his jeans, he was hard. Draco stared hungrily as Harry lowered his pants, and the cake shifted a bit.

Harry walked across the plastic and knelt between Draco's spread legs, licking the top layer of frosting off the cake while looking up at Draco. The blond man was pink-faced with arousal, and his nipples were hard as he stared back at Harry and bit his lip. "Get down to it," he growled, and he shoved Harry's head down, right into the center of the cake.

Harry's glasses were covered in sweet goo, so he took them off and threw them into a corner and set to work. He used his tongue to tunnel through-at least an inch of frosting, a layer of cake, more frosting, more cake... He was coated in stickiness from the top of his head to his collarbones. Chunks of cake broke off the sides and fell down, landing on his arms and hands.

Finally, his questing tongue found something hard and hot. Harry set to work cleaning Draco's erection, licking it from base to tip and down again. Merlin, Harry loved going down on Draco. He loved everything about his boyfriend's beautiful cock; the length, the thickness, the way it tasted, the delicate lavender hue of the head and the way Draco whimpered a little when Harry flicked his tongue on that little notch underneath. Harry used just a hint of teeth, making Draco squirm, then he moved down to the balls, cleaning them, too. When his mouth went even lower, Draco sat up and shoved him on his back.

Harry laughed as Draco grabbed handfuls of cake and smeared them all over Harry. They shared a deep, long, sticky-sweet kiss, and then Draco cleaned Harry's nipples off, licking and nibbling. He wrapped a frosting-lubed hand around Harry's hard-on and started pumping it with his fist. "We're all sticky and dirty," he breathed, "What are we going to do now?"

"A shower?"

Draco straddled Harry, rubbing the tip of Harry's cock against his arse-hole. "If we do that, we'll get all wet and soapy and slippery and things will slide easily. In and out, in and out, in and out..." He demonstrated by thrusting his tongue into Harry's mouth.

"Shower, now."

Draco pulled back and gave Harry a feline smile. "All right. First, I have to sing you the birthday song. But I guess I won't actually be singing it." He licked his way down Harry's torso, engulfed Harry's cock in his warm, willing mouth, and started to hum.