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oddsisters' note: This is a yaoi fanfiction drabble. It is not related to the anime or manga. More drabbles will be added pertaining these two and others.

Pairing: Shinou x Daikenja

Word count: 100

My King

His robe rustled against the floor as he swiftly walked into the throne room. It was dark and the only sound he could hear was his own footsteps. He stepped up to the four forbidden boxes and looked up at the empty throne with longing.

"Forgive me, my dear Daikenja," whispered the familiar husky voice.

He shuddered from remembering those last words and glanced down to the boxes. Silently, he cursed at the boxes.

"I cannot make you happy in this life time, but know that I love you," continued the voice.

Tears slowly streamed down Daikenja's cheeks. "My King…"