As Alex Dunkelman lay in his bed the night of his was getting harder and harder to control the Ripper it's espically hard on his birthday when the Ripper's get's more in he thought aout bug and his family,he hoped when he lost all control he hoped he didn't hurt he knew that hope was useless because the Ripper was apart of him,his soul and he knew who he would go after when Alex lost all just hoped that when the time came Alex would be strong enough to fight the clock struck 12'o clock and he heard the Ripper's voice say in his evil voice "Fear ye the ripper" before everything went black.

Later on that night

As Alex and Bug faced each other up in Bug's room after the feirce battle Alex felt a stabbing pain in his gut and just for a moment Alex had a sliver of control back and he looked at bug already knowing the answer and asked "where's the biggest knife in the kitchen?"

"were it need's to be" Bug answered with painfilled looked down at the knife and smiled he had full control and the ripper was the blackness started takeing over he seen the time on the clock across the smiled again and looked a Bug "Happy birthday condor" as the darkeness tooke over the last thing he heard was

"Happy birthday crow"