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They heard her scream from the common room, followed by the shattering glass of several light bulbs exploding throughout the tower as the front window cracked. The titans all glanced at each other, before rushing out of the room and straight for Raven's.

"Well… at least we know she's made contact." Beast Boy spoke as they peered into the empath's room from the hallway.

Raven was suspended in midair; fiery tendrils snaked around her, constricting her body, without burning her. A strong wind circled through the room, tugging at her curtains and threatening to knock the books of her shelves.

"We need to get her back, now." Robin ordered.

"That's good and all, but does anyone have any idea how we're meant to do that?" Cyborg frowned.

"We must break her concentration." Starfire answered. "It is the same with all her spells, is it not?"

The changeling suddenly ran forward, planning to barge into Raven. He was inches away from her when the wind picked him up and threw him backwards. He crashed into the wall next to her door, and rubbed the back of his head as he said, "Without touching her, apparently."

Robin pulled several explosive disks out of his belt and threw them. They exploded against the invisible barrier, but the force of the blast reached her, knocking Raven out of the air, the chains of fire disappearing with the unnatural wind.

Raven opened her eyes, and turned to glare at Robin. "That hurt. Water would have worked just as well, you know."

"Sorry." Robin grinned sheepishly, the titans moving further into the empath's room.

"We've been living in the same building for almost eight years now, and you have learnt next to nothing about how to deal with magic? It's irresponsible and dangerous! If…" She paused as she sat up, her side burning with pain, forcing her to hug her ribs, sending even more pain through her body.

"You are hurt!" Starfire gasped, rushing forward.

"I'm fine." She forced herself to stand before the alien could help her, trying to stifle a gasp as the pain forced her to hunch over.

"Fine my ass. Come on; let's get you checked over in the medical bay." Cyborg walked forward, picking the girl up before she could protest, and heading out of the room.

"Cyborg, put me down." She folded her arms and glared at him, promising her team mate a slow and painful death. "It's only a broken rib; I can walk just fine."

"You know, now that you've told us, it's easy to see you're Pride." Beast Boy smiled. "Everything makes so much more sense now."

"Shut up." She glared at him over Cyborg's shoulder, before turning back to the Robotic Titan. "Put me down. Now."

"Sorry Rae; no can do. We don't know how bad the break is, and knowing your Daddy, it's more than likely going to be more than a fracture. We don't want the bone piercing your lung or your skin because you were putting too much pressure on it."

"Did you get any information?" Robin asked, moving to walk beside them.

"They're working for him." She sighed. "And he's still planning on taking earth for himself. He's weaker than he was when we last fought him, but that doesn't help us much."

"You mean he's gonna use these half brothers of yours to get across?" Cyborg asked, his face creased with worry.

"Yes and no." Raven answered. "There are more than the Halflings we've met; remember how I told we're connecting on a psychic level when we're in the same realm? I didn't pick up how many 'brothers' I have, but if we're going on this bases this is his sick version of the Seven Sins, we're looking at six. They're involved, but I didn't get anything about them being his path across. They're missing something."

"They're missing you." Robin nodded as they reached the medical bay, and Cyborg sat the empath on one of the cots. "That would explain why they've been targeting you."

"I doubt Trigon would attempt to use me again; I mean, it failed the first time."

"He still got you to open the portal though, didn't he? He only lost because we fought back. He still reached this Dimension. What if he threatened you with us again, or Jinx?"

Raven glared at her leader. "He can't harm you or anyone else from his Prison. I HAD to open the portal; it was my fate, written in stone. I don't have to do it again, though."

"I'm not saying you would." He smiled gently. "I'm saying that Trigon might attempt using you again because it worked once; he's going to assume it should could again."

"We can talk about this later." Cyborg cut in. "Rae, I want to do an X-Ray so we can see just how bad the break is. That means we need to do one now before your body starts to heal while the bone's out of shape – assuming it IS more than a fracture. I don't want to have to break it again because it healed wrong." He made a 'shooing' motion at the other titans so he would have enough space.

"So we know there are three half demons working for Trigon, and a possible total of six. We don't know what they're planning, but it involves getting Trigon to earth, and that they need you to do it."

"I received images of some of the brides while I was… conversing with Him." Raven offered.

"Images of the women? You mean we might be able to track them down?" Robin asked excitedly.

"Perhaps, though an image doesn't give us a lot to go by."

"Leave that to me." Cyborg smiled. "I'll see if I can finish getting into the Church of Blood's database too."

"Then we finally have a lead!" Starfire smiled excitedly. "This is most wonderful!"

"Oh, and Rae, Dr Cy says no fighting until your rib's healed." He cleared his through before continuing, and Raven could feel the waves of embarrassment rolling off him. "You and Jinx need to hold back on the ah… nights you're spending together. For at least a week, and just take it gentle after that. I know you heal faster than most, but I can't put it in a cast, and you don't wanna make it worse. No lifting, no fighting, try not to bend down to far… you get the idea."

Raven's cheeks flushed red with her own embarrassment, and she glared at Beast Boy as he laughed.

"Yo, Jinx! We haven't been on a heist in ages. What gives?" Gizmo asked as he pink haired girl made her way through the Hive common room.

Jinx felt her heart skip a beat as she tried to figure out what to tell her team mate. "How 'bout you plan it this time?" She turned and forced a smile. "I mean, the last few times just aint worked. Your luck is probably better than mine."

"Hmph. Anyone's luck is better than yours. Where you been anyway."

"Titans Tower. Rae's havin' family trouble, and well, some I've ended up gettin' stuck in the middle of it."

Gizmo gazed suspiciously at her, and she shrugged him off before continuing on her path for her room.

"Family problems my ass." She muttered as she closed the door behind her. "And I complain about the way my folks used to treat me." She threw herself into the bed and scowled at the ceiling. "So much for that 'uncomplicated' no-strings attached plan. Now look where it's gotten you Jinxie-girl. In a fuckin' moral dilemma with demons around every corner. This is sooo not how everything was supposed to go. Talk about bad fuckin' luck."

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