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Hey, Hachi...I wonder how you are right now? Are you thinking of me? When I think back...maybe I could have returned to 707 after Ren died, but at that time...I was selfish...

Arai watched as his lens focused on the woman with long, blond hair as she peered out her apartment window on Drury Lane*. Her steely blue eyes were dark, deep in thought, and alone. In the background, on the floor her could see a young girl with short black hair and huge blue-gray eyes. He snapped a few pictures and returned to the meal that sat before him on the dingy cafe table.

"Anna and Akahana Beverly**, huh?" he mumbled as he finished the peach cobbler in front of him. He stood, the check in hand and went back inside the restaurant. He paid quickly before returning to his black Benz. He climbed into the driver's seat and leaned back as he thumbed through his cellphone, stopping on the name "Komatsu." He hit call and waited.

Nana Komatsu was playing with her daughter, Satsuki, when the phone rang. She let it ring once, then twice before answering. Satsuki watched with curious brown eyes as her mother's hand flew to her mouth and tears began streaming down her cheeks. "Really? You're sure its her Arai-san?" Hachi inquired through her sobs. She then smiled a few moments later, mumbled a thank you and hung up.

Satsuki tilted her head and asked, "What is it mama?" Hachi stroked her daughter's head and sighed in content. "Mama's friend, Nana, we know for sure where she is." Satsuki grinned, threw her hands up and squealed in excitement.

"Where, mama, where?" She pulled on Hachi's sleeve in excitement.

"In London," her mother replied.

"With papa, and bubby?" She asked, eyes widening as her mom nodded half-heartedly.

Yasu blew out a stream of cherry-scented smoke just as his phone went off with a text message. He blinked in disbelief as he read it.

TO: Yasu, Shin, Nobuo

From: Nana K.

Subject: Nana in London – confirmed.

Message: I had to tell you as soon as Arai called me. Nana is living in London under the name Anna Beverly on Drury Lane. Apparently, she may also have a daughter! (^_^) Meet me at 707 tonight!

Miu watched as Yasu stood, his chair clattering to the floor. She stood as well, "What is it?" Yasu gave a small smile, "We're going to apartment 707 tonight."

"I thought you only went once a year?" She questioned.

"Tonight is special." he replied before grabbing his jacket and heading for the door.

The three ex-Blast members and Miu stood before the door, bracing themselves as Nobuo reached for the door. Just then it swung open to reveal Hachi, wearing a genuine smile for the first time in years.

A/N – Hello, hello. Below are a few little pointless facts.

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*- Drury Lane – for a time in their life Simon John Ritchie(Sid Vicious) and his mother lived on Drury Lane.

** - Anne Beverly was the name of Sid Vicious's mother. Nana is using things she and Ren loved.