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Vigo stood up and stretched. How long had he been out? He pulled the stake from his back and he felt his body heal almost immediately. He stood up and walked down the hall of the school. Alexander Banks had made a mistake. He forgot to check and see that Vigo was really dead. All he cared about was Amy. Vigo needed a way to finally defeat Alexander Banks and he knew just how to do it.

Alexander and I walked up to the park where I was first attacked by Vigo. I looked over my shoulder out of habit. I felt Alexander stop and turn to face me.

"Amy, you know there is nothing to be scared of, Vigo is dead" Alexander said

"I know it is just a force of habit, I guess"

"Well, if there is some danger in the night, I will protect you."

I reached up and kissed Alexander on the cheek. "I know you will"

Vigo had been hiding in the bushes waiting for a snack when he saw this scene. It made him want to puke. But he still had a way to Alexander, through Amy. "But what would really get to Alexander" Vigo thought. He remembered the night when Alexander had almost killed him. He was so worried about Amy that he didn't check to see if Vigo was dead. Vigo knew if he could capture Amy, Alexander would do anything to keep Amy safe. Anything. Vigo knew just what to do. He had "conveniently" gotten a bloodstone from a jeweler. A bloodstone would protect him from the sun. He already enrolled in Amy's school and requested her as his student ambassador. Now all he needed to do was to get her away from Alexander.

It was my first day back at school after Vigo attacked me at the school dance and Alexander was officially a student at my school.

"Amy, would you come here a moment" called the front desk lady when Alexander and I walked.

"Yes" I asked.

"There is a new student and we have chosen you to be his ambassador."

"Ok, great"

"Why don't you go meet him at the lockers?"

"Ok" I said and I made my way to the lockers.

I walked down the deserted hallway and I didn't see anyone.

"Hello?" I called out "its Amy, your ambassador"

"Hello, Amy" said a voice from behind me, I turned around and was face to face with Vigo Skaar. "Miss me?"

"Vigo, how are you-"Vigo interrupted me.

"Because your boyfriend didn't check to make sure I was dead"

"But, how are you able to be in the sunlight?"

"That is my little secret" he said as he pushed me back against the lockers "By the way, how is your neck?"

This was perfect. He had Amy right where he wanted her. All she had to do was scream for Alexander.

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