Hi! Thanks so much for reading my Vampire Stalker fiction! Please go read my Harry Potter Fiction called Bringing Out The Light In You! I love you all so much! Thank you so much for your sweet reviews! I am going to have a contest! The one of the winners of the contest will be able to choose the topic of my own story! This story will not be a Fan-Fiction!

The Contest:

You will need to write an adventure/romance fanfiction. These are the books you may choose from-

Maximum Ride

Vampire Stalker

Harry Potter

House of Anubis/Het Huis Anubis

These are the character parings-






The main girl character must be in some type of danger

Rating goes from K to T

Private Message me to enter and again when the story is finished

Due by June 14th, 2012


1st- Get to give me a topic for my own non- fan fiction story (you will be mentioned)

2nd-Get to give me a Fan-Fiction topic

3rd-Get to give me a Fan-Fiction topic

I hope many people enter because I love reading your stories! I am not very critical and if your new it doesn't matter to me! This was my very first fan-fiction!

Love- MissMountainGirl