Harry and Daphne

Chapter 1: Questions

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Harry Potter was in his sixth year, when it happened.

It was the same year that Professor Remus Lupin was his Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor;

"Moony", as he was called by his friends, his very close friends, the Marauders of a Generation ago.

"Today, class, I will teach you the Patronus Charm." Professor Lupin walked in front of his Defense

Class, setting down his stuff and turning towards the class. "This is a charm that normally I'd be teaching to all

seventh years in the spring before they graduate, but, due to it's complexity, and the amount of magical power

needed to successfully cast it, it's going to be rather difficult for most of you to cast it."

"Now, does anyone know what the Patronus charm does?," Professor Lupin asked.

Hermione raised her hand, the only one in the class to do so.

"Miss Granger?", Professor Lupin recognized Hermione

"The Patronus charm defends us against the Dementors." Hermione answered, she was very excited with the subject.

"Correct. The Dementors are the worst in our World. No other creature in our World can affect us

like they can. No other spell affects them – ONLY the Patronus Charm has an effect on them. It protects us

from them. It drives them away." Professor Lupin described the effects.

"Professor," Hermione asked again, "Does the Patronus charm kill the Dementors? I've read all I

find in the library and I've found nothing that says it can be done."

lThe Professor replied, "No! The Patronus Charm only drives them away. In my experience no Dementor has ever been

killed. They feed off of the Happiness of others, and they emit an intense cold. They make you feel like you'll

never be happy again. That's why you need to have a very strong memory of something wonderful, something

very happy to power the Patronus charm. Without this happy thought, your Patronus will not be able to form.

Your magic produces the wisp-like vapor, but your happy thought, or your happy memory, gives it shape."

"What does the Patronus look like?" Hermione asked.

Remus smiled while he looked at Hermione. "Miss Granger, the shape of the Patronus depends

upon the person casting it. It reflects your inner personality or as some would describe it, your innermost desire.

Each person's Patronus is different. Oh, and one more thing, your Patronus can change shape as events

in your life affect you."

Meanwhile, Harry just sat in the class, not saying a word. Professor Lupin glanced at Harry

momentarily and smiled. A silent message was passed between the two.

Remus knew of Harry's capabilities.


Every once in a while Harry would be glancing around the classroom. For some reason, known only

to the faculty of the school, most of the core courses were taught to both Gryffindor's and Slytherin's at the

same time. Neither House really got along with the other, due to animosity, but, some times there are members

of each House who get along with each other. This relationship, they keep to themselves.

Harry was one of them. Afterall, one doesn't tell all of their secrets, let alone their hearts desires!

Harry glanced up and over to one particular student. She had long silky blonde hair and a shade of

blue in her eyes that Harry liked. She was tall, taller than Harry, I'd guess the word that would best

describe her height and 'bearing' would be statuesque. Anyway, she took Harry's breath away, as well as his

heart. She looked over at him, smiled briefly, nodding her head ever so slightly and turned to continue paying

attention in class.

Harry smiled.

After class, Harry lingered, while Ron and Hermione stayed with him.

"Harry", Ron said, "what are you hanging around for? Lets go!"

"Later, Ron. I've got something else to do, concerning this class." With that said, Ron shook his head

and left.

Harry was lingering in class after most everyone had left when a witch came up to him.

"Hi, Harry." It was Daphne.

Harry looked up at her, smiling. "Hi, Daphne."

"What are you hanging around for?" Daphne asked, almost knowing the answer. She'd been through

this scene too many times with other boys who tried to 'hit' on her, or idly chat her up and now, it was her who

was initiating the conversation with another boy, and he wasn't even in her house. Oh, what would her house

mates say if they ever found out? Of course, that's why she waited until she found him alone, and in a

classroom so that it wouldn't be too difficult to explain away, that is, if she got caught by some of her friends or other

house mates, they being Slytherin and all.

As Daphne looked on she saw that Harry was different, in what way, she just couldn't tell, other than

just being shy. She'd been noticing him for quite a long time now. She was aware of his reputation, but she'd

been trying to see beyond that. She wanted to know what was behind the public face of The Boy Who Lived.

Afterall, she's known as the 'Ice Queen' and that's only a public face that she uses to protect herself from

those she'd rather not associate with. It's a sort of protection, easily done, rather not quite unlike the Patronus

charm, but in another way.

"Uh, I was going to ask Remus, uh, Professor Lupin a question about the class. He left before I

could, you know, uh, talk with him."

Daphne had him 'pegged', he wanted to talk with her but didn't know what to do or say. 'For all his

ability in Magic, his one weak spot is not knowing how to deal with a girl,' Daphne thought to herself.

'There's more to this wizard than what meets the eye. He seems so gentle and not over

bearing – like Malfoy is.' Daphne thought.

"Did you understand the Patronus charm that he showed us? I tried to cast it, but just couldn't.

I don't think anyone can, it seems too difficult." Daphne said to Harry, trying to get him to open up some.

"Oh, yeah, I can cast it. It's not all that difficult." Harry mentioned.

Daphne's eyes got wide, in utter disbelief at what she'd just heard. "Harry! That's one of the most

difficult charms to cast. It takes an unbelievable amount of Magical Power to cast it, let alone to keep it going.

And for a third year, it's unheard of."

"Anyone can cast it, it just takes the right teacher to get you to push it out of your inner self.

This is the one magical spell that determines what's inside you." Harry turned to Daphne and looked at her,

directly into her eyes, "This spell determines just who you are."

Daphne was stunned by what Harry just said. It was the way he looked at her when he was

describing the Patronus Charm. It was what was 'inside' Harry that was calling to Daphne, and she felt

it was good.

"What do you mean by what's inside me? I don't understand."

"You're familiar with the Killing curse, aren't you? It's an Unforgivable." Harry asked.

"Yes, of course, everyone here has heard of that one." Daphne was wondering where Harry was

going with this line of reasoning due to the dissimilarities of the two.

"Well, the Killing curse and the Patronus Charm are the opposites of each other. They require

different emotions: one is absolute Hate and the other is absolute Love." Harry looked at Daphne, right into her

eyes. He was smiling. "Anyway, that's how I look at the two of them. Others may see it a bit different from me,

but the Patronus charm requires you to be in a happy mood or have a happy thought or memory.

Now, in order to cast the killing curse, you have to have absolute hate for another. It's the opposite of what you

need to cast the Patronus charm. For that, you need absolute Love and caring for another. This is just one

example. Another example would be a thought that'd make you very happy, that'd give you a good positive feeling.

Those who are of each, they can't cast the others' curse or charm – it's just not in them to do it. Not for me,


Harry said this last sentence rather quietly as he turned his head away and tried to sort his books

back together. He didn't want her to hear that last part. Even though he knew the Headmaster was

there when it happened and they'd talked about it, Harry still felt bad. Still, as he looked up at the Slytherin

Witch, she was smiling and had that look about her that softened him. There was a certain something about

her that he liked. He shook his head slightly, biting his lower lip some like his long time friend, Hermione does

when she's worried or working on a difficult problem.

Harry looked at Daphne and then he started to walk away, looking down. Harry was thinking back to

his confrontation with Bellatrix, his thoughts were mixed on this. He so much wanted to hurt Bellatrix, but the

curse he tried to cast, well, it just didn't work for him. Maybe he was doing it wrong. Maybe he just was unable

to cast it due to something else inside him. He just didn't know, or maybe he needing to be taught more.

Daphne walked over to Harry, placing her hand on his shoulder to connect with him. "What's wrong

Harry?" There was care and concern in her voice.

Harry looked up at Daphne, and decided to go for broke. He's had so many other problems, what's

one more? The entire episode was published on the front page of the Prophet, so it wasn't like she'd not heard

of what'd happened. "Last year, when we were in the Ministry, me, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville,

we were fighting the Death Eaters."

"Harry, I read the Daily Prophet, what happened there is common knowledge. My father is a member

of the Wizengamot and he found out what happened. He told Mom, me and Astoria all about it. He even asked me

if I knew anything about you." Daphne looked at Harry, into his emerald green eyes that to her were so captivating.

Harry was startled at this new revelation. He didn't expect some one that, well, 'close', to be asking

questions about him. He wasn't even aware of anyone in Slytherin House to be on the Wizengamot to be, well,

'nice', wouldn't be the right word. All he'd ever expected was just a bunch of Death Eaters. That's all he's ever

been exposed to.

Daphne was looking at Harry; He was not saying anything. "Harry, what's wrong? You stopped talking

You want to finish your thoughts?"

Harry looked at Daphne for a few seconds before speaking. "Yeah, I was gonna say something about

the Ministry. Anyway, it's not important. You'd know the names of some of them, probably all, they have kids here,

like Malfoy."

Daphne stopped Harry with that 'Ice Queen' look of hers that she'd perfected so well since being

here at school. "Harry, look, I'm in Slytherin, I know first hand what's going on there and what they're all

like. I have to live with them every day and listen to them talk. You're not telling me anything new."

Harry had that 'guarded' look about him as he looked at Daphne and listened to her. He was

about to say something when she stopped him and continued speaking her mind.

"Harry, my father is a member of the Wizengamot and I've heard him and mom talking about

what happened in the Ministry concerning you and the rest of the Gryffindor's. In addition, I've heard a lot of

rumors about what happened with that escaped criminal Sirius Black and how some say that you protected him

and chased off a lot of Dementors. Harry, I don't know what went on, but even if some of that is true I wanted to

talk with you about maybe you helping me with this charm. I didn't see what harm it'd do by at least talking

with you, what's a little help for a Slytherin after you've helped someone like Sirius Black, or so I've heard?"

Harry stopped and looked at Daphne, wondering if he should continue talking with her.

She's in Slytherin, but that doesn't mean that she's evil or a death eater or follows Voldemort.

Harry just looked at Daphne and thought for a moment, finally, making a decision on what to do.

Not too many came to him and talked to him. Mostly, this was because of Ron and Hermione always being

with him running interference for him. Ron was good for that, especially if there were any Slytherin's around.

And speaking of Ron, Harry just now realized that hearing Daphne talk and thinking of what Ron's reaction

would be if he was here now, Harry realized just how similar Malfoy and Ron were: Both of them hated the

member's of the others' House, or the idea of the others' House.

But, today, Ron wasn't around, so he'd have to decide for himself and Daphne seemed like someone he

could trust. He just didn't know why.

"Daphne, I'd like to talk with you, if you want. Let's go for a walk somewhere where we won't be

bothered. If you'd like?"

"Sure, Harry, I'd like that." Daphne and Harry walked out of the classroom and went to a part of the

castle where they wouldn't be disturbed.

Harry looked at Daphne, "Ok, you first. This is more than just you wanting to know about the

Patronus, isn't it?"

She looked at Harry, into his emerald green eyes and saw an intensity she'd not expected, or did

she? She saw something that befriended her, so she spoke her mind.

"I've been watching you. I"m not one of those empty headed girls that see only the public side of

you, Harry. I've seen you with your friends and once in a while, when they're not around, I've seen how you

are, sort of like when your defenses are down. I'm looking for a friend, Harry, someone I can trust and who'd

look past my House and my exterior persona that I put on to keep other' students away who try to use me.

Others like Malfoy."

Daphne was silent for a moment, looking at Harry. Then, just when she was about the give up,

she saw the corners of his mouth, curl up into a smile. A smile that reached his eyes.

She released a breath that she'd not realized she had been holding. Daphne smiled back.

"You're not the so called 'ice queen' that I've heard about, are you?"

"No, Harry, I'm not. That's just a facade that I use to protect myself with. So many boys here just

want to chat me up, date me and try to, well, you know what I mean." Daphne frowned a bit, looking down at

the floor for a bit, hoping he'd understand. Daphne wasn't cold or unfeeling. Quite the contrary, she was very

warm and feeling with her emotions. It's just that she didn't want to share them with everybody. Daphne was

very selective in the matters of her heart and emotions. They were weaknesses that she knew that other's

could use against her that'd hurt her. She just wanted to protect herself. Besides, there was that other

problem, the one at home and THAT she didn't like!

She needed a way out.

She needed help, but that wasn't going to come about for a long time.

Still, she needed to prepare. She couldn't let anyone know, not even her best friend,

Tracey, knew of this. If anyone ever found out, it'd destroy her. Shaking her head out of her rumination,

she paid attention to the one boy she felt she'd chosen wisely. She smiled, just a little. Afterall, body

language was easily learned and said a lot, especially to those you didn't want to talk to. She stepped just

a slight bit closer to Harry, almost not noticeable. 'Hmm, body language, maybe if I use just a little of it now, it

can't hurt, I suppose. It's time for me to change my approach, at least to this young man I'm interested in.'

"I understand, Daphne. I've noticed you for a while. I've seen how you deal with others,

but at the same time, I've seen how friendly you are with Tracey and sometimes with Millicent.

I've had the feeling that you're not as cold as people think you are." Harry just smiled, wanting to put her at


"So, are you saying, you'd like to talk with me some?" Daphne asked, a bit hesitantly.

Harry smiled a bit, nodding his head. "Yes, I would. But, not around my friends. I think I'm not too

far off the mark by saying my friends, like Ron, would blow a gasket if he knew I was even talking with you.

He's not too warm on anyone from Slytherin."

Daphne nodded her head in agreement. "All of my friends are the same way." She squeezed up her

face, looking for all the world like she was trying to think of something difficult. "Well, I do have one friend

who'd understand, I can trust her. She's my only friend."

"Tracey?", asked Harry.

Daphne's eyes rose almost to her hairline. "Why, yes. How'd you know?"

"I've seen how you and her sit together at mealtimes and talk. You two are together then almost all

the time."

"She's my best and only friend. We grew up together. Our families are tied together with business

and social contracts. But, I can keep this from her, but only for a while. Even if, or when, she finds out, she

knows how to keep a secret. Not everyone in our house thinks like Malfoy. He's a rather bad example for

other's to see our House as, just like some see Weasley the same way as Malfoy is seen."

Harry laughed, his smile and laughter reached all the way to his eyes, which Daphne did notice.

"I'll not forget how you've just compared Ron to Malfoy. But, you're right. In their own way, they both are just


"I thought you'd agree with me on that."

Harry just smiled and looked at Daphne. Undoubtedly she was one of the prettiest witches at

Hogwarts, plus she had a warm and compassionate side that few knew about. He felt very lucky.

"Now, back to where we were," Daphne said. "Oh, before we continue, I see that you were raised

around muggles. I noticed you used the term 'blow a gasket'. That's a very appropriate term in describing your

friend Weasley."

"How'd you know about that?" Harry looked at Daphne, rather curiously.

"Please, don't get upset or jump to conclusion's; My Father does business with many people and

some of his business partners have contacts with muggles, from time to time. It's not often, but it does

happen. The profit he makes is large, actually, quite staggering, so he doesn't give up that side of business.

There are a few of us pure blood's who do business with them, it's just not published or talked about overtly,

profit is profit, as the goblins would say."

"Isn't there something odd about a pure blood family doing business with Muggles? I mean isn't

there enough money to be made just doing business with the magical community?" Harry asked wondering if

he'd missed something.

Daphne blew out a puff of breath, sighing somewhat before she answered. "Harry, you've got to

understand a couple of things – first, the magical world is small and scattered all over the world. Even if we

were all together, we'd still have to trade with them for the things, resources we'd need. Second, just look at

the wealthy families, mostly pure bloods, they didn't get that money from just trading amongst ourselves.

They got it from trading with Muggles, even it were in a round about way. No matter where you look, if there's

money, and I mean lots of it, there's Muggle influence in there somewhere."

Harry thought about what Daphne said for a bit. "I understand now, I just thought differently."

"Don't worry about it. I know you've not been around us too long and it takes a while to understand

us and what we do. If you let me, and can help you, maybe teach you more, that is, if you'd let me.

"Ok, I'd like that." Harry nodded his head in agreement. "you mean teaching me things like your

Dad picking up some muggle expressions?"

"Yes, exactly. Dad does pick up a few terms from them."

"Don't worry, Daphne, your secret is safe with me. I do think we've all got images that we need to

'maintain' from certain groups around here."

"Thank you, Harry. Maybe we can get together, and help one another, trade favors, do things

together? I just want to get to know you and try to get you to trust me. I want you to see past my 'ice queen'

front so that you can see I'm not all cold and heartless." She looked at Harry, biting her lower lip, which Harry


Harry nodded his head, thinking of what Daphne has just told him. There's something about her

that Harry liked and she does remind him of Hermione in the way that she bites her lip when she's thinking

about a problem. He's seen Hermione do that on many occasions. It wasn't much to go on, but, then, he's

never been given much and this is a grand opportunity.

"Ok, Daphne. Let's you and me try to be friends and know one another. We can do this privately,

at least at first. I can slip away from my 'handlers', on some pretext for a short time." Harry's smile reached

his eyes, which Daphne noticed!

"I think we've got a deal then, Potter, uh, I mean Harry." Daphne stuttered some, afterall, old habits

did take time to get rid of, she thought after she said that way of referring to him.

"That's alright, Daphne. I think you're trying."

"Anyway, back to our previous conversation, Bellatrix Lestrange killed my Godfather, sending him

through the Veil. This happened in the Ministry, in the Department of Mysteries, just as it was reported in the

Daily Prophet."

"Wait! That was Sirius Black, wasn't it? I read about that. He's your Godfather?"

"Yes, Sirius is my Godfather. He and my father were the best of friends while they were going to

school here. They were dorm mates for their entire seven years. There's more, but that's the general idea.

I can tell you later, when it's more appropriate."

Harry looked back to Daphne after walking around a bit, thinking. "Look, Daphne.

What I've told you, even though it's now common knowledge, I still don't like talking about it.

After my parents were killed and Dumbledore sent me to my Aunt's house, I've been used, taken advantage

of, lied to and who knows how much more I don't even know. I know our friendship is unusual, but to make it

work requires trust, which is difficult for me. But, it's not impossible. Just, well, lets just take our time and we

can trade information about ourselves."

Daphne could see the seriousness in Harry's voice and his demeanor when he was telling her this.

She nodded her head. "I understand, Harry. I understand what you're saying and I completely agree with you.

Please, continue."

"She was laughing and I went after her, her being Bellatrix. Remus was there and tried to hold me

back, but I wouldn't let him." It was at this point that Harry turned around and looked at Daphne, "I had her, I

had that cold heartless bitch on the ground and cast an Unforgivable at her, Daphne! At that point, I hated her

so much, but when I tried, it just didn't work. She'd just taken away the last family I'd had! I'm an orphan,

Daphne, an orphan, thanks to that bitch. And when I found out I had someone, someone who I could call

family, well, it meant a lot. And she'd just taken him away from me. She sat there on the ground looking at

me while I tried, and she just laughed at me! You see, Daphne, for those of us who are of the Light, not the

Dark, we can't cast an Unforgivable, at least I can't. Anyway, it doesn't work for us. But, for me, I can cast the

Patronus. My Patronus is, perhaps, the strongest that's ever been cast. That's what Professor Lupin told me.

If I want to protect those I truly love, I can do it." Harry looked up at Daphne, directly into her blue eyes: "And

nothing can stop me from protecting them; They'll be protected, absolutely protected. I'm of the Light, Daphne.

I'm not bragging, just stating what I can feel, deep down inside me. It's difficult to explain, but I can feel it."

Daphne now knew that Harry was telling her something, but the only answer she could come up

with, well, it was so far fetched, that she couldn't believe it. That answer just couldn't be it! They were of two

totally different Houses!

But, she felt it.

'Could what she felt, be it?' Daphne's thoughts were racing. She had approached Harry for a reason,

and it wasn't just to get to know him. She was faced with a real problem and needed some real help.

Maybe. Just maybe Harry was the answer she was looking for.

"Harry." Daphne looked at Harry, in his emerald green eyes, chewing her lip, nervous. "Could you

teach me what you know, uh, about the Patronus charm?" There it was, the Kneazle was out of the bag and

she hoped that Harry wouldn't go around talking to his friends about this conversation.

"Sure, it'd be my pleasure to teach you."

"Thanks, Harry. But, uh, just between us, could you not mention this to anyone? Please? I know

we're from different Houses and different backgrounds, but I'm in Slytherin and they'd not be too easy on me

if some of them found out I was with you."

Daphne was nervous and Harry felt it.

"You don't have to worry. Like we talked and agreed on previously, I won't mention this to anyone,

not even my close friends, Ron, Hermione or Ginny."

"Thanks, Harry. I appreciate your confidence in this and I'll do something for you in exchange."

"Don't worry about that, Daphne. Just being with you is payment enough for me." Harry was

looking down at the floor, his embarrassment was coloring his face beet red.

Daphne reached out and patted Harry's hand.

Harry was the Wizard she was looking for.