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"Sakai Yuji; I ask you again, what do you want to do?" A powerful menacing voice echoed in a dark place that Yuji suddenly found himself in.

"I... I want to... I want to protect everyone!" Yuji declared with a firm voice as his surroundings slowly started lighting up with a blue hue.

"Now Sakai Yuji; before you accept, you must hear my terms." The voice explained, as Yuji came face to face with a large floating silver flame.

'Is this the silver that Margaret-san was talking about?' Yuji thought as the voice started explaining things which he thought could never be possible.

'Creation of a new world? Move all the denizens there?' Yuji started contemplating as he listened to the mysterious silver flame which identified itself as The Snake of the Festival.

"Very well." Yuji replied as the Snake of the Festival finished. "I have my own conditions as well." Yuji added as the silver flame sputtered a bit.

'Conditions? Nevermind, I am sure that he will quickly forget about those ocne we merge' The Snake of the Festival thought as Yuji began talking about his conditions.

"I want you to prioritize the protection of this world." Yuji finished, as the silver flame grew brighter until it revealed a dashing long haired man who looked like a samurai in red armor.

"Very well; you have my word that I keep your loved ones safe as we work together towards our goal." The samurai spoke, as they both merged together as Yuji felt power rushing into his body.

"NO! This cannot be! Your will! Too stro..." The voice started screaming, while it was getting weaker as Yuji felt like his entire body was on fire.

"What the heck!" Yuji's face distorted into pain as he felt the power that was flowing within him suddenly started burning, as if it was frying him from the inside.

"AAAH!" Both the voice and Yuji screamed in pain as he lost his consciousness.

In Misaki City Municipal High School; Shana, Eita Tanaka, and Kazumi Yoshida were staring at each other grimly as Shana smiled at Yoshida, who then smiled back knowingly.

"There is a possibility that... no Yuji is still alive." Yoshida remembered her talk with Shana as they watched his belongings disappear from his house, as the letters they gave him returned, the day after.

'Yes, if Yuji's existence did burn out, then these letters should have disappeared as well.' Yoshida thought to herself as they went on with the rest of their school day.

"Would it not be beautiful if it was Spring right now?" A long haired man in Samurai armor said as he looked on at a snowy mountain rage with three other people.

"But winter has its own advantages as well." Hecate stated sadly, as Yuji looked at her and smiled.

"I suppose so." He smiled on, as he held Hecate by her shoulders, as said girl blushed.

"The winter grass." A man in green sang as he played his guitar. "The season is still in full bloom." The man continued with his song, as Bel Peol looked at their Lord Commander in worry.

"Strategist; if you are worrying about my plans, please be assured that I am still the Commander." Yuji said in a powerful menacing voice, the Snake of the Festival's voice that assured Bel Peol about any doubts she had about their leader.

The approaching flap of wings then interrupted their talk.

"Lord Commander; Dantalion has finished the requirements; we can now move on to our plans." Fecor announced, as he conjured as circular object in front of the group.

"DOOOOMIIINO!" A quirky voice called as Domino, appeared inside the circle.

"Professor! The commanders are..." Domino was then interrupted as a man in a white lab coat jumped on him and started talking about his successful project.

Fecor then made a face palm as he closed the circular object and then faced Yuji. "Lord Commander; the preparations are now complete."

"I see." Yuji replied as he walked away from the group, back into Seireiden.

"Hecate; are you sure that he is the commander?" Bel Peol asked as the priestess simply nodded in confirmation.

"Damn it!" Keisaku cursed as he reached for his cellphone and dialled a number.

Tanaka was studying for an upcoming test when his phone started ringing. "Sato?"

"TANAKA! GO TO MARGERY NOW! A TOMOGARA IS COMING THAT WAY!" Keisaku screamed through the phone as Tanaka started thinking about what his decision would be.

'I'm not supposed to get involved anymore... Damn it!' Tanaka thought as he said good bye to Keisaku and ran towards the Sato residence, where Margery was staying.

"Another one... it seems to be a Crimson Lord." Margery said as Marchosias started laughing.

The door then opened revealing a Tanaka who was breathing heavily.

"You too?" Margery asked as Tanaka simply replied with a frown. "I am going to the Haridan!" Tanaka stated with a firm resolute as he nodded to Margery who nodded back.

After the boy ran towards the Haridan; Margery stood up and gazed out a window.

"Haha! You seem to have really gotten used to acting as a team!" Marchosias stated, as Margery opened her cellphone and called a friend.

"I understand de-arimasu" Wilhelmina responded. "Troubling." Tiamat added, as Shana looked at the two in confusion.

Wilhelmina then handed the phone to Shana, whom upon hearing something from the phone dropped it in shock.

"Explanation needed." Tiamat flatly said, as the two moved towards the Tomogara.

Yuji was happily eating noodles, as he enjoyed the views in Misaki city.

"I can't believe I lived here." Yuji stated in a whisper as he looked at his house.

As Yuji reminisced past events while looking at several key places; such as the place he met Shana, he began moving towards the bridge, unknowingly being watched by a flame haze and another set of eyes.

"Are you sure the Lord Commander will be ok?" Asked Sydonay as Hecate looked on at the portal she opened, showing a bird's eye view of their leader Yuji.

"I am sure." Hecate responded with no emotion as she continued observing her leader.

"To think that a simple torch reached such places..." Yuji smiled as he jumped up towards the ladder and started climbing up.

"Hecate where are you going?" Sydonay said, as Hecate started walking out the inn, where they were ordered by their leader to stay in as he toured Misaki City.

"Danger." Hecate simply responded as she flew, when she was sure that there were no witnesses around; then followed by Sydonay.

"I see." Bel Peol said, as she appeared from the top of a tree and flew by Hecate's side towards Misaki City.

"Shana!" Yuji called as Shana looked at him from the other side of the bridge, as the two stood at the bridge's metal beams.

"Yuji." Shana answered, her hair and eyes turning red as she summoned her Yogasa and her Nietono from within the cloak.

"Tell us who you are!" Wilhelmina asked as she descended with Margery right beside Shana, as the three prepared their weapons and spells.

"What a welcome." Yuji sighed as he looked at the three. "I am simply visiting you three; Shana how have you been?" Yuji asked as he smiled upon saying Shana's name; which affected said girl.

"Yuji..." Shana muttered as she realized that it was indeed Yuji she was talking to.

"Who are you?" Margery demanded as she activated her Fuzetsu; thus sealing the area from any permanent damage.

"So aggressive; I am merely here to visit." Yuji stated as he floated towards the three.

"Shana, how have you been?" Yuji again asked with a smile as Shana looked at the boy in the eyes, confirming that it was indeed her Yuji.

"Yuji you idiot! Why did you suddenly leave! You stood me up during Christmas!" Shana exploded with anger as Yuji simply smiled at her.

"On that day, I decided to those I love, to protect you; to protect all of you." Yuji stated as he looked to his side sadly, as if remembering a sad memory.

"Yuji..." Shana blushed as Yuji began to laugh thus causing her confusion.

"You looked cute." Yuji stated; thus earning another blush from the girl, and a death glare from a certain maid uniform wearing flame haze.

"Yuji you pervert!" Shana shouted, as Yuji suddenly jumped down from the beam and gracefully landed on the bridge's sidewalk.

"Well; it seems like my time is up, I promise that we will meet again." Yuji waved goodbye as he walked away from the trio of flame haze.

"Hey you! Don't think that you can simply walk away from us flame haze!" Margery shouted as she launched a purple fist of flame at Yuji; then causing a large explosion.

"Yuji!" Shana shouted, as Wilhelmina stopped her from running towards the tomogara.

"Caution." Tiamat said, as the smoke cleared.

"Interpreter of Condolences; you seem to still be as strong as ever!" Yuji complemented from within the clearing smoke as he dusted his clothes by patting them.

"What the? How?" Margery muttered as she watched the supposed Crimson Lord fixing up the rubble and destruction that was caused by the explosion.

"Yuji! Why are you leaving again?" Shana called sadly, but with relief; as said boy waved goodbye and continued walking away, and then stopped to look at them one more time.

"I promise that I will see you again Shana! I... I..." Yuji's cheeks turned to a light hint of red as he then turned around and continued walking away leaving a confused group of flame haze; one of whom was very happy, yet baffled at the event and the person that she met that day.

Yuji after walking for some time; then remembered something and stopped on his tracks.

'Before I forget' Yuji thought to himself as he flew towards the abandoned building where the Haridan was kept.

"Margery-san! It is coming here!" Tanaka yelled into the bookmark which served as his communication device with the flame haze.

"Tanaka, Yoshida; get out of there now!" Margery's voice raged through the bookmark as a large explosion rocked the building.

"S-Sakai-kun." Yoshida said, as she stood up and looked at the blown up roof, only to see Yuji who was now standing on top of the Haridan.

"Sorry Yoshida-san, Tanaka-san." Yuji bowed politely as the Haridan beneath him started growing brightly; as the light converged at one point thus forming a circular tablet. "I came here to get this."

"Sakai-kun... why?" Yoshida asked as Yuji stopped and thought for a moment.

"I had to. You received the letters right? I didn't want to hurt any of you, but I had to at least give a sign." Yuji explained as he continued floating away. "Goodbye Yoshida-san."

On his way out of Misako City; Yuji then caught sight of the Trinity whom were flying up in the air towards the city.

"Lord Commander! Are you alright?" Bel Peol immediately asked upon meeting up with him, as Hecate simply looked at him with worried eyes while Sydonay lighted up a cigarette behind them.

"My Lord; were you able to accomplish your goals?" Sydonay asked, as he puffed some smoke from his cigarette.

"Yes I was. Our mission here is complete; for now let us rest, I hear that the inn has a very wonderful hot spring." Yuji said as he handed the Haridan to Sydonay who then carried it for him, while the four walked back towards the Inn.

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