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"Yu—Yuji..." Shana mumbled, since she was shocked by the words that Yuji was saying.

"I shall use the Tessera along with my powers to create a world where all your desires will be fulfilled! Flame Haze will have the opportunity to pursue their desires in a way that no Tomogara will be killed! Tomogara will be able to satiate their hunger without harming any humans or other beings for that matter." Yuji inhaled deeply, as he was about to finish his speech.

"From this moment forward; I shall work towards a goal; a goal to turn the world into a world where Flame Haze, Guze no Tomogara, and Humans will be able to co-exist! A world abundant with power of existence therefore removing our need to kill humans, yet will not break the balance, a world where you Flame Haze can still hunt us Tomogara without any of us dying, a world where we can all live in peace!"

"Let us shower fire and brimstone above the battlefield." Haborym began to speak, during which he looked out onto the battlefield.

"All cannons aim for the bridge!" Haborym then ordered in a more rigid tone as his battalion of fifty artillery type rinne simultaneously fired their payload towards their target.

The sound of wheezing projectiles rebounded throughout the battlefield; sending shivers down the Flame Hazes' spines, while the Tomogara gained a large morale boost.

"Thus the sky rains fire upon the sinners..." Sabrac stated, while he continued his job of preventing the Flame Hazes from entering Seireiden on the bridge.

Sabrac then unleashed a seemingly endless volley of poisoned knives at the Flame Hazes who were now frozen by the speech and the chilling sounds of the artillery shells that were now flying through the sky towards the bridge.

From the other side of the bridge; Sophie Sawallisch and Samuel Demantius exchanged several hand signals; until Samuel Demantius gave a brief nod.

"Impassable, Unopenable, Ceased, thy name is disgrace, Zikmund's Gate!" The Guardian of Steady Passage chanted, after which several Flame Haze noticed his chants and then proceeded to apply their palms on the bridge's walls like the Flame Haze Army's chief of staff; thus pumping their power of existence throughout the bridge.



Multiple Explosions rocked the earthen bridge while the Flame Hazes struggled to keep the bridge up via Samuel Demantius' unrestricted spell.

"Pump more power of existence!" One Flame Haze shouted just as his area got disintegrated by a barrage of cannon fire, killing eight Flame Hazes in the process.

"WAAAH! There are too many!" Another Flame Haze screamed after seeing what happened to his fellow comrades. "It's hopeless!" The Flame Haze then collapsed on the ground; all hope lost due to the situation around them.

"This war... it is not worth it anymore..." Another Flame Haze murmured just as he slumped with his back to the bridge's battlements.

"Everyone, get yourselves together!" Sophie Sawallisch shouted at the Flame Hazes while she walked through the bridge, and then helped a Flame Haze up. "Now, let us prepare our escape."

"Yu... Yuji!" Shana called out the Crimson Lord turned mystes while the said boy looked at her and smiled.

Shana froze in mid-air, he, he was still smiling at her. "Yu... Yuji is that you?" Shana asked, unable to believe that the man in front of her, the one wearing red samurai like armor with long hair, the one with the confident smile, and the one who had a sickening dark powerful aura was Yuji.

"Why yes Shana I am!" Yuji responded with a hint of fear. 'Does Shana hate me? Could it be? Is she scared?' Yuji began thinking up of numerous reasons as to why Shana doubts who he is.

'Sakai Yuji, it seems as if-'

"Shana, will you stay by Yuji's side?" Hecate, surprisingly spoke up, interrupting the Snake of the Festival's inner monologue to Yuji.

Shana who was still frozen from the shock was unable to respond, while her allies prepared from an attack from the priestess. The priestess' next action however, knocked Shana out of her stupor, and changed the group's stereotype on the priestess.

Hecate, the Master Throne, Bal Masque's priestess gave the mystes, Sakai Yuji a deep passionate kiss that surprised the said boy, but then returned the kiss by placing Hecate within his arms and deepening the kiss.

Shana who was by now shocked and paralyzed to her very core, managed to move her arm and point at the Crimson Lord couple. "Y...Y...YOU! What do y-y-you think you're do-do-doing!" Shana gave an accusatory finger at the two who just now looked at her, Yuji with a disturbingly pleasant grin, and Hecate with a triumphant smirk.

"YOU! It Was All Your Fault!" Shana screamed at the two, with her finger visibly pointing at the Supreme Throne. "You brainwashed Yuji!"

"Brainwashed? Me? Everything that I am doing is my own free choice!" Yuji declared, feeling offended at his Shana's accusation.

"Yuji I-"

"Lightning Kick!" A voice shot out towards the group, with Yuji managing to block the surprise attack from below with his arms.

"Braider of Trembling Light; it is an honor to do battle with you." Yuji stated with a confident smirk.

"The four of you, get out of here and escape with the others; Samuel, Centerhill, and I will hold them off and escape ourselves! Now go!" Sophie managed to order the four Flame Hazes just as she unleashed a swift crackle of purple lightning at Yuji who then dodged and then responded with a silver fireball of his own.

"Shana let's go!" Rebecca Reed called out during which Wilhelmina pulled Shana's frozen body towards her.

"Wait." The priestess then landed in front of them, which then prompted the two free hands into a defensive stance with Wilhelmina prepared to cover Shana and herself with her bandages.

"I simply want to talk." Hecate stated, just as which several blue beams of energy shout out and hit Margery and Rebecca with blinding speed, and to the shock of the two Flame Hazes, the shots were harmless.

"A warning de-arimasu." Wilhelmina spoke in recognition to what the priestess meant with her shots.

"Fully prepared." Tiamat robotically said in addition to Wilhelmina's words.

"Shana." The priestess pointed at the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter with her staff, Trigon.

"..." Shana was unable to respond due to the shock of the recent events; yet she was able to move her head towards the sight of the priestess and then gave a piercing glare.

"I won the Christmas competition; he came to meet me." Hecate stated monotonously; that then earned a confused look from the rest of the group, but a deep look of hatred from Shana. Said Flame Haze saw the hidden taunt from her new found rival for Yuji and began to think of ways to beat her and then remembered the kiss from earlier.

A single tear drop fell from Shana's eyes just as she removed herself from Wilhelmina's hold, and raised her weapon, the Nietono Shana against Hecate. The priestess then prepared her staff, and began to channel power of existence into it.

"I won't let you have Yuji!" Shana declared at the top of her lungs and then lunged at Hecate. The priestess then saw the frontal attack, and then spoke one word that, according to Yuji, gave her control across any open-spaced battlefield.


Several beams of bright blue light then sped across the sky, each one aimed at the Flame Hazes. Margery, Rebecca, and Wilhelmina were unable to help Shana, since they were being held down by the unending assault of light blue beams that kept on exploding at Wilhelmina's shield of bandages, while the other two countered the beams with their own spells; thus leading the battle with the three a stalemate. Shana however, was a different matter because the girl dodged the beams with great speed, and deflected one towards the Supreme Throne who then shielded herself with her light blue flame.

While the priestess shielded herself; Shana saw the opening and dashed through the relentless assault of light blue beams, each missing her within an inch. The priestess after shielding herself from her own attack, noticed the opening on herself, and then decided to enlarge her flame shield while she moved back in order to put more distance between herself and the Flame Haze. Due to the move, and its size; Shana immediately noticed the shield getting bigger, and then decided to think up of ways to get around it.

'What would Yuji say at a time like this? Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Why am I thinking of Yuji at a time like this anyway? Damn it YUUUUJIIII!' Shana grit her teeth in anger and frustration as she pierced her way through Hecate's flame shield, earning a surprised look from the priestess. "How?" Was all the priestess was able to say, before Shana pierced the Supreme Throne's chest with her sword.

"I... I... Did it..." Shana managed to inhale a large amount of oxygen after the fight.

"Oy! Shana! Are you alright?" Margery asked the Crimson haired girl, while Shana continued to pant.

"Congratulations de-arimasu." Wilhelmina stated, upon seeing that Shana beat the Supreme Throne.

"Heh, not bad at all little girl! I can't believe that you were able to beat the Supreme Throne, but then again, you are the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter." Rebecca Reed began to laugh, during which the Supreme Throne that was skewered through the chest by Shana's weapon disappeared with a weak blue flame.

"What the? I thought that she would give out a stronger flame upon disappearing, unless..." Margery began to think and then looked around cautiously.

"What is it? My cunning wolf Margery Daw!" Marchosias asked through the book; that then earned a punch from said Flame Haze.

"Keep quiet stupid Marco! If I am correct, then that was simply a Faux Flame." Margery stated, earning a confused look from her teammates.

"What is a Faux Flame? I have heard of a Faux Vessel, but not a Faux Flame." Rebecca Reed asked.

"A faux vessel..." Shana murmured, remembering Konoe Fumina, during the time she went to school with Yuji.

"During my past fights; I came upon some Tomogara that had the ability to create copies of themselves with the same powers as them, but were generally weaker, and had a limited timed life that depended on how much Power of Existence was pumped into creating them. These faux flames upon dying, then send their memories to the original Tomogara upon dying, and therefore give the original the experience about fighting you, that is if their clones can't kill you themselves."

"Themselves?" Rebecca asked. "But there was only one."

"Yes; the tomogara can also make any number of faux flames they want; provided that they can supply the necessary amount of existence. The drawback of this unrestricted spell, is that whatever happens to the faux flame; the original will also feel it; so if the faux flame gets stabbed, then the original will get the memory of being stabbed and feel the pain yet not die from it, but enough to send some unconscious."

"My masochistic demon Margery Daw! The time you cut of the arms and sliced their hea-" Marco then began to blabber about Margery's adventures that then earned him another punch.

"Goddamit stupid Marco! I thought that they were real since they died like the real ones too!" Margery began hitting the book that then began to tell the details of how Margery used to kill her targets, although torturing victims was also another way of calling it.

"Shana." A monotonous voice called out from behind Shana's ear, that then creeped the girl out enough, to lash out her sword at her back.

"Stay back!" Shana then performed a downward slash that was met by the clang of metal against metal, with Trigon blocking her Nietono Shana from continuing downwards.

Hecate then took a step back and raised her staff in a defensive position. "Yuji would be happy if you fought back even though I won." Hecate stated with a smile; during which her form then began to disappear in a flash of light blue flames.

"Another faux flame? What did she say Shana?" Rebecca Reed asked the girl who simply looked on deeply at the space where the faux flame of Hecate disappeared.

"I didn't hear it as well." Was all Shana replied, while she thought about what the faux flame said.

'Yuji would be happy if I fought back? What did she mean? I have to ask Kazumi about this hurt feeling in my chest... she knows about these things, and then tell her of what happened to Yuji; she deserves to know.' Shana thought to herself as she escaped with her three other friends, while the feeling of a deep hole in her heart began to take root.


"My lady, the Flame Hazes have begun a hasty retreat, but three of them have stayed, one of them is the Braider of Trembling Might, and is being engaged by the Lord Commander himself." Decarabia reported through a bluish portal in Seireiden, while Bal Masque's Strategist, Bel Peol, began to look over the map of the battlefield carefully.

"Give me a full report on those three Flame Hazes, and tell the troops to not engage unless told, and fall back if they are attacked. Also order the artillery to provide cover support of needed; whoever was left behind must be strong enough to at least hold us back long enough, so exercise extreme caution Decarabia." Bel Peol responded, and began to think up of a strategy to capture the fleeing Flame Haze with the least casualties as possible. With their Lord Commander back, she must maintain an image of invulnerability, so the less deaths the better.

"Understood; I will proceed with caution." Sabrac spoke to a small bluish portal with a star, while he proceeded to look for and gain information on the Flame Haze that was reported to have stayed at the bridge.

"Construct a wall to safeguard passage." Samuel Demantius talked to his contractor while he channeled power of existence in his hands.

"Construct a wall to safeguard passage, main objective accepted. Begin the mission Demantius." Zirnitra, Samuel's contractor, replied through a small silver goblet, after which the Flame Haze placed his hands on the ground, and a large section of the bridge rose up and formed a mile long wall of earth.

"Even the Earth itself rises against me in its struggle to stop a destructive force." Sabrac spoke, while he cleaved through the wall with his small knife-like blade.

"Poweful... I am the Guardian of Steady Passage Samuel Demantius! Tell me, what is your name Crimson Lord?" The Flame Haze introduced himself while standing opposite his opponent calmly.

"I have been through many battles, each battle I procured a weapon, a sword, a dagger it matters not; for I am the Destructive Blade Sabrac." The Crimson Lord finished his short speech to which the tomogara noticed that his opponent, the one who calls himself the Guardian of Steady Passage did not flinch at his name.

"It will be an honor to fight with you, who has fought many wins against us Flame Haze." Samuel Demantius bowed, and then punched his fist into the ground that then unleashed an all-powerful shockwave around him.

"Tis another who meets his end against one whom he does not understand nor know of." Sabrac stated during which he jumped up the broken wall's frame and then threw himself up the air towards the Flame Haze; thus dodging the area attack, and then efficiently putting himself in the offensive as well.


"Yes my Lady, the assassin has met up with one of the Flame Haze that calls himself the Guardian of Steady Passage, and is currently engaged in a fight. One of our squads was also wiped out, but I was able to get a clear view of the Flame Haze's powers." Decarabia reported with images of the two Flame Hazes and their current locations.

"I see... Tell the General to engage this other Flame Haze, and then order Haborym to head to the mountains and fire at the pass below, get Ribesal's force to head out as well, and block movement through the pass, and send out some of our scouts to check theother areas as well, but according to this map, the only place that they can run through is that mountain pass that leads into a forest. Tell the forces to make haste, because once they reach the forest, it will be almost impossible to track them down." Bel Peol finished her long line of orders, while Decarabia nodded with his eel-like head and began to send out the orders.

"HWAAAAAAAAAAAH!" A tomogara screamed just as he was killed by a gut wrecking punch from a bulky Native-American Flame Haze.

"Their power of Existence seeks to pollute the Earth... Tlalocan." After the Flame Haze said the last word; a hail of rain began to pour endlessly from the sky.

"My Burning Fields... It seems as though our opponent has disabled our unrestricted spell with this rain." Haboyrm began talking to himself during which the purple lines around him began to fizzle out.

"Is anything wrong?" Sydonay walked over to the disturbed Crimson Lord who just lost communications with his forces.

"Someone seems to have interfered with my unrestricted spell, Keiryougen, through the use of this rain." Haboyrm replied. "One of my scouts lost contact before the rain north of here; I believe he is the person you are to go after, and is the one responsible for this rain." Haboyrm added while now directing some Tomogara with hand signals to talk to him about what to do next.

"Hmph! I got it." Sydonay stated with a smirk as he took to the air with an unrestricted spell.

Back to the fight between Sophie Sawallisch, The Braider Trembling Might, and Yuji, The Snake of the Festival's mystes vessel; the two have come on a stalemate. Sakai Yuji's body throbbed with pain since he endured most of Sophie Sawallisch's attacks, which were both superior in strength in speed; even though he was able to block most of the attacks; each hit that made it through was like a cannonball hitting him square in the stomach without armor. The Flame Haze meanwhile was tired and out of new tactics that she can use on the Crimson Lord.

'I guess I have no choice; even though this may leave me without enough power to escape; I have to delay him with all I have.' Sophie Sawallisch thought to herself while she began to subconsciously concentrate power of existence into her body.

'Mystes! Takemikazuchi's human contractee is beginning to concentrate power of existence at an alarming rate! You must escape now,, before she unleashes that attack; since even I am not sure if your body can survive.' The Snake of the Festival warned Yuji through their mental link; while the mystes prepared to charge head-on.

'There's only one way to know if I can survive that! I also want to show how serious I am with my plan.' Yuji reasoned to the Crimson Lord that was dwelling within him.

'Well then, Sakai Yuji, if you die then I will go with my original plan.'

"Hmph! Just trust me, I have a plan." Yuji smirked under his breath after which he charged towards the Braider of Trembling Might while concentrating Power of Existence to his hands.

'Here he comes!' Sophie prepared herself with a defensive stance that is similar to a Samurai waiting for their opponent to launch the first move. "GREAT HOWL OF LIGHTNING!" The Flame Haze roared at the mystes turned crimson lord with the point of her right finger, during which a synchronized loud roar of thunder and lightning flashed towards Yuji with blinding speed. "I shall stop you here!"

"I call forth Blautsauger!" Yuji responded just as his sword appeared with a mixture of silver and blue flames. Yuji then threw the sword at the incoming attack in a hundredth of a millisecond and then proceeded to dive downwards through the air, towards the ground while being propelled by his silver fire from his hands and feet. (1)

"That's not enough Tomogara!" The Flame Haze shouted, just as her attack suddenly steered off-course its intended target, then dodged Yuji's blautsauger and instead headed straight towards the escaping Crimson Lord.

'Of course it wouldn't be that easy!' Yuji almost snorted a laugh while he continued his downwards dive towards the tough rocky terrain.

"I got you now!" Sophie Sawallisch let a slow smile creep to her face as she watched her lightning make a direct hit at the Crimson Lord, while she watched said Tomogara fall towards his death with black smoke trailing behind like those of a downed fighter jet from world war II.

"Are you sure you should be letting your guard down so early?" A voice whispered into Sophie Sawallisch's ear from behind her back. "Any last words?" A more sinister voice spoke from behind her just as she felt a sword tip being pressed unto her back slowly, already puncturing through her clothes and the first layer of her skin.

The Braider of Trembling Might, Sophie Sawallisch was at the moment, powerless, since she used up all of her power to utilize her last attack. Seeing that she was out of options she then smiled and raised her head. "Three minutes and forty seven seconds... I wish I was able to buy mo-"

"You are free to go." The Crimson Lord broke her off.

"W-What?" The Flame Haze unable to just believe what she just heard asked for confirmation.

"Are you really so stubborn as to ask for death? Didn't you just listen to my speech from earlier Flame Haze? I do not seek death; I seek renewal, peace!" Yuji announced with great pride in his voice, although he was still disturbed with the fact that the Flame Haze still thought of themselves as disposable even after his speech and the battle they just fought. 'I guess even the face of death, and the voice of reason would not be enough to break the Flame Hazes' belief that they are expendable...' Yuji sadly thought to himself.

'What you are fighting is an idea itself Sakai Yuji, even I, before you were able to convince me also thought of myself and my followers as expendable lives...' The Snake of the Festival mentally commented, while remembering how he treated the past priestesses. 'Maybe this time... Hecate will...' The Snake of the Festival smiled to himself, while he watched his vessel and the priestess arriving, just in time after the fight, to inform Yuji of what happened to Alastor's contractor and her group.

"Sakai Yuji... I now see what Shana finds interesting in you." Sophie Sawallish stated, before she bowed in thanks at the Crimson Lord and then slowly flew away.

"Hecate; can you bring up communications with all of our forces?" Yuji asked Hecate with a kind voice, while the priestess simply nodded with a slight hint of red on her cheeks. The Priestess then raised her staff, Trigon, just as which a clear light blue circle appeared over the entire area.

"My dear Tomogara! I have also heard the wishes of the Flame Haze, and as The God of Creation; I respect all wishes. The Flame Haze wish to exact their revenge on us for the troubles we have caused upon them, we in turn wish to eradicate them for they are hindering us from our goal of satisfying our bellies; but I the God of Creation, The Snake of the Festival have heard your wishes and have acted accordingly. Thus I humbly request all of you to stop the hunt of the escaping Flame Haze, we wish to not hurt those who are also asking for help like you my fellow Tomogara!" Yuji spoke with great charisma; effectively reaching the ears of not only the Crimson Denizens; but also the Flame Hazes, and in part their Contractors.

"Hmm? I was just getting started; but I guess the Lord Commander has other plans." Sydonay smiled and then unsummoned his spear-like weapon the Shintetsu Nyoi. "It was an honor to fight with you Invoker of Brightened Dew, may we meet again under less hostile circumstances." Sydonay added, before he activated an unrestricted spell to teleport him into Seireiden.

"Your leader's actions, especially yours intrigue me Tomogara." Centerhill stated with curiosity just as he watched the General disappear in a flash of dark violet flame in front of him. 'He wasn't even fighting me with the intention to kill.' The Flame Haze thought to himself.

In the fight between The Destructive Blade Sabrac, and the Guardian of Steady Passage Samuel Demantius; things were too late by the time Yuji's announcement took in on effect.

**Minutes before the announcement**

"Tis another who meets his end against one whom he does not understand nor know of." Sabrac stated during which he jumped up the broken wall's frame and then threw himself up the air towards the Flame Haze; thus dodging the area of effect attack, and then efficiently putting himself in the offensive as well.

"Zizka's mound!" Samuel Demantius announced while slapping his hands at the ground, just as a large rumbling echoed throughout the area. "HRAAAAAAAH!" The Flame Haze roared, just as a large tower with several windows that had cannons, all made of earth and rocks formed with the Guardian of Steady Passage at the top.

"All cannons fire!" The Flame Haze shouted, after which the cannons on the tower began to fire boulders in salvo at Crimson Lord; who simply dodged each attack, and began to use the boulders themselves to rise higher up the tower.

Samuel Demantius, seeing this, then used the opportunity to trap the Destructive Blade into a position that would leave the Crimson Lord in a vulnerable position. The cannons then began firing in a different pattern which made the Crimson Lord stop think.

"A trap to catch a wolf; but what if the wolf itself was the one hiding behind the bush?" Sabrac mused to himself while he decided to play along. At a certain point in his dodging, a larger than usual boulder with a grayish flame began homing in on him, and as the Flame Haze calculated; the boulder made direct contact with his opponent. "The hunter not knowing that the wolf hid behind the bush, unknowingly used the bush to hide himself." Sabrac then spoke in a tone that was loud enough for the Guardian of Steady Passage to hear; before he reformed himself at the top of the tower; and proceeded to eliminate his target.

**Back to Present**

"GAH!" The military-man like Flame Haze began to vomit out blood due to the Crimson Lord's unrestricted spell, Stigma that worsens the wounds made by Sabrac's blades over time. The Flame Haze was in a horrible state with multiple slash wounds that at the moment were getting wider and deeper all around his body, with wounds that stretched from his chest, and through his lungs.

"Thus the voice of the gods were too late as the mighty guardian has fallen against the force of the blade." Sabrac spoke with a tiny hint of sadness due to a death that was not needed.

"I am sorry Zirnitra..." Samuel Demantius tried to speak before more blood gushed out of his mouth, and he fell dead onto the wet yet solid muddy ground. "I shall see you again in another life..." The Flame Haze's contractor, Zirnitra, stated before his vessel, the small silver cup disappeared in a mist of gray flames that rose up to the heavens.

At the Flame Hazes' side, inside one of the rooms in Tendokyu (The Heaven's Road Palace), Shana and her group were recuperating from their encounter from the Supreme Throne. And even though the Crimson Lord, did not intend to kill them; they still got deep gashes and a few 1st degree burns around their bodies from Hecate's personal unrestricted spell; Aster.

"It seems like she really did a number on you." An old womanly voice called out with the hint of friendly teasing to Shana's group, before Shana recognized who stepped in on their area.

(2)"Sophie!" Shana called out to, and hugged the old woman who stepped in, The Braider of Trembling Might, Sophie Sawallisch.

"Seeing your wounds; it seems like she went kindly on you." The veteran Flame Haze stated; while noting the Snake of the Festival's feelings for Shana. 'It's either The Supreme Throne let them go of her own mercy and choice, or she was ordered to not kill them, but judging from my past experiences; it was most likely the former of the two.' Sophie Sawallisch wrapped up her thoughts with a knowing smile.

"I don't understand..." Shana murmured in the veteran's arms, with a few tears, and a voice that was fighting the urge to cry and simply scream due to the frustration the Shana was penting up.

"Come tell me child; it is always a good idea to let go of what you are keeping inside, instead of letting it consume you." The Braider of Trembling Might spoke softly with the tone of a wise woman who has experienced many things in life.

"The Supreme Throne... She said that she has won already; but she encouraged me to fight... Fight for what?" Shana began to rant with an enraged voice that was loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, while said girl began to tear up just as she exclaimed her question; due to the feeling of her heart being stabbed through by a sharp glistening knife.

Everyone in the room at first begun dumbfounded at what the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter asked; since the battle earlier was indeed a loss; and they did not remember the Supreme Throne encouraging them to fight on in any way. After ten seconds registered through; several hours in Shana's mind, Sophie Sawallisch came upon a conclusion, and with the face she made at her conclusion, so did the other Flame Haze, especially Margery Daw who smirked, understood what the Supreme Throne meant.

"Shana, listen to me carefully." The veteran Flame Haze first hugged the sobbing Crimson haired hunter; and then looked into her eyes. "The answer to your own question, lies within your heart; once you understand, even the greatest of all Crimson Lords can fall; and right now you are at a disadvantage as the Supreme Throne herself is using this power." Sophie Sawallisch stated sagely; with Shana absorbing all her words like a sponge, while the other occupants of the room simply smiled to themselves, knowing what the Braider of Trembling Might meant due to the event from earlier with Yuji and Hecate, while Wilhelmina, who has now begun to activate her protective mother/caretaker mode, began to form a slight frown.

"W-What do you mean?" Shana asked; not understanding fully the cryptic words that the veteran Flame Haze spoke.

"Shana it's-"

"LOVE DARN IT!" Rebecca Reed screamed in frustration, while Margery simply face palmed at the situation, while Sophie Sawallisch gave a soft smile, and Wilhelmina began to grit her teeth, unknown to the other occupants of the room who weren't paying attention to her.

"It seems as though my forever impassioned damsel Margery Daw can teach you a fe-" Marchosias was about to continue but was interrupted again by another fist hitting his book-like vessel.


"Indeed Love." Sophie Sawallisch decided to continue as the subject has begun to get derailed by the antics of Shana's companions, aside from Wilhelmina who was planning on how to "punish" a certain Crimson Lord on what he did to her former charge. "Love is a power that is strong enough to beat even the most mighty of the Flame Hazes or the Crimson Lords." The veteran Flame Haze concluded with a soft seriousness in her voice.

"Then in order to stop Yuji, and bring him back is to use this Love... but..." Shana eyes began to drift down, and her heart began to pound painfully. "Hecate has already begun using it on him, she kissed him earlier!" Shana exclaimed with fear and a hint of jealousy in her voice.

'It seems my little girl, Shana, has begun to grow up quite splendidly.' Sophie Sawallisch simply sighed and then smiled at the thought.

**4 hours later**

"Sophie Sawallisch-sama!" A Flame Haze knocked on the door to the Braider of Trembling Might's room with intense urgency.

"Come in; now what is it?" Sophie asked, seeing that the Flame Haze immediately opened the door and stood in front of her while holding a piece of paper.

"We have found this note inside an envelope and a black military cap right outside the Tendokyu's entrance; we have already sent our scouts to find any enemies nearby, and have begun preparation for the Palace's flight." The Flame Haze reported, and then left the room, after leaving the note inside with the veteran Flame Haze.

"It seems as though Sirotci..." Sophie Sawallisch murmured in a whisper; tones of sadness in her voice for the fallen Flame Haze. The Flame Haze then begun to read the letter:

Dear Braider of Trembling Might

I am sad to say that my message did not make it in time to stop my forces from killing many of your brethren. It is very unfortunate that many of our friends and subordinates have had to die for petty reasons such as ours. I now send this apology to you, with one of the personal effects, of your well-known Flame Haze, The Guardian of Steady Passage. He has fought a great fight, that even the Destructive Blade acknowledges his strength.

-Mystes of the Reiji Maigo, Vessel of the Snake of the Festival, Yuji Sakai

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(1) Yeah, Iron man reference! XD Avengers was so cool with them explosions and the Hulk was xD!

(2) I sort of forgot what Shana called her; I thank xxxDreamingflowerxxx for telling me!

And yes; Hecate has declared war on Shana! xD The thought of what happens once she informs Kazumi Yoshida that Hecate kissed Yuji, and her heart hurts after seeing the kiss! xD