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"It seems as though Sirotci..." Sophie Sawallisch murmured in a whisper; tones of sadness in her voice for the fallen Flame Haze. The Flame Haze then begun to read the letter:

Dear Braider of Trembling Might

I am sad to say that my message did not make it in time to stop my forces from killing many of your brethren. It is very unfortunate that many of our friends and subordinates have had to die for petty reasons such as ours. I now send this apology to you, with one of the personal effects, of your well-known Flame Haze, The Guardian of Steady Passage. He has fought a great fight, that even the Destructive Blade acknowledges his strength.

-Mystes of the Reiji Maigo, Vessel of the Snake of the Festival, Yuji Sakai

**Time skip 2 weeks later**

In the Zurich Outlaw headquarters; a meeting of the human world's representatives, and the Flame Hazes was ensuing. The subject matter at hand, was about the group of Crimson Denizens; called Bal Masque.

"The Flame Hazes are obviously not up for the job of protecting us!" A woman who wore a suit, that showed her high standing, stated; as several heads in the center nodded.

"Then what do you suggest? The Flame Haze have protected us since the beginning of time; and they have not failed even once up until now!" Another woman; who had the words Outlaw Representative etched on her table stood and spoke, leaving the woman from before unable to speak.

"How do we even know that the Flame Haze have not failed us before? From what I remember; those who are eaten by these Tomogara are erased, not just from the world, but from the minds of everyone else as well!" A man who wore a brown suit with a red tie, rebutted, leaving many of the other representatives from the other countries and groups in panic as they began to speak to each other.

"I say we utilize our nuclear powers!" One of the representatives, this time an old woman who wore glasses, suggested. "The power one of those bombs can do will surely wipe them out!" The woman added.

"Maybe you have forgotten, but you are clearly underestimating the power of these Crimson Denizens! They can easily stop that bomb from exploding before it even reaches them!" The Outlaw representative debated; silencing many of the other representatives from giving their own thoughts on what they can do.

"This sure is getting quite interesting eh Hildegard?" Sophie Sawallisch stated in a voice low enough to hear for the woman dressed in a black veil beside her.

"It is nice to meet you Braider of Trembling Might, you may call me Hilda." The dark woman simply replied, ignoring the question posed by the veteran Flame Haze that sat beside her.


"How are our fellow Tomogara?" Sakai Yuji asked his strategist, Bel Peol, while she gave a report inside the throne room.

"We have only lost about one tenth of our entire force; we still have enough forces to start the next phase of your plan Lord Commander." Bel Peol responded, while she turned to the next page of her report. "Several of the captured Flame Haze are also currently under guard within the Seireiden's dungeons."

"Release our prisoners; they are but guests, they simply did not know what they were doing and acted upon blinded vengeance." The Snake of the Festival's vessel, Yuji ordered upon hearing about what happened to the captured Flame Haze. "Also, give them the proper medical treatment; we have come to start peace, not another war, and in order to do this, we must end this petty chain of revenge. Please relay the orders. You are now dismissed Bel Peol. " Yuji finished.

"Understood Lord Commander." Bal Masque's strategist then bowed and began to exit the throne room.

"Urghh..." Yuji began to massage his temples with his fingers after Bel Peol, the Arbiter of Reverse Reasoning, has left. Unknown to him, his Priestess, Hecate, watched him as he tried to stop his headache.

"Yuji." Hecate revealed herself, just as she walked towards the pained Crimson Lord.

"I am alright Hecate." Yuji tried to smile, but was assaulted by another migraine. "Urrggh! I.. am fine." Yuji tried to give his best smile while under pressure. "My body is most probably still trying to get used to this power."

"I see." Hecate replied with a straight face, but Yuji, who was able to take a glimpse at her eyes saw a pained expression.

'Is she worrying about me?' Yuji gave a smile at his thought. "Thank you Hecate; I am fine." The Crimson Lord stated just as the pain he was feeling subsided. "Hecate?" Yuji called out to the Priestess who was now walking towards the exit.

"I'll get them, I promise." Hecate spoke under her tone, loud enough for only herself to hear; but Yuji who has merged with the powers of the said Crimson God, The Snake of the Festival, was able to hear a portion of what the blue haired priestess said.

"Hecate? Who are you going to get?" Yuji asked, after which Hecate froze for a second and simply continued to walk away. 'Maybe her favorite food? I didn't know she had one...' Yuji thought to himself.

'Sakai Yuji, you are totally clueless...'The Snake of the Festival; who was already able to conclude a love triangle from the earlier confrontation with the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter simply gave a mental face fault at his vessel's thoughts and actions. 'If only you knew...'

Misaki City

"Ogata-san!" Eita called out to a maroon haired girl; who stopped and waved back at him with a smile on her face.

"Eita! How have you been?" Matake Ogata responded to the boy that was running up to her. "I heard that Keisaku-san left for school overseas;(1) are you two still in contact with each other?" The girl added after which they started to walk home together.

"Umm... Er... Well... Keisaku is busy studying; he sent me a letter that he might not be able to contact us for a while..." Eita answered; a bit nervous since he was caught off-guard by Ogata's question.

"You two are really good friends, you know that?" Matake Ogata said, while nodding to herself. "Sometimes, I just wonder if Yoshida-san has her best friend too; I mean the look she has is almost the same as yours, like the two of you are missing someone close; but torn since you both have another dear one who needs you more..." Ogata began to talk more deeply. "That's It!" Ogata suddenly screamed out loud. "You." Ogata pointed at Eita with an outstretched hand, while her other arm was bent; with her hand curled up to a fist near her face (2), "Me." Her thumb then pointed back at herself, while her other hand that was curled into a fist then opened up and was waved in a way that looked as if she was presenting a new product at a company meeting. "We are going to set up a party!" Ogata then concluded with a laugh.

"P-Party?" Eita stuttered out in surprise. "Who's going to be invited?"

"Everyone of course!" Ogata stated matter of factly. "I already have a place and several other logistics in mind; our only problem would be finding out who Kazumi's dear person is." Matake trailed off, while going into her thinking pose with one hand cupped under her chin. "Hmm... Ah! I got it!" She then brightly beamed and hit her fist on the palm of her other hand. "Since I am already handling everything else; it will be your job into finding out who this person is!" Ogata stated in a loud voice; that Eita was sure the entire neighborhood heard.

"But; I can't just-" Eita tried to complain but was the cut-off by Ogata.

"I understand that it will be hard for you to simply ask her flat out since I doubt she will just tell anyone, as to who this person is; so your job would be to just follow her around, and see if she might meet someone or talk about anybody suspicious that can be our mystery man!" Ogata then began to breathe heavily since Eita was sure that she finished those last statements in less than a second.

"Ogata, I can't just do that." Eita again tried to complain but was met by the girl's last resort.

'N-No not the eyes!' Eita began to feel a burning sensation inside him; unable to deny the girl's request. "I'll help you..." He sighed dejectedly, since he already knew who the mystery person was, but was again in a dilemma due to a circumstance that he has again caught himself in.

Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan

At the airport lobby; Shana and her group were having a meeting amongst themselves about their current situation.

"We must come to a decision on what to do with Sakai Yuji." Wilhelmina stated, earning her a brief glare from the Crimson Hunter; and a mixture of feelings from the rest of the group.

"Leave Yuji to me." Shana flatly stated, her tone indicating that she will not take no for a response.

"Shana; as your guardi-"

"Manipulator of Objects, Yuji, The Snake of the Festival is mine, if you will not let me fight him, then shall we duel?" Shana darkly spoke, her manner of speaking and the way she addressed the "pseudo-maid" Flame Haze with her formal title earned the silence of the entire group.

"I will take that silence as a sign of backing down." Shana abruptly broke the silence. "The Master Throne is mine; none of you will interfere with my fight with Yuji; are we clear?"

"The Master Throne? Isn't Yuji's title, 'The Snake of the Festival;' SHAAAnnnaaaa?" Rebecca, who flashed a teasing grin, asked. "This Yuji you two are fighting about seems to be an interesting person... Maybe you'll let me in on the fight too?

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Shana shouted, earning the look from several bystanders, after which she then swiftly stomped away from the group.


"Brrrrrrgh!" Yuji Sakai, The Snake of the Festival, the Supreme Commander of Bal Masque, shivered while he sat on his throne, reading the dozens of reports by his fellow Tomogara.


'Are you feeling well Sakai Yuji?' A deep voice asked within the busy Crimson Lord's head.

'I got this weird feeling of imminent danger, it might just be a cold... or something, do Tomogara get sick?'

'Not that I know of...' The Snake of the Festival responded in a tone that hinted he was thinking about the question.

'Wow, something you do not know?' Yuji decided to tease the Crimson God out of boredom.

'I was merely considering the facts; since you exhbited some symptoms.' The voice responded. 'I remember now; there was this one Tomogara who wished that no other Tomogara would get a co-'

"Yuji." A Blue haired girl, robed in priestess garments tugged at his arm. "Are you alright? You do not seem to be feeling well." Hecate then suddenly climbed up to Yuji's lap and pressed her forehead to his, making the male Crimson Lord drop the reports in the process.

"Hecate; I thought you went ou-"

"Your temperature seems to be at very high levels; not dangerous enough to pose a threat, but still a problem that needs to be addressed." Hecate cut-off Yuji and she then proceeded to press her forehead to the poor Crimson Lord whose cheeks were now flushing red.


"Are you sure that this is wise Sydonay?" Bel Peol asked the Bal Masque General whose ear was pressed to the throne room's closed doors. "What about the wish? If our Supreme Commander hesitates, then all will be lost."

"Bel Peol; the Commander, and the Priestess have always been giving us what we wanted; we should let them be selfish every once and a while."

"You mean Hecate? I am sure the Commander does not really have much experience in these matters, and knowing your favoritism on the A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E Priestess; you just had to support her." Bel Peol gave a soft chuckle at her jab at Thousand Changes.

"Another testament to your ingenuity Bel Peol." Sydonay gave a short chuckle himself.

Misaki City Streets

'I feel as though MY Yuji is doing something that I do not approve of! Supreme Throne Hecate~...'
Shana gritted her teeth as she stomped along the streets. After walking for a few meters; her foot slipped on the paved sidewalk; and she made a complete face-fault on the cemented ground.

"Stupid Yuji!" Shana shouted out loud before she ran towards the direction of her apartment.


"He... Hecate... err..." Yuji was beginning to sweat profusely; just as Hecate's face got closer to his.

"Everything will be all right Yuji-kun... I'll make sure Shana, and Kazumi Yoshida understands what you are doing." Hecate spoke in a whisper; but Yuji noticed the serious tone that she used in saying those words.

'Kun?! Did she just?'

'Sakai Yuji, that is technically my daughter you are, as you young ones say, flirting with; I don't really ask much from anyone else, but if you dare...'

'I promise! I understand! I won't do anything!'Yuji immediately mentally replied, surprising even himself with his quick reflexive answer.

"Yuji... Please kiss me." Hecate suddenly spoke; breaking Yuji out of his inner discussion with the Snake of the Festival.

"W-What?! Hecate; please calm down!" Yuji held the priestess by the shoulders at arm's length, while looking directly at her eyes.

'Those blue eyes... A totally different color from Shana's crimson colored ones that exhibit her passion when she is in her true form... Different from Yoshida-san's brown that reflects her innocence... Hecate's blue shows me her overwhelming emotion that she keeps locked within...'

'Sakai Yuji.'The Snake of the Festival boomed out from within his mind that in effect broke his thoughts.

"H-He- Mmmf!" Yuji was about to talk to Hecate; when he suddenly discovered that their lips were once again together, Hecate grabbed a kiss when Yuji was busy dealing with his inner Crimson God, when Hecate took matters into her own hands... Lips.

"I promise." Hecate simply stated, after she broke their kiss.

3 weeks later – Misaki City

"Bye Yoshida-san!" A group of Kazumi Yoshida's classmates waved her goodbye as she left the front gates of school for home.

"Bye!" Kazumi waved back, and then proceeded outside, only to be met by the form of a young black-haired girl; both bumping their heads onto each other.

"Owww!" The black-haired girl wailed in pain as she clutched her head.

"Shana? Is that you?" Kazumi asked, with a hint of shock.

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