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Is it naive to make plans that seem so far away?
There's a reason I feel this way,
you're sleeping alone, I'm awake.
As you dream of me tonight, am I close to where you are?

Let Love Bleed Red by Sleeping with Sirens

She'd never be as compassionate. She'd never be purity in human form. She'd never be blonde.

She'd always be Vi. The wetgirl, the whore with fiery red hair.

Yet, if Viridiana Sovari would ever have the chance to make one selfish wish, it would be for him. Because Kylar Stern wasn't a man who easily forgot the sacrifices made out of love and neither was he a man that went to search comfort in other women. That's why he wouldn't look at her like that. Why wouldn't he love her? Couldn't he at least pretend she was the beautiful and honest doll girl he'd grown up to love so much?


The only hope for Vi was just that, the feeble hope that one day Kylar might forget the misery of Elene's passing. When he would open his eyes, she would be there and he would see. Eventually, Kylar'd have to love her in her own right, because Vi Sovari was too proud to be in the shadow of a dead woman forever.

AN: Wow. This marks my first drabble in the fanfiction world and also the first time I've ever written for the awesome Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks. Vi was definitely one of my favorite characters, she was only beaten by Momma K and Ariel.

This drabble is obviously post-Beyond The Shadows and focusses on Kylar and Vi's relationship, because I really wanted to know how his conflicting feelings would play out after Elene's death. My guess is, like you've read, that a true relationship between the two will have to wait until Kylar is done grieving over Elene's death.