"Hey ya Japan! How is my best game supplier? " America grinned brightly and waved to Japan, who turned around and waved back politely.

"Good afternoon America san. What a coincidence to meet you here, do you happen to know where England san is?" Japan asked as America walked towards him, holding half of a hamburger in his hand.(The other half was already in his stomach)

"Huh? No, I did not see him today. Is there something you need to talk to him about?" America asked curiously.

"It is nothing actually, England san left his book at my place the last time he visited me, so I was hoping for a chance to return it to him." Japan replied as he showed America a book that was at least 3cm thick. The book had a black cover made of leather. It looked rather old.

"Japan, I may not be a bookworm, but don't all books have a title?" America pointed to the blank cover.

"It is truly a mystery. Perhaps it is a notebook of some sort?" Japan was getting interested too.

Wait, could this be the legendary book of atmosphere that America was looking for? No wonder he could not find it on Google! It has no title to search for to begin with! Geez, how can England be so selfish? He could have at least lent him (America) the book…

"Japan! I just had a great idea! Let's read it." America suggested with a wide grin.

"No thank you. It is rude to read someone's book without permission. What if this is England san's diary? We would be invading his privacy." Japan turned 45 degrees and hugged the book tightly, protecting it from a certain America.

England's diary..?

That is even better than the book of atmosphere! He can totally read it out loud during the next world meeting and embarrass England to death! That would teach him for calling him (America) 'hamburger idiot' all the time.

"Japan, come on. We definitely have to read it if it is England's diary! Don't you want to know what he wrote about you in there? Besides, we will return it to hum when we are done, he won't know anything. Just a peek won't hurt anyone~. " America lured as Japan held his stand strongly, refusing to give in.

"That is absurd! We should respect England san's-"

"I saw you when you secretly buried that bag of scones England gave you last week." America switched to threatening. Hey, who said a hero cannot play dirty once in a while?

Japan froze.

"I wonder how England would react when he knows that his hard work ended up as fertilizer." America turned around and walked off slowly, counting to 3 in his heart.




"I understand it now. We will read this book." Japan finally gave in as America turned around with a huge grin and patted Japan's head.

"That is the spirit! Come on and open it already!" America snatched the book from Japan's hands and flipped the cover open, showing a blank and slightly yellowish page.

He flipped to the second page.

It was empty.

The third page,

It was still empty.

America was close to slamming this book to the ground and stomping it flat.

"Maybe it is just an old empty notebook? Either way, American san, let's return it to England san since it proves to have no content at all." Japan listed out the possibility.

"Let's give it one last chance before I tear it." America shot his eyes and randomly opened the book to a page somewhere in the middle.

There were only 2 words, handwritten in italics.

Shit, America and his luck…. Japan was THIS close to getting America to give up.

" 'Pa- pandorax resurface'…?" America read it out loud, trying to make some sense out of these two simple yet unknown words.

" 'Pandorax'… Could it actually mean 'Pandora'? " Japan supported his chin with his hand and asked after some thinking.

"But it still won't make sense! Why make a woman reappear? " America scratched his head in annoyance.

"Greece san once told me about Pandora. She was not just any lady; she was the first lady to be created. Coincidentally, she was the one who brought all kinds of evil into this world." Japan explained.

"But why does England want to make evil reappear? Oh man! This is such a pain! Pandorax resurface! Pandorax resurface! Pandorax resurface! No matter how you look at it, it does not make sense!" America chanted loudly, releasing the stress his brain was under.

"A- America san! Please keep it down. England san may hear us!" Japan panicked as he watched America jumping up and down, the book was on the ground beside America's right foot.

"But it is so complicated it is squashing my brai- Eh?" America felt something tangling around his right foot and look down, Japan noticed America's reaction and looked down too.

A swirl of blue light crept out of the book and was slowing climbing upwards, slowly swirling around America.

Amusing? Yes.

Scary? Absolutely.

"Ahh! Japan! Help me get it off me!" America freaked out. His years of watching horror movies taught him that having something creep up on you was not a good thing.

"I- I will try my best. America san, please reframe from moving too much, it is very hard for me to grab it this way!" Japan got flustered, not sure of where to start.

Then, a strange gust of wind flew by, flipping the book's pages with amazing speed as a black hole formed from it. The blue light pulled the tied up America closer and closer to it.

"Japan! Hurry up!" America was close to tears. "THE HERO CANNOT DIE THIS YOUNG!"

But Japan was simply stupefied. This was something new even to him, and he was out of ideas for once.

"Japan! Admire it later!" America shouted again, his right leg was already inside the black hole.

"America san!" Japan lunged forward and grabbed America's hand, desperately trying to pull America out. But America proved to be too much for Japan and despite Japan's hard work, he was being swallowed by the black hole I n seconds.

The book closed itself after America was devoured and everything went back to how it was; no light, no wind, no America and total silence.

America was swallowed by a book…

America was swallowed by a book…

America was swallowed by a book…

"England san! Where are you? America just got swallowed by your book!" Japan lost his cool and shouted as he ran down the empty hallway, clutching the book in his hand.

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