Chapter One

"Well, Ron, do you think she'd want to come with me? I mean not the same post, but you know something she might enjoy like charms or care of magical creatures?"

Ron laughed and shifted in his chair in the living room of The Burrow, "I think she'd be perfect for charms teacher; she could teach all the little firsties to do a wicked bat bogey hex."

Harry laughed too at the sassy redhead, "She'd be right at home wouldn't she? I mean I know I've always felt at home in Hogwarts if nowhere else, and I think Ginny would love it, too," Harry reasoned.

Ron arched an eyebrow, "I agree, so why do you seem so nervous Harry?"

"Because…if she doesn't want to go, then-well, I know I'm excited to teach and the castle and staff will feel like family, but being away from Ginny for months at a time…I don't think I could do it, but if I give up the opportunity then…"

"I know what you mean, mate, but just ask her. Stop stalling," Ron leaned back in his chair and Hermione walked by and slapped the back of his head, "Don't break the chair Ron, your mom won't get a new one," she snapped in her usual tone.

"Ouch 'Mione, you think you could cut me some more slack now that we're engaged?" Ron grumbled.

Hermione smiled, "I'm always going to have to keep you in line, aren't I? Well, at least I don't have to worry about Harry here as much anymore," she sat down on the couch beside Harry.

"Hey, I haven't been THAT much trouble," Harry defended himself.

"Oh yeah" Ron started sarcastically, "Practically living here in our school days, constantly having someone try to kill you, everyone wanting your autograph, yeah you sure were NO trouble."

"I'll have you know that most of that was NOT under my control, I didn't ask a dark wizard to have it out for me."

"Of course you didn't, why would ANYONE do that? You still have to admit Ron's right, Harry."

Harry frowned, "Maybe I'll admit it later."

They all laughed.

"You were never good at admitting things, Harry," Hermione said, "You guys and your egos."

"Guys? Hermione you made Ron admit that you could handle yourself and he didn't have to beat up every guy that looked at you, just so he could go out with you," Harry said.

"Yes, I did, because I wasn't going to be with him if he was going to act like an idiot, but what does that have to do with my ego?"

"Nothing really, it's just funny to me to remember that," he laughed, "Remember he begged on his knees for your first date," Harry sighed, "Ah, so funny. Anyway, you also made him admit that you were the prettiest girl he'd ever seen, THAT has to do entirely with your ego, doesn't it 'Mione?" Harry asked.

She frowned, "Not ENITRELY. I don't think it's right to go out with someone and still look at others," she defended nervously.

"Yeah, but that's not why you did it, is it?" Ron asked, glad to get pay back.

Hermione blushed, "Maybe."

Harry and Ron laughed and shook their heads, "Girls," they muttered together.

When they were done kidding around-not they ever are- Harry straightened up, "Okay, I'll ask her, but I don't know. I really don't know how I would live with my choice if she said no, I mean obviously I would stay here with her, but I would be forever mad at myself for giving up the job."

Ron rolled his eyes, "Don't worry about it, mate. I'm TELLING you, she's going to say yes. I know my baby sister, and if there's one thing she's loves more than magic or Hogwarts, it's YOU, Harry. She's going to be thrilled," Ron still looked a little uncomfortable at remembering how much his little sister was in love with his best friend.

Harry smirked like a little boy, "Thanks Ron; I hope you're right."

"Aren't I always?" he grinned, full of himself.

"No, that's Hermione," Harry laughed and Hermione smiled.

"Well, I guess what they say about 'better half' is really true," Harry said.

Ron pouted, "I'm right sometimes," he mumbled.

"Of course you are," Hermione said, giving him a hug, which seemed to lift his mood.

"Thanks for helping, guys. I can't wait to tell Gin," Harry smiled, excited.

Just as he spoke the youngest Weasly came through the door, throwing her bag off her shoulder and onto the table, accidently swishing her bright hair.

"Tell me what?" she asked suspiciously, always curious.

"Uh," Harry shifted, "I'll tell you tonight. Come on, let's go and leave them alone."

Ginny eyed him carefully, "Fine," she said reluctantly, wanting to know what it was.

That night was Harry and Ginny's date- they were having a moonlight picnic by the lake near the Burrow. Ginny skipped too quickly down to the lake, eager to know the secret.

Harry laughed gently, following behind her, watching her go gracefully down to the soft grass by the lakeside.

"There's no hurry Gin," he said, "Just enjoy the night, it's beautiful, isn't it?" he stopped to look up and stare at the bright silver stars against the dark violet sky. Ever since the war ended and peace took over again, the night had always relaxed him into a sort of mellow calm.

She stopped too, to look up and stare at HIM as the moonlight shined in his midnight hair and glinted in his jewel eyes, he watched the night stilly, peacefully, and Ginny gasped at how beautiful his mood made him look. He looked to check on her when she gasped, breaking him out of the daze, "What?" he asked self consciously as she continued staring at him.

"I like you like this," she started, just stating the observation she just made; she never thought before she spoke, "Just you, still, appreciating. With wonder in your eyes and no weight on your shoulders. It must make you happy, doesn't it?" she asked him.

He smiled, "It does, and so do you," he took her hand as they lay down and lounged on the grass, it was cold, and oddly refreshing. Ginny pressed her face too it, wondering why it was so smooth.

"Why do I make you happy?" she asked, "Just curious."

He turned to look at her, hesitating, wondering why she would ask that, but he would never understand girls. He searched her face and all his memories with her, looking for an answer to that question. As he looked at her eyes gazing back at his, he thought of his reply.

"Because you're the one person I can count on, to always be around; you're too glued to me to leave," he winked, laughing at himself, "And you're the only one that understands the way I feel about you because you feel similarly towards me. You are the only person that will ever get why I wouldn't be real without you, why my heart hurts when you go away only for a minute, why I hardly ever have entire control of myself around you," he laughed at this, "Most people would think I was crazy if I told them this, but I've tried to imagine what I would be without you and all I ever see is emptyness, and get a chilled feeling, I got light-headed once when I thought about it too much. It scares me to no end. The way you make me feel is like a star forming in my mind, like I could be ripped to pieces and not feel anything as long as you're beside me. It's the best thing I've ever known. The way your eyes always see right through me, and how your hair moves and burns even when you don't mean it to-I've always thought of you as my fire, my life force, and I imagine that your hair is how it shines through. I love that you could probably beat professional quidditch players if you tried hard enough, because you wanted to. The ability to see what you want and being able to try hard enough to get it is an amazing thing, and you do it without thinking. You're the only girl I know that has ever slapped me when I was being an a** then kissed me hard right after, the slap because you were mad and because you know that normally when I'm being a jerk I want you to punish me so I don't feel so guilty, and the kiss…" he shook his head, remembering, "…because you knew you would enjoy it just like I did and you didn't care if it was a weird or inconvenient time, you knew that we NEEDED to kiss, I've never seen someone else be so good, so kind, and still be strong AND…hard-headed, or you could call it sassy. I am a twisted man, and I love that you understand that, that you know how to deal with me, even though you yourself has been through a lot just like I have, but it never took any of your spirit away, you kept all of the YOU inside you, and came out of the war twice as strong. You see, it's not that you MAKE me happy, it's that you ARE my happiness, my complete happiness, all of it comes from you. I can't live without that." He stared at her in awe when he was done explaining; realizing with every word that what he said was so real, so honest, so true to his core that it almost frightened him. She was a part of him; the MAIN part of him. He looked at his love lying next to him and reached out to brush her face with his hand, touching the core of his existence, in some ways his savior, he adored her, and he was glad and proud that he did. Not to mention ecstatic that she felt that way too.

Ginny's head was spinning, her mind tossing and turning at her boyfriend's beyond perfect words. She'd known that he loved her, that he needed her, that she made him happy, but she didn't know that she WAS love to him, that she WAS need to him and that he would wish to not exist without her, that she WAS his happiness in every way he knew how to tell her. She was fairly sure this was how she felt about him too, she thought about that as she watched his face, his brave, happy, brilliant features, his eyes seeing something in her that no one else on Earth could know. She was positive, she'd do anything for him to be whatever he wanted, she'd go anywhere, be anything, anyone.

"You're the same to me, you know?" she said.

He grinned breathlessly, "Is that so?"

She nodded sheepishly-out of character for her, "Uh-huh."

She couldn't imagine how happy that made him, a lot of their relationship was spent teasing and joking with each other, but they both knew there was that reason that they were never apart.

They gazed up at the stars for what seemed like forever and a day, but they didn't get bored, they were reveling in the feeling they gave to each other just by being near the other.

"I knew it wasn't a crush when I saw you, did you know that?" she asked randomly.

"No," he said bluntly, honestly, "I didn't. I didn't think to look at you that way, so I didn't know you thought of me like that for quite a while, and it took me even longer to realize that I didn't just follow you around helplessly because you were my friend. I was so stupid. I thought that the only reason my heart stopped when I saw you at the Yule Ball was because I was so nervous that you would make fun of me, as a friend, when you saw my dancing. Of course you DID do that, but I didn't think to realize that a friend wouldn't have been staring at me in my tux the whole time, and that a friend wouldn't stare at you because you're dress was like a magnet to me, I swore to merlin that you put a charm on that red dress to make me sick," the both laughed, "Now I think I probably only got sick at how little control I had over my mind or body when you were wearing it, I don't think I knew where I was walking when I was dancing, my date probably still thinks I'm crazy because when the dance was over-that I did the wrong move in every five seconds because I was staring at you- I walked completely out of the hall and puked in the bathroom then came back and when she asked me why I left, I was stunned and honestly said, 'I don't remember.' I was probably blocking it out. I didn't think that the reason my brain turned inside out when I saw you was because you were the hottest thing I'd ever seen, still are by the way," he grinned ear to ear and she rolled her eyes, "I took me six YEARS to figure out I was in love with you. Talk about slow," he chuckled at himself.

She giggled, "Well it took me a few seconds to figure out I was in love with you, but it took me six years to ADMIT it or act on it," she said, "Which do you think is more pathetic?"

"Me, no doubt. I could never think of you as pathetic," he said seriously.

She was shocked at how open, honest, and sincere he was being. They didn't talk about their love this seriously every day. It was like he was confessing after years how much she meant to him.

"Thank you," she said in the same tone as him, he didn't know how much that meant to her.

He nodded, "Anytime," he smirked.

They lay in silence again for a while, completely forgetting their food in the basket.

After a long time he turned to her, "Would you like to teach with me, Gin?" he asked casually.

She blinked, confused, "What do you mean? Teach what?"

"Well…I was thinking you'd want to teach charms, but Care of Magical Creatures could be good too, you could ask Hagrid to help you, if it was okay with Dumbledore (a/n Dumbledore's alive in this because I want him to be, simple as that.) But I don't see why it wouldn't be. He's ecstatic to have me back teaching DADA and happy about the possibility of you coming, too," he said, still casual as can be.

His words started making sense in her head and a smile began to grown on her face, "Do you mean-?"

He interrupted her, "I hope you don't mind, but I told them you might be coming, too."

She smiled madly and jumped up on top of him and hugged him, "Woo-hoo! We're going back to Hogwarts! And we get to be the authority this time! Ha, ha! Oh Harry, thank you!" she squealed.

He shook his head in shock that his girlfriend was now on top of him, "Uh…," he laughed, "You're very welcome, Sweetheart. I didn't realize you'd be this excited, I was afraid of what I would do if you said no."

She raised an eyebrow, "Why would I say no? It means my three favorite things; you, magic, and a really big quidditch pitch," she laughed exuberantly at this and he laughed, too, at her mood.

She looked into his eyes, "I can't believe we get to do this, Scarhead."

"Whoa, don't! You're giving me MALFOY flashbacks!" They giggled at the odd sensation of feeling like young kids again, when they were now 20 and 22.

"We're going back to where it all started, where it all happened, where our first date was, first kiss, first test and achieved spell. It's going to give us SO much déjà vu," she reminisced.

"You can say that again. Okay, how about we make a deal that whenever one of us has a flashback or déjà vu, we tell each other right away and the one who didn't experience it has to force the one with déjà vu to take a shot of firewhisky."

She gave him a look then giggled, "You're going to get so drunk. You know you can't handle firewhisky…remember the last time you were drunk? Boy that was a mess. You started stripping on the table in my living room, "she thought about it for a while, "Actually, I like that idea. You're on," she laughed, "I'm going to LIKE this."

He blushed beet red, remembering that, "I was surprised Ron didn't stab me with your mom's kitchen knife; I swear I saw him reach for it when I started to take my pants off for you." He shivered. She laughed wildly at that.

"Please don't wiggle that much when you're on top of me like that; it gives me ideas," he said, embarrassed.

She laughed and rolled her eyes again at his dirtiness, "Just think about it, in a couple days we'll be at Hogwarts."

An odd nostalgia look came into his eyes then, "I'll be home."