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A short summary of the story: Team Natsu sets out for a mission. But something happens during their trip and they end up on an island. Without contact to the guild they have to survive on their own and try not to drive each other mad. During their stay strange and humorous situations occur.

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Chapter 1: Mission
It was a nice sunny day without a single cloud in the sky. A normal person would be happy being outside and enjoying the sunshine sailing away on the calm ocean. But not him, he hated it. Why did they always have to travel with moving objects? He felt sick and was leaning over the railing so he didn't vomit somewhere on the boat. Or anywhere else for that matter. He shivered when he thought about the incident that occurred earlier that day, where he didn't make it to the railing and vomited on Erza's luggage. She had gone crazy and if it hadn't been for Lucy and Gray, Natsu was sure he would be dead by now. Or he might "swim with the fishes" like Erza had yelled she would make him do. He didn't really understand what she meant by that. What would be so bad about swimming with the fishes? Erza could be just as weird as Lucy some times. He felt drool leaving his mouth and knew it wouldn't be long before he had to vomit again. How could he vomit when there couldn't possibly be anything left in his stomach? Oh why? Why did they have to go on missions where they had to travel? He knew they had to take a boat because the mission was on the other side of a large ocean, but he still didn't want to travel if he could avoid it. While lying limp on the railing he heard footsteps approaching.
Lucy laid a hand on his shoulder and he really wanted to answer her but he didn't have the strength. The only thing leaving his mouth was an enormous amount of drool.
"I know you probably don't have the energy to say anything at the moment but I just wanted to check on you. Erza isn't that mad anymore so you don't have to fear her going on a rampage unless you vomit on her stuff again. You know it really helped her calm down when I gave her some cake. Before we left Fairy Tail I got a strawberry cake from Levy and it looked really delicious! I was looking forward to eating it all by myself. But well... Now you owe me a huge favour"
Natsu felt dizzy and he appreciated that she had tamed the scarlet haired monster but he couldn't really thank her at the moment. He tried to talk but instead of words a low groan escaped his lips.
She couldn't help a giggle from escaping her lips. Even though he was nauseous and he practically couldn't move his body because of his motion sickness he tried to answer her. She knew how he handled transportation because they had been on a lot of missions together ever since she joined Fairy Tail. And even though she would never admit it to anyone she felt sorry for him. Not that anyone would ever ask that question in the first place because it was kind of obvious that she did. She would always take care of him when they were travelling. Sometimes she would hold him when he had to vomit and had no strength to hold his own body. Other times she would just have his head on her lap while she stroked his hair.
A wave hit the boat and it started to rock. Natsu felt the change in the boats movements and he had to vomit again. Lucy could tell from the signals Natsu's body was making that he had to vomit again, so she gripped him with her left arm around his waist and placed her right hand on his right shoulder. She kept holding him until he was done emptying his stomach.
"Natsu I now you don't feel well but I'm gonna lay you on the railing and go fetch you some water okay?"

She slowly laid him back and walked in to the their provisions where she found a barrel of water. By the barrels were some cups and she took one of them and filled it up. When she got back Natsu hadn't moved an inch.
"Okay I know you can't really move your body right now but I want you to get some liquid in that body of yours so I'm gonna move you to a sitting position. I know you want to argue with me but right now you can't really do anything about it. So suck it up because right now I'm the boss!"

Breathing a sigh she walked over to his collapsed body. She wrapped both arms around his torso and somehow managed to get him to sit on the floor with his back against the railing. He really looked awful! His face was blue and there were a string of drool dangling from his mouth. He had bags under his eyes and his pupils were gone. Sighing again she sat on his lap and brought her lower arm up to his chest so he wouldn't tip over. With the other hand she hold the cup with water up to his mouth.
"Natsu I want you to drink this. You know the consequences if you don't right?"
A flash from a similar situation flushed through his mind and a chill went down his spine. With all his willpower he forced his jaw to upon and he felt the cold water enter his mouth. The water was cold and it was kind of refreshing to clear his mouth from the awful taste of vomit. He would have preferred some hot fire whisky but he knew it probably wouldn't be such a good idea in his condition.
He still couldn't move his body and he just wished the trip would be over soon. After taking a couple of deep breaths he blinked with his eyes and tried to focus his gaze at Lucy. He smacked his tongue around in his mouth and took another hive of air.
"Th... thanks... Luce... I... lie down"
His voice was raspy and low but Lucy heard him. She gripped both of his shoulders and with a quick move she slung her left arm around his body and laid his body down so his head rested on her lap. With a sigh he closed his eyes. Maybe if he fell asleep the trip would be over soon. He felt her fingers stroking his hair and he felt his lips twitch slightly upwards. It was almost worth getting sick feeling her soft strokes caress his scalp. He didn't know why it made him so happy. Maybe it was because he never got this sort of affection from anyone. To be honest he never really thought about it and for now he just wanted to sleep.
She heard him snoring from her lap but kept stroking his hair. The weather was truly amazing and she relaxed gazing dreamily at the heaven above.
"Why are you smiling Lucy? Is there a cloud that looks like a fish?"
Happy approached Lucy while nipping on a fish.
"Yes I'm looking at a cloud that looks like a fish. Can't you see it? It's right over there with the clouds that looks like a girl strangling a cat. Ohh wait! There aren't any clouds in the sky? It must just be my imagination then"
"Lucy is weird"
"What did you say cat?!"
Annoyance marks formed on her head while her eyebrows started to twitch. She raised her fist and was about to chase the cat when Happy interrupted her.
"Lucy you shouldn't move too much around while Natsu has his head in your lap. He might think of you as transportation"
She froze in her position and felt a sweat drop forming on her head. Slowly she turned her huge eyes down on Natsu waiting for some sort of reaction. Although she knew it wouldn't be his fault entirely if he vomited on her, she really didn't want to take the chance. After a few minutes in the same position she heard him snoring and let out a sigh.
"Pheeew! Stupid Happy if he had vomited on me it would have been your fault"
"Wha? I didn't do anything?"
"If you didn't do anything then you won't mind coming over here for a moment... ne?"
Happy looked at a grinning Lucy and saw her eyes sparkling with the desire to murder something... Or perhaps it was someone?
"Yaaaaarr! Lucy is scary!"
And with that the exceed flew away to avoid Lucy's wrath of fury. He knew she wouldn't do much harm to him if he had walked up to her, but her threatening him and him running away in terror had become some sort of game for them. So for now the cat ran away from her with small tears forming in the corner of his eyes. Lucy sighed again and leaned her back against railing. That cat could be so annoying sometimes. If only she could reach her keys she would have summoned Cancer so he could give Happy a lesson. Those scissors could cut other things than hair, so he might be apple to neuter him. Who knows? Maybe she would be doing him a favour. He could become a castrato and
become famous. Heck she might even lend him Lyra to accompany him on his tour around the world. While thinking these thoughts she couldn't help a small evil laugh from escaping her lips. Oh she would be in so much trouble if she did something like that. Natsu would probably send out a message demanding her head on a silver plate. No come to think of it he would want to kill her himself. She could just imagine how he would ignite her and watch her scream in pain while she slowly melted into some unrecognisable lump. She shivered at the thought and reminded herself that she would never do anything to physically harm Happy. He was her friend after all and sometimes she actually enjoyed his company. Like that time when they worked together on a plan to get back on Natsu for eating everything in Lucy's kitchen. And yes he even ate the fish Happy in secrecy had stored in her refrigerator. So after that incident they worked out a plan to get their revenge. She closed her eyes and remembered the day where team "Happy and Lucy" had succeeded in accomplishing their first and most important mission...

The plan was excellent and through teamwork it went almost perfectly. After discussing some different ideas they finally agreed on a plan called "Natsu's gonna scream like a girl". The day finally arrived when they were gonna carry out their plan. Sitting at a table at fairy tail they waited for Natsu to burst through the doors. When he did Lucy quickly and silently went into hiding before he spotted her. Happy followed her movements and when she was in place she signalled him with a thumbs up. Happy nodded and flew straight towards Natsu before he had a chance to start a fight with Gray.
"Oh hi Happy!"
"Natsu Lucy said she saw something scary"
"Well isn't everything scary to her? Remember how scared she was of chocolate after I gave her that fake one that explodes when you open it? She wouldn't eat chocolate for months after that"
"Ehmm.. yeah.. that was actually pretty mean Natsu..."
"Yeah, yeah I know. I got my lesson back then didn't I? With the beating she and Erza gave me I'm surprised I'm still alive"
"Mmm... Hey Natsu wanna see the scary thing?"
"Sure! Where is it?"
Happy flew ahead of him a few feet before stopping and staring up at the ceiling while pointing with a paw.
"Natsu it's up there. I think she said it looked like a fish but I'm not sure"
"A fish? Where"
While staring up at the ceiling he didn't pay attention to his surroundings. That was the clue for Lucy to take action. She leapt out from her hideout and ran towards Natsu. With all the force she could built up she hit Natsu with her body. She wrapped her arms around him and tackled him to the floor. A very confused Natsu suddenly found himself laying on the floor trapped in a tight bear hug from Lucy.
"Ehh... Lucy what are you...?"
"Hi Natsu! It's the scary fish from the ceiling. Lay still or it will eat you!"
"What?! I didn't see any fish? Where is it?"
"Emm... It's still up there in the ceiling. Can't you see it?"
"...No... I don't think so..."
"Just lay still idiot! It won't eat women so as long as you lay still it wont do anything, okay?"
"Eh... Sure Luce"
A man eating fish in the guild? The thought made his blood boil and he couldn't wait to find it. Staring at the ceiling he couldn't help noticing how warm Lucy's body felt against him. Not that he hadn't been so close to her before. There was just something about being forced to lay on the ground in a tight hug that felt strange. Why was his heart starting to race all of a sudden? Was this some sort of magic power the fish had? He inhaled a few times and suddenly he could fell his cheeks colouring. Damn she smelled so good! Her scent was so sweet and fresh. He started wondering what would happen if he didn't capture the fish? Would it result in him laying like this underneath Lucy again? His cheeks started to flush even more when he thought about it.
While Natsu was lost in thought Happy had succeeded in attaching roller blades to Natsu's feet. He poked Lucy on her back signalling the next step in their plan.
"Ohh I just heard the fish fly out the window. It's safe to get up now"
She raised herself up from him and caught him staring at her with his cheeks slightly pink. When she saw this she couldn't help blushing herself.
"Ye... yeah it's definitely gone now"
Quickly she got up from his body and before Natsu could even think about getting up a pair of hands lifted him to his feet. From the coldness of the hands touching him he knew it couldn't be any other than Gray.
"Oi! Ice princess get your hands off from me!"
"As you wish flame breath!"
Gray put both of his hands on Natsu's back and pushed him in the direction of the exit. And with that a certain pink haired boy found himself travelling towards the exit. It didn't take many seconds before his motions sickness made him ill but instead of falling over and puking his body for some reason stiffened up. Seeing Natsu's body racing out of the guild with a girlish scream, left Lucy and Happy rolling on the floor laughing like maniacs. The other members of the guild laughed with them and cheered that someone finally had succeeded in making a prank on him.

Lucy let out a sigh and opened her eyes. She and Happy really worked well together if they had a common goal. Looking down she noticed that Natsu was mumbling. Was he dreaming? Letting out a yawn she closed her eyes again. It would be a couple of hours before they arrived so she might as well get a nap. After resting for a while she felt the wind blowing against her back. It wasn't a cold wind so she didn't mind at first. But after a few seconds she opened her eyes. There was something that smelled off. If she had to describe the smell, she would compare it to the way her refrigerator smelled if Happy had left a fish in it before they went on a month long mission. Irritated that something had disturbed her daydreaming she blinked a few times and let out an annoyed groan. Slowly she turned her head upwards but instead of looking at the bright blue sky she found herself staring into a pair of big yellow eyes.

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