Lara stood in front of the station house or 'HQ' as she liked to call it. It had been 3 months since she walked out on Dean. She just stood there, so many different memories going through her head; the time Chase was so ill he threw up all over Michelle or maybe the time Heidi and Dean knocked each other unconscious. She quietly laughed to herself, then she realised she had to do this whether she liked it or not. As she walked through the door she noticed that none of the patrol cars were in, she thought to herself they must be out on a rescue. As she climbed the stairs there was very little noise, she wondered where Vince was, usually he was either moaning at the team or at the coffee machine.

"Dean sit rep please" asked Vince down the radio

"Nothing to report yet Vince"

"Alright, keep me updated and find something soon"

"Will do, Radio portable 1 out" Dean kept on walking head down concentrating on the path ahead.

"Hey Dean, you ok?" asked Chase

"Yes I'm fine, Chase, why do you keep asking that?"

"Well I just care about you and I was making sure you were ok"

"Well don't worry about me, I'm fine" Dean said in a harsh tone.

"Vince please let me come down and help out, it's really quite here and very boring." pleaded Jordan

"Fine then but you will stay at mobile HQ the whole time and you will be one of the first to leave the site."

"Thanks Vince I'll see if I can get a lift down." Jordan looked around and saw one of the part-time staff at a desk. "I'm on my w-ay"

" Everything alright Jordan?" asked Vince down the radio

"I'm fine I was just answering a question" Except Jordan wasn't answering a question; he was looking at Lara straight in the face.

"Ok then, see you soon, mobile HQ out," said Vince

Then it all went quiet, only the two of them were left upstairs.

"Hi" Jordan said

"Hi" Lara replied, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine, why do you ask?"

"Well you're here, when everyone else is out on a big rescue, your pleading Vince to let you go down there, and there isn't one bit of paperwork on anyone's desk" Jordan raise his left arm it was in a cast up to the elbow.

"Ouch" Lara said, "How did you do that?"

"Two words, Heidi quad biking" They both laughed at the same time, Lara thought this was just like old times, she smiled and then sat down and started to talk to Jordan.