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"I'm sorry, tell Dean I love him and tell Jordan that's Heidi pregnant, I'm sorry"

"Lara, Lara come on speak to us, Lara, Lara" Vince was now shouting down the phone but all they heard back was complete silence, they had to do something and something quick.

Vince looked at Michelle, neither of them knew what do next, neither of them had been in this situation.

"What are we going to do" Michelle asked Vince.

"I don't know, let me think" Vince replied. They both sat there in silence wondering and working out what they were going to do with the two women in a lot of trouble. "What did Lara say she last saw?" He asked Michelle

"Something about Hawaii"

"Let's start there"

"What do you mean?" Michelle questioned.

"Well let's tell the rest and then start looking for any signs and go from there" Vince suggested

"So are you going to tell Dean and Jordan or shall I?" Michelle questioned

"You can" Vince said back.

"Thanks for that Vince,"

"Well I did the last one"

"That's true" Michelle added.

Then on the radio Dean came "Hey Vince, we're on our way back so tell the girls to meet us at the station house and they owe us the beers for tonight". Vince looked round at Michelle wondering what to say.

"Alright then, Dean, um"

"What's up Michelle is everything ok?" Dean questioned Michelle

"Well not really Dean, who's in the car with you?"

"Um it's me; the other three went to go get some food, so I'll be back first"

"Ok," Michelle paused and looked at Vince not knowing what to say. Vince picked up the radio,

"Don't worry Dean just come straight back"

"Ok guys, eta about 5 minutes" The radio went silent, Vince and Michelle just stared at each other; normally if one team member were lost or injured everyone would know straight away, but this was Laura and Heidi, Laura and pregnant Heidi. Telling Dean would be the end of it, without thinking he would be in the patrol looking for Lara and the same with Jordan and Heidi. Suddenly they heard Dean coming up the stairs. He put his keys on his desk and sat down.

"Where's Lara and Heidi?" Dean asked.

"Um, they're missing" Michelle said very quickly

"WHAT?" Dean shouted

"Yeah they aren't in radio contact" Vince chipped in

"So that doesn't mean that there missing, there probably driving through the valley" Dean turned around to his computer and logged it on.

"No Dean, you're not listening, there missing, we last heard from Lara 20 minutes ago" Vince said

"Look Lara's old enough to look after herself and Heidi, that's only two of them."

"Well, there's not really just two in the patrol car, there's three." Michelle murmured

"Who else went with them, I thought Heidi and Lara went."

"Yes they did but there's a third young human being" Michelle spoke

"Heidi's pregnant?" Dean questioned

"Um yeah, how did you guess?" Vince asked

"Well I knew Lara couldn't be and will never be so the only other person in the patrol is Heidi, so with the powers of deduction I came with that answer" Dean explained

"What do you mean Lara will never be pregnant?"

"Don't worry Michelle long story and one I think Lara should tell as she knows more about it then I will ever do" Dean was about to continue when they heard Jordan shout,

"HEIDI'S PREGANT AND LOST WITH LARA AND YOU HAVENT HEARD FORM HER, WHAT ARE WE SITTING AROUND FOR, WE'VE GOT TO LOOK FOR THEM." Jordan bolted down the stairs, Michelle look at Chase, Larchie and Dean and they got the message. They all ran out after Jordan. He was just about to get in the Patrol car when Larchie and Chase tackled him and then sat on him so he couldn't move.

"Get off me guys" Jordan said whilst struggling

"No they're not going anywhere" Michelle said.

"I have to go find Heidi, NOW!" Jordan shouted

"No not yet, we need to have a plan. I think we should start with what we know"

"We know nothing Vince, you said yourself that you have had no contact with them."

"No, I didn't say that Dean, I said I've had no contact with them for 20 minutes, we spoke with them before, Lara said something about Hawaii , but we know she's not actually in Hawaii USA, so I was looking with things with Hawaii on them before all of this happen." Vince said. They all paused for a moment, thing of things with Hawaii in it.

"You don't think it's a café or a shop do you?" Chase asked

"No I think it's a place" Vince answered.