Author's note: Written for TuesdayNovember's challenge #47 on xoxLewrahxox Bellatrix Lestrange: The Dark Lord's Most Faithful Fourm.

Prompt: Write a fic in which one or more characters come into contact with a Muggle Artefact. It can either play a prominent role or just be obliquely mentioned, so long as it's there.

Word count: 100, 500, 1,000 words.

514 words

The door to the Hogwarts kitchens creaked open, and all the house elves who were busy bustling about preparing the Start of Term feast turned their heads. Dobby the house elf came bobbling in excitedly holding a small, white colored something in his hands. Kreacher, who was rather new and was constantly being watched by Dobby on Dumbledore's orders, glared at him. Both of them hadn't gotten along at all during the past few weeks and Kreacher felt the strongest loathing to the elf. Espeacially since Dobby was extremely friendly with his new master and his bloodtraiter and mudblood of friends.

"What is that Dobby?" one of the elves asked as Dobby placed the little white contraption on the counter.

"Miss Hermione gave it to Dobby," he said, "Miss said it would help us with the cooking of the feast." More of the house elves turned their attention to him. Their expression lined with curiousity.

"It looks like a clock." said the same elf.

"It's an, er, kitchen timmer? Kitchen timer! Dobby thinks Miss Hermione said."

"Kreacher will not use anything the mudblood has touched," Kreacher muttered, just loud enough for all the other elves to hear, "Kreacher would never soil his hands with such filth." Dobby turned to Kreacher angrily.

"Kreacher will use it. Miss Hermione was kind enough to give Dobby something that could help us with the feast."

"What does it do? How do we use it?" another elf asked.

"Miss Hermione showed Dobby." Dobby said, taking the timer and turning it, "Miss Hermione said Dobby just had to turn it and wait. Miss told Dobby that it would tell when anything is done cooking." All the elves (except Kreacher) looked intrigued.

"We just have wait now Dobby?" Winky asked, after a few minutes a nothing but the sound of the ticking timer in the air.

"Dobby thinks so Winky." Dobby said, although, he was beginning to look a little unsure.

"Burney smokey! Running elfie!" Peeves cackled over the heads of the frantic house elves. Who were all running around wildly trying to control the fire that had sprung up from one of the ovens.

"Elfie Elfie should not have trustied!"

"What did it do?" asked a panicked Winky, as she grabbed the timer (which was still ticking) and shook it vigorously.

"Dobby doesn't know. Dobby didn't know this would happen. Miss Hermione said nothing would happen."

"Oh, Dobby the elfie!"

"So trusting and kind!"

"Burning down the kitchen in two minutes time!"

"Kreacher told Dobby he should never trust filth. Kreacher said Dobby should never trust a mudblood." Kreacher muttered, before Dobby slowly walked up to him, raising his knobby little fist and prominently punching his teeth out.

I did my best on this story and I hope you all like it!